One Tree Hill: Season 4, SEASON FINALE!

15 06 2007

…or should I say Series Finale?

I know this is a day late and I apologize but better late than never, right? Anyway, on with the post. So, was it me or did last night’s One Tree Hill, feel more like a series finale than a season finale?

I totally got scared for a moment thinking that this was the last episode ever because of the way everything went down, from Karen’s little foray with Keith to Dan almost killing himself, WHOA did anyone see that coming? Too bad he didn’t succeed. It was a great episode but it still scared the bejeezus out of me with all this tying off of loose ends. Made me throw up a little in my mouth, thinking that I’ve been lied to and that this show was ending…

…but you can take comfort in the fact that Sophia Bush has confirmed that there will be a fifth season and she’s very excited to start working on Season 5 because they have a lot of things that they’re going to be exploring and it’s going to be a great season, bigger and better than Season 4 so seriously, YAY!

Anyway, on with the season finale…as season 4 came to a close I reflected back on the entire season as a whole and I’ve got to admit that this season was REALLY good. I enjoyed the entire season and cannot wait for more in Season 5. I’m really anxious to see what the writers have up their sleeves for us next season, with the kids all growed up and back in Tree Hill, it’s going to be interesting to see what becomes of all of those Tree Hill High School kids.

In this episode, we come full circle from where the show began 4 years ago. All the questions we had throughout the season were answered in the finale and everything ended real neat and real tidy and I cannot complain because I ate it all up. I loved it all!

I was diggin’ Deb’s great turnaround in her lifestyle and her sense of humor cracked me up. Especially when she told Nathan and Haley to go to the party and have fun, then bring home some drugs for her. Haha, Deb you’re a barrel of laughs, really you are.

The feud between best friends Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis was officially laid to rest and Brooke told Peyton that she loves her, P. Sawyer. I can’t tell you guys enough how nice it is to see these two acting like best friends again. It was a long time coming and last night you really felt like everything that happened in the past between these two were laid to rest, they were locked in the closet from the past and staying there and it’s good, it’s good for my heart and good for these two because I like this Brooke (even the cheesy, turn myself in the day of graduation and still being able to graduate Brooke), this is the Brooke that I was so proud of last season and this is the Brooke that I hope will conquer the real world.

Having Rachel back was meh for me, didn’t really give a damn. So she graduated from high school thanks to Brooke, I’m still not caring. So Mouth was really glad to see her, I’m still not caring. The same can be said for Clean Teen chick, so she came back and made nice with Mouth, I’m not really caring about her, she didn’t really stick out in my mind and personally, I thought Mouth could do better, I like Gigi for him, not some slutty leather mini skirt clad fake clean teen wannabe chick who has cutie boys taunting her sluttiness around the party.

And Mouth sweetie, that skirt that she was wearing was anything but cute. Her skirt was just as cute as frickin’ Lucas and Nathan’s hair….crap in the face that still bugs the snot out of me. I wish that somebody would take a pair of clippers to their heads and just buzz buzz buzz that crap right off. But I guess it’s too much to ask because week after week, I’m subjected to BAD HAIR DAYS for the Scott boys.


But wow, Lucas as an assistant basketball coach for a college. Really? I don’t know how I feel about that, I guess, hmmm…I mean, a coach? Is he not going to go to school? Is he not going to write the next great American novel? I mean, Lucas was destined for greater things just as much as the rest of those kids and he’s going to be a coach? I know that his dream was to play basketball and since he can’t do that, those that can’t play, coach but seriously…I thought he was going to pursue the whole writing thing.

I was really looking forward to seeing Lucas write something. Maybe he still will, who knows. Cross your fingers with me, will ya?

I really enjoyed this episode, I was saddened just like Brooke was because they are no longer students of Tree Hill High School, they are no longer Ravens and just like Brooke, I wasn’t ready to move on from that yet, but I guess I’ll have the summer to get over that, huh?


The whole Karen almost dying and then coming back to raise her and Keith’s daughter was blech for me, but man when she went and saw Dan and spit on the window, causing Dan’s balls to just shrivel up and choke him out was just about the greatest thing about the whole show. That was great TV crap right there. I effing loved it!

Nathan and Haley can conquer just about any damn thing. As long as their together, nothing can stand in their way, they’re both just hot damn good together and it never gets boring. Those two are just the perfect couple, soaring right over problem after problem and making their marriage work. I’ve never seen a couple who was stronger together than apart on TV and these two are just out of this world great! I can’t believe that they are parents now! No more senior parties, no more high school functions, they are parents now and it’s good to see that they love each other so much that their family comes first, being young and in love, it would have been easy to see them being selfish and not caring about their roles as parents as much as older couples would but it’s such a sight to see these two loving the hell out of each other all the while they’re discreetly calling to check on their baby.

I love this business!

So pretty much everything is done, the past is done and there is so much to look forward to in the future. In the next season, who is going to change the most? Who is going to soar and conquer the world and who is going to succumb to failure, will any of them? How much of the youngsters we know and loved in these past seasons will still be recognized in the young adults that will return next season?

My favorite part of last night’s episode was the ending. It was like watching the first season all over again, seeing the many changes in the characters now from the characters from the first season was so awesome because, when we first met these kids, they were young, cheeky and so lost but they’ve come full circle and they know who they are and they know what they’re about and you can see just how far all of them have come in the past to now and I really do care a lot about these characters, I’m so looking forward to what the writers have in store for us.

I can’t believe it’ll be MONTHS before we get more One Tree Hill but really, all I’ve got to say about all that is, GREAT JOB ONE TREE HILL WRITERS…

…it’s funny how I haven’t had to write a pissed off letter to those guys in a long time, it’s like they’ve listened to my letters and have decided to not piss me off because goodness, did they make me a happy camper tonight. Great show, great finale and so much to look forward to…

…Until next season guys, it’s been real!

One Tree Hill: Season 3, Episode 2nd from the Last.

7 06 2007

It’s been a cool minute since I’ve actually remembered which episode number we’re on and so let’s just remember that this is the second to the last episode of the season, kay?

Last night’s episode was a good one, not an explosive one like last weeks because unfortunately Dan is not dead and Lucas wasn’t trying to kill him because he told Dan after he shot the wall, “I missed the first time, I will not miss again” and the way he said it, was supposed to make you think that he meant business but really he sounded just like, “don’t make me do it, I don’t want to be a killer but you might make me turn into you, you rat bastard!”

And before I continue on with my recap of last night’s show, I really have a bone to pick with Chad Michael Murray or whoever it is that cuts his hair and dresses him for the show.

Whoever they are should be fired! The boy needs a hair cut, the boy needs to dress better but most importantly, HE NEEDS A DAMN FRICKIN’ HAIR CUT! He looks like a bum and not anyone I’d want to be seen with, yeah yeah we all know that looks aren’t everything but hot damn, Lucas…CUT YOUR DAMN HAIR! I hate his hair and he reminds me of Psycho Derek and he needs to go back to the look he sported in the earlier seasons…you know how you’re supposed to look better as you grow older, like Peyton? She looks TEN TIMES better now than she did when she the show first started airing, well not her clothes but I can look past the clothes because she’s got great hair. Brooke? Yeah, she looks great and don’t even get me started on Haley…Haley gets the most improved in looks on this show.

While the boys, because even Nathan needs a damn hair cut, with his long hair and his pale skin he looks like a friggin’ vampire, it makes me want to choke someone out watching these two, would be hot guys if they’d get a damn hair cut.


Anyway, moving on to the show…I really enjoyed watching Deb slap Lucas for stealing her gun and then joining forces with him against Dan, it only makes me curious to see what she’s going to do next. Did anyone laugh when she was like, “I promise you, justice will be served!” Like what is your crazy ass going to do? Kill him? You already tried and failed that you dumb broad, haha, Deb makes me laugh …a lot.

But dude, Nathan’s reaction to the whole thing made me laugh a lot. Nathan looks much more sincere when he’s being a dick to everyone, that seems so natural for him but when he’s arguing with his Mom about his Dad’s innocence and then when he’s yelling at his Dad about his guilt and when he’s kicking his Dad out of his life and telling him to stay away from his family because the day that Keith died, he died. I was all, poor Nathan, he’s better when he’s mad or something…I didn’t really buy his grieving son thing but man was I happy that Haley did whatever she did so that Nathan can have his shot at his dreams of playing basketball. I’m glad that Whitey is going to be his coach and I’m just glad that his fire isn’t going out like Haley said.

Peyton and Lucas, well now that they went through all of that drama of being together, they’re hardly EVER together now. I mean, he spent more time with Peyton when he was with Brooke. Does he still want to be with her or what?

Then there’s Beven and Skills, haha…those two always make me laugh, on their own and together, they’re just a barrel of laughs.

The whole Brooke thing, I thought was really stupid cause had that happened in real life, Brooke wouldn’t have graduated, she would have had to take the calculus test again and we all know she would have failed it and she wouldn’t have been walking with the rest of her friends, she’d be taking adult school classes to make up Calculus and then she would have gotten her diploma in the summer if she would have went to the classes to make up the credits. But oh no, in true tv fashion, they just breezed right over all that crap and made it seem to all of the other high schoolers out there that a little cheating never hurt, as long as you come clean, you can still graduate with the rest of your class.

Yeah, the hell right.

Oh and now she’s all in love with Brooke when just last month she was head over heels in love with Lucas and hating her best friend because she loved him too?

I have no idea why I love this show so much because if you take it apart, it’s pretty dumb. Like what they’re doing to Dan’s character, is this all a charade and is he going to dick everyone or is he going to kill himself next week because Karen flat lined? Man, did they really kill Karen? And is Lucas going to be a single father to his little sister and is Peyton going to go to L.A. for the internship or stick around Tree Hill and be a mother to the baby Karen left behind? Are they going to last or what?

Man, so many things to look forward too. What the hell is Deb going to do? Is Haley’s baby coming early or is she supposed to be having her baby at graduation? And was that speech not about the cheesiest thing you’ve ever heard?

I mean, I liked the show last night, I was happy with it but thinking back on it, it’s pretty stupid. And did anyone else think that Dan was going to kidnap the baby? I did but man my favorite thing about last night’s episode was when Lucas told Dan about himself. Ehh, I don’t remember what exactly he said but Dan was all, “So that she can raise the baby all by herself with no father, just like you?” and then Lucas was all, “I had Keith, until you took him away from me and the baby will have me. You may never pay for what you did, but my Mom will know the truth of what you did and she’ll never forgive you.” or whatever he said…but what he said, I was loving it..

..the best part of the show, IMO.

Next week, is the last episode of the season and it’s packed with lots of stuff so be sure to watch it, you know hot damn well I’ll be watching it because Rachel’s skank ass is back and there’s a big party and was it Haley I saw over there? Partying it up, I’m not sure…but whatever, lots and lots of drama still to unfurl, don’t miss it….

…Until next week.

One Tree Hill: Season 3, ???

31 05 2007


Was that epsiode not explosive or WHAT???? Dude, it ended with a big BOOM!

And I did my happy dance like it was no thang! YOU GO LUCAS, you are not the push over that I thought you’d be with this, you did me so friggin’ proud it’s not even funny! The way you lit into Dan and stood your ground where Dan was concerned, Oh Mylanta, I couldn’t have been more proud! Holy wow, I was not expecting what you did tonight but man am I glad you did it! Even with Karen collapsing on the floor and might be losing her baby and her life in the process, don’t even care because YOU DID THE DAMN THANG, WOO HOO!!!!

Somebody give me a gun because I’m going to shoot Karen in the neck! Lucas, let me borrow yours (or Debs, whoever) because your Moms is straight trizzipin’ and she needs to be shot in the neck!

If anything pissed me off in this episode, it wasn’t that Haley didn’t get to give her speech (even though I thought that was hella stupid because why would she get in trouble for something NATHAN did, she didn’t have any knowledge of it nor did she have anything to do with that so why in the hell did she get in trouble for it? STUPID STUPID STUPID!) and it couldn’t piss me off because in true Prince Charming form, Nathan got her speech back for her and made me love him all the more, the thing that pissed me the hell off was that Karen took Dan’s word over Lucas. The same Dan that dumped her for Deb and Nathan, the same Dan who wasn’t a father to Lucas AT ALL in the entire time that Lucas has been alive, the same Dan who has driven his ex wife Deb (the same Deb that he dumped HER for) crazy, the same Dan who’s own son, Nathan emancipated himself from and moved out of his house because the fool was crazy over the son who has been nothing but good to you? The son who has loved you and been there for you throughout everything…all of a sudden, Lucas is the crazy one and you’re taking advice from your stupid ass exboyfriend who didn’t want you before and only wants you now because he’s got no one else?

You are dumber than a box of rocks Karen and I hope that you get it screwed back on straight before something bad happens to you…or Lucas.

Dan is bad news, you of all people should know this and yet there you go, being stupid in love with the same stupid shithead that did you dirty so many frickin’ times.


Why would you want to be with someone who was a horrible father to your son, an even more horrible father to the son he claimed, not to mention how horrible he was to his own brother, the man you really loved.

Makes not one damn bit of sense to me and goodness you are getting on my hot damn nerves with all of this Lucas I think you should talk to a professional about this, we both do business, I wanted to slap that look of concern off your stupid face because your whole world will come crashing down around you if you stay with Dirty Dan, I mean look at you next week…you’re fighting for your life because Lucas felt he needed to protect you from Dan and all because YOU DIDN’T BELIEVE YOUR OWN SON!

You stupid biznatch!

The whole Brooke/Chase thing was nicely put together, just as the whole Mouth/Gigi thing was tied neatly in a nice and pretty bow.

What I wondered about this episode was Peyton. Peyton when you needed Lucas, he was always there whether you told him about your problems or not, now that Lucas needs YOU, you’re nowhere to be found. What is up with that? I mean, you said so yourself that something was wrong with Lucas, you knew something was up with him but did you ask him? Did you make any kind of effort to find out what exactly was bothering him and try to be there for him?

NO! What is up with that?

Ugh, Lucas is always getting the short end of the stick and he’s the most deserving of happiness on the show, well besides Naley…

..the whole Naley thing was cute, I loved how they’re such a solid unit. They stand together through everything and get through everything TOGETHER. Nothing else matters, nothing else is more important than the two of them and I just love how they fight their battles together and win for each other. I’ll always love them, gosh I hope they stay together forever.

Jimmy Edwards yearbook was hmmm, I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean yeah, so he was picked on in school. He got punked and so he brought a gun to school and tried to shoot everyone up. Innocent kids, snobby kids, popular kids, ALL KIDS, he scared ALL OF THEM by bringing a gun to school with the intent to hurt other kids, the way they hurt him. Should I feel sorry for him? I don’t know, should I want to write nice things about him in his yearbook? What he did wasn’t the right way to handle anything and I just can’t like this storyline so I’m going to stay out of it…I’m just blah about it, that’s what I’m going to say about it.

Oh damn, I cannot effing wait for next weeks show…does Karen live or die? Did Lucas kill Dan? What happens with the rest of the kids?

Until next week…

One Tree Hill: Season 4, Episode I Don’t Know.

17 05 2007


Did you guys sing Fergie’s London Bridges when you read that first word? hehe, I did. But anyway, did ya’ll watch One Tree Hill last night? If you did, did your eyes nearly pop out of your head when homegirl told Lucas who killed Keith and he goes home to find Dirty Dan kissing his Mom in HIS ROOM and he didn’t do a hot damn thing about? How much do you wanna bet, Lucas isn’t going to say a damn thing about Dan killing Keith because he’s not going to want to hurt his Mom? How much do you wanna bet that Lucas is going to LET Karen fall deeper and deeper in with Dan and he’s not going to say a damn thing about it and he’s going to keep Dan’s dirty little secret and how much does that piss you the hell off? Man, if all of this comes true, I’m gonna want to kick Lucas where the sun don’t shine. I’m going to want to karate chop his knee caps right off of him, he’s so dumb.

Two things I hella loved about last night’s episode was first, the way Brooke and Peyton are closer than ever. They’re not alone anymore and the things that Brooke did for Peyton, the way she held it together and tried to get to the bottom of the whole Disgusting Derek, what was his name? Ian what? I forget…but dude, at the end when they both go to see him and confront him about his girlfriend? Yeah, that was trippy. But I thought Brooke showed glimpses of the Brooke that I remember and the Brooke that I love. She’s not a bad person, she just does a lot of slutty and bitchy things when she’s wronged and I guess I can’t fault her for that but she more than made up for all of that last night. When she transformed the room into “Payton’s Room” I was blown away and when she got Peyton to toughen up and face the problem head on so that they can move on, I was proud of her. Good on you Brooke and I’m glad that they can finally let go of this ugly thing and put it to rest. Its about time.

The other thing that I totally loved was how Nathan didn’t want to end up like his Dad, bitter from his loss of the game. I loved how he totally stepped up and didn’t let Lucas take the blame for the points shaving scandal. I’m glad that even though his actions will cost him his dream career, he didn’t back away from bringing forth the truth. I’m glad that even though he won’t have basketball in his career, I’m glad that he valued having Haley by his side through it all. I’m glad that Haley tried to help save his career by asking Lucas to take the blame for it but I’m glad that Nathan didn’t let Lucas do it. I’m just so hot damn glad for Nathan, he’s probably the most all around GREAT GUY on the show. Well, next to Lucas because we all know that Lucas be trying to be the “good guy” all the damn time and this time around, his good guy tendencies is pissing me the hell off…just like Jason Morgan on friggin’ General Hospital.

Damn, this is why good guys always finish last because they’re so hot damn stupid, LUCAS TELL YOUR DAMN MOM THAT HER BOYFRIEND KILLED HER FIANCE!

Damn but that pisses me off, so what do you guys think is going to happen when OTH comes back on? Do you guys think Lucas is going to tell? What do you guys think is going to happen with Nathan and Haley? What can happen to these two that hasn’t happened already? And what about Peyton and Brooke? What did you guys think about these two on last night’s episode?

Inquiring minds want to know, so hollar back, why don’t you!!!

Until next week….

One Tree Hill, Season 4, Episode 16.

3 05 2007

Oh but I love it!

Awww, I miss Chase.

I just about broke into song after America’s Next Top Model ended and Britanny went home (her pictures were dope Ames but she totally sucked ass and she couldn’t get a job? Yeah, there’s a reason….sheesh!) But anyway, when they were showing the “Previously on One Tree Hill” bits I was getting more and more excited to watch the new eppy and I can’t say that I was that disappointed, I was just expecting fireworks and I got balloons instead.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way for Brooke and Peyton to reunite. A better way does not exist for the way they came together last night and reunited as best friends. The both of them working together to bring down the wicket bastard of the west, east wherever they’re at? Yeah, it was tizight! I love how Peyton played Schmerek and then stabbed him in the shoulder, not really killing him but immobilizing him so that she could try her best to get Brooke untied (especially after that whopper of a punch she gave Brooke, haha, I loved it!) and then all of the cheer camp reminiscing helping to get them out of the problem with Derek and then Peyton whopping his ass and kicking and kicking and kicking him in the nuts?

That was very enjoyable!

I was chanting, “Again! Again! Again!” the entire time she was kicking that sucker where it hurts!


And she did all of this without Captain Save a Hoe, Lucas. That’s what had me all excited, she’s not Meredith, she doesn’t need Lucas to breathe for her, so she’s not going to lose Lucas because she doesn’t ever want to save herself because Peyton proved that she’s not worthless and needy.

She’s friggin’ one kick ass heroine, that’s what she is!

And holy hell, LUCAS!!! He’s gonna find out that Dan killed Keith. Oh I’m so looking forward to that confrontation…but dude the girl that saw Dan kill Jimmy, holy hell can she look just a little bit more evil and scary? I mean seriously…she looks like the type to slit your throat in your sleep, she reminds me of homegirl from The Grudge and NOT Sarah Michelle Gellar either. The Asian scary girl.


I wonder if she had a crush on Jimmy and she’s going to go after Dan because he done killed her man and now she’s going to go buckwild on him. Oh I wish. I loved though how they made it look like it was Whitey and those stupid spoilers were wrong because it’s not Mouth that knows but friggin’ some nobody girl who’s not even part of the cast.

And why did I think it was Lucas’ new homie gee locc that was the person who knew the truth about Dan and the real reason she was getting all closy close with Lucas was to warn him away from Dan and to keep his Mom away from him too?

Oh well….haha.

This was a great episode, not the best but a great comeback episode and now that Mouth is on the run with friggin’ Rachel, the gang is going to take off after him, though I still have to wonder..what’s the big deal with Mouth going off, huh?

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned to find out…..

…Until next week guys!

My Shows.

9 03 2007

Since I haven’t been on here in quite a while updating my thoughts on any of my shows, this is going to serve as my weekly show post. All in one.

Starting off with….

Prison Break: The show is exploding with nothing but good bits and I’m so damn excited. I knew the President was going to go back on her word to Michael, it would have been too easy for all that to go down, I knew that the stupid little Asian man was going to threaten her or actually I thought he was going to kill her but whatever, I just knew it was going to happen. T Bag lost the money, huh? BUHAHAHAHAHA…someone got moded. I’m glad for it, Dr. Bootleg or should I say, Boothand. LOL. I felt bad for Linc when LJ said that he wanted to stay with Jane and try living a normal life for once, for a little while at least, I knew that Linc was looking forward to being with LJ again and to see his hopes all dashed by LJ himself, Awww…he needs a poor baby, Holly. LOL. I kind of want Kellerman to kill the President, but I’m there’s a bigger story going on here besides clearing Lincoln’s name? Someone even bigger than the President? Oh what the crap? This damn show be taking me on one helluva ride. C Note, man I want Mahone and Asian Man to get a go to hell card, a go directly to hell card, gosh they get on my nerves. Sucre, you dummy…you should know you’re never going to be safe. Stupid puto. LOL, just kidding, Sucre…NOT REALLY.

The Hills: I really want to hurt Heidi. She’s been giving me nothing but trouble since Season One of TH. Why is Lauren still friends with this stupid ass of a person? Heidi has proven time and time again that she can’t be trusted and this season, it’s even worst. Heidi is a selfish, manipulative and untrustworthy person. When she lied to Lauren about Jen’s birthday? Telling Lauren that she did NOTHING? That it was all Jen? What a lying sack of shit….she all but threw Jen into Brody’s lap and if you’re okay with dicking your own best friend for your boyfriend, then you deserve to end up all alone for the rest of your lives. And Jen was stupid too for actually going through with it and then trying to act like she did nothing wrong, you stupid slut…you don’t sleep with guys your friends are dating, it won’t ever be cool, you beak nosed whiny voiced tramp! I’m soooo glad that Lo will be coming back into the picture. I’m so glad that Lo will be there with Lauren next week, I cannot effing wait to see them back together again. You know, all this time though, when Lauren was on Laguna Beach, I thought Lo was her best friend. Ugh, I wish that were the truth. Seriously, who needs enemies when you have friends like Heidi. And don’t even get me started on Spence…and Brody for that matter. I heard yesterday that Brody Jenner is getting all kinds of negative press about the kind of person he and Spence are…I totally believe it, he’s an ass! I cannot wait for next week’s episode!!

Brothers and Sisters: I missed Brothers and Sisters this week so I have no thoughts on this one.

American Idol: Alright, this week I wasn’t too impressed with the boys and most of the girls. Though I will say that I still enjoyed Blake’s performance of All Mixed Up by 311. I was surprised that none of the judges knew what that song was. That was such a popular song when I was in high school, so for them to not know that song tripped me out. I enjoyed Chris S and Chris R (though I’m real partial to Chris R’s singing voice, I love all of his runs) they should definitely be in the top 10 for real, they did great. If it were up to me, either Sanjaya needs to go home and go back to being a kid, Brandon and Jarred should follow him soon.

As for the girls, why the hell is Antonella still in this mug? She sucked donkey dick last week and she didn’t do any better this week, if she’s not gone tonight, I’m going to be royally pissed because she doesn’t deserve to be there, she is NOT the best singer, she is the weakest link, GOOD BYE! Lakisha got down and her Mom and Aunt cracked me up, Melinda was probably my favorite performer last night, that girl can blow and she looks like she wants to stay, the girls that I think should be gone this week would have to be Haley and of course, Antonella.

One Tree Hill: Was that not the best way to end the show? Man, I can’t wait for this show to come back….I need my Naley, Leyton and Bitchy Brooke fix too. One question I have for you OTH fans out there…do you guys know what amazes me about Brooke fans? They don’t think that Peyton is justified in being pissed off at Brooke for sleeping with Nathan? They claim that Brooke was justified in sleeping with Nathan because THEY WERE BROKEN UP (meaning Peyton and Nathan) What kind of backward crap is that? So I’m asking you guys, do you guys think that Peyton is right to be pissed at Brooke or do you think Brooke did nothing wrong? That’s the OTH million dollar question of the season…

The Wedding Bells: Okay so this new show premiered on FOX last night after American Idol and because I thought one of the guys was hottie material from the previews of this show, I tuned in…it’s cute. It’s not the best show out yet, probably not even the best new show but I liked it enough to watch the entire show and I’m going to be watching the next one as well…I hope the show gets better though because last night’s series premiere wasn’t hook material…luckily for them, the hottie photographer was all the hook I needed. LOL. Did anyone else watch this show?

And I think I’m done…for now.

One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode 15.

23 02 2007

Like my man JT says in his song, Damn Girl…


Was that the business or what? I don’t even know where to begin I’m so jazzed about last night’s episode.

Seriously, it was all over the place good. I wasn’t even mad that I was missing the second hour of American Idol, the prom episode was good…it ended with a BANG to the FACE! haha.

The breakdown:

Brooke: Okay for this girl to not understand why Peyton was mad at her after all this time, totally made me want to crack her upside her stupid manly laugh having self. Did you guys notice during the sex tape when she was laughing with Nathan on the bed, that she’s got a really manly laugh? LOL. I did. I was like, ‘Eww, someone’s been taking her deep voice medicine!’ while she practiced her deep throat on Nathan, Ewww…frickin’ hooker Brooke. I told ya’ll that Brooke was a hooker. LOL. Though, she’s come a long way from the person she used to be and I like the new Brooke, she did do Peyton dirty and for her to keep saying that they were broken up, they were only broken up for a hot minute when Brooke bent over and showed Nathan what she was workin’ with.

I was hella rollin’ when Brooke went to Peyton’s house and egged it! Holy crap, I was sitting there crackin’ the hell up when they started wrestling on Peyton’s lawn. Oh holy wow, it was hilarious and Peyton was kicking her ass too! Woo hoo!

When Peyton told her exactly why she was mad at her, how hypocritical Brooke has been with the whole Peyton/Lucas thing, it got me all mad at Brooke again, especially when she brought up the whole making fun of Peyton’s dead Mom, because I remember being hella pissed that Brooke went there in the car on the way to the State Championship. I wanted to bitchslap the bitch! I’m so glad that finally, Peyton has just cause to kick Brooke’s ass for being a dumb ass…you go Peyton!

Lucas- What is up with frickin’ Lucas sticking up for the women that he’s NOT dating. I noticed that with Brooke, but felt he was justified in that because him and Peyton were NOT trying to be together, this second time around…yeah the first time, okay I get it but that second time when they spent most of their time together trying to get Lucas BACK WITH Brooke, so yeah…Ugh…when Peyton told him last night if he was ever going to stick up for the girl that he’s dating, I was laughing…she’s so right!

And when Lucas called Dan, DAD last night, I threw up a little in my mouth. Blech, don’t ever do that again, Lucas…and the whole Karen putting the guilt trip on Lucas about going to HIS prom with the guy that left her pregnant not too long after HER prom…I wanted to smack the bitch. Like it was Lucas’ fault that she got pregnant early in life and didn’t have time to date and hang out and whatever it is she wants to do nowadays with frickin’ the guy that put her in that situation to begin with? Oh please, like it was supposed to be some big time hurt fest that her son didn’t want her to go to HIS prom, I mean what normal teenage kid would want their parents at their prom anyway? Stupid Karen.

Mouth- I still think that the Clean Teen chick is stupid and I’m glad she’s out of Mouth’s life. She is just one big time dumb ass and Mouth should have gotten with Rachel instead, but too bad Rachel was bent on ruining her life to make her friends life better, now that’s love right there…she’s a down ass biznitch and you gotta like her after all that, right? I mean, she’s even letting Brooke stay at her house after she LEAVES…talk about trip out! Anyway, back to Mouth..I’m glad that he finally has the girl that he’s always wanted to go to prom with him. I hope he sets Brooke back on the right path…he deserves to be happy.

Haley and Nathan- Holy wow! I can see Haley being embarrassed that Nathan has a sex tape and the way that she found out about it, yeah but for Haley to pissed off that Nathan had a sex life BEFORE her and for her to be mad that it was with Brooke didn’t make a damn lick of sense to me. And for her to want him to be sorry that she wasn’t the only person that he slept with, for her to punish Nathan for the guy that he was before, I thought was just plain stupid. Let’s be real now, Lucas hit her right on the nose with his comment to her about her husband is not the jerk he used to be…I’m glad that they laid this one to rest though, Nathan continues to be the sweetie pie that I know and love with his list that really matters to him…Awww, there was only one name on that list and I thought it was absolutely adorable. What else could happen to these two, I wonder??? They’re been through it all, I swear but I can’t wait to see more Naley.

Peyton’s Prom Date- Hoey Mother of Marin! Crackface Derek is BACK ya’ll…I knew he would be, I knew that we haven’t seen the last of this psycho prick, WOO HOO!! The drama is BACK with a vengence…YAY, Lucas needs to cut his hair because from the back, Psycho Derek looked just like Crackhead Lookin’ Lucas, gosh Lucas needs a hair cut something fierce….but dude, that was the shit!

What is going to happen? I’m pissed that it’s not coming on next week but not that mad since American Idol will be on so I won’t miss any of that…gosh I need some TiVo like it’s nobody’s business…Man, last night’s show was the SHIZNIT!

Until next time guys…

One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode 14.

19 02 2007

This one’s for you Tracy, sorry I haven’t been updating as often as I should…but for you sweets, here’s the recap!

Whoa dang.

Last week’s episode was one that had me gaping like a lunatic through the last half of it.


I don’t even know where to start I’m just so flabbergasted.

But let’s start with Lucas and Peyton…LOVE IT! I loved how they’ve come full circle from where they were in the first season. The setting was the same, the only thing that would have made their first time the bestest EVAH was if Peyton were to have turned Lucas’ words on him and placed her hand over his heart and tell him him what he told her in that same room, all those seasons ago…*Place hand over his heart* “I want to be here, I want it all with you, Lucas.”


It would have been perfect. But they’re just so cute and I’m glad that they’re finally together and getting their chance at seeing where this is going to take them that I’ll forgive Peyton for not being as cute as I am. LOL.

Rachel taking the blame for Brooke so that she can keep her shot at the Victorias Secret Shebang? Damn, she makes it hard to NOT like her and she’s Rachel, we’re supposed to NOT like her. But the she does stuff for Brooke that makes her a good person and makes me rethink my stance on her…stop confusing me, Rachel.

Which brings me to Brooke. She is so effing worried about being a “good girl” and what everyone thinks of her, why hasn’t she come out and do the RIGHT thing? She’s letting Rachel out to be the bitch in everything and yet it’s Brooke who’s the bitch. For her to be so effing pissed at Peyton for being honest about her feelings for Lucas like she didn’t cheat on Peyton with NATHAN? Oh my freaking hell…what a hypocritical, snot faced slutty bitch! When she was playing with Nathan outside in the sprinklers, I wondered if they ever hooked up…and THEY DID! While HE WAS WITH PEYTON! She was with Nathan, Peyton’s boyfriend ON THE SLY…at least Peyton had the heart to BE HONEST about her feelings and they were real feelings for Brooke’s boyfriend but oh no, Brooke didn’t have the decency to do the same for frickin’ Peyton.


And she’s going to feel the wrath of everyone next week and I’m glad for it. She’s long due for all of this. For letting Rachel take the blame for her, for the whole Nathan sex tape thing…I frickin’ can’t stand her for all of that…she’s a HOOKER SLUT HOECAKE!

Haley gets on my nerves, I know she was just lashing out at Rachel because Rachel has proven in the past that she can be a bit of a bitch (okay so that’s a bit of an understatement, but whatever) with the whole I wanna sleep with Nathan bit but because I know that Rachel doesn’t deserve ALL of the blame for it and Haley going off on her, makes me want to bitchslap Haley..Meh.

I loved the Nathan and Lucas bonding time over Keith. I loved seeing them together in their little fruitcake way but still, I love it! I love that they’re good brothers right now, they’ve come a long way and it makes me giddy (my new favorite word) to see.

Poor Mouth. I feel bad because he keeps getting dicked in the girls department though I can’t help but think that maybe he deserves it because just last week he was pining over the loss of Gigi and now he’s got Clean Teen Queen FAKE whatever her name is and he’s all pining for her now…fickle heart much, Mouth? Sheesh.

Skillz, awwww he’s so cute! I love how he’s keeping his word about having the baby’s back. It was cute to see him say, “Hey Ma, I think it’s time for you to go” before Rachel could do anything to Haley…so cute!

I love it! I’m still not really caring about Deb and how she’s going to be sober and home soon, with maybe Nathan and Haley moving in with her to save money and be there for her. And the whole Dan and Karen thing still creeps me out because Karen loves her some Scott men, GROSS!

Good frickin’ show…can’t wait for next week!

One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode 1??

9 02 2007

Last night’s One Tree Hill was really good.

I liked that they took a break from everyone’s individual issues and instead was all about everyone as a whole. I’m glad that though they did take a break from LIVING their individual issues and that they were able to talk about their individual issues with people not directly involved in their issues, does that make sense?

It’s so easy for all of us to get wrapped up in our own little everyday drama’s that we don’t take a moment to step back and just be us. Sometimes we need to take a step back from everything we’ve got going on and acknowledge the people around us, everyday.

I liked the little lesson thing that they had going on last night at Tree Hill. YAY, Mouth has a girl that’s just as crazy about him as he is for her, though that was a bit unbelievable since she called him a geek in class, but hey maybe she’s like me and has a thing for geeks. I love it! I’m glad that Brooke got to get everything out and was actually honest with Chase, I wonder if Rachel is going to somehow ruin that one as well, because I don’t remember Brooke coming clean about the bet with Rachel to Chase last night…but yeah, whatever.

What I liked the most about this episode though? There were no annoying love crap things between Dan and Karen to witness, there was no Deb drugging herself into a complete lunatic to witness either, it was just the kids and thats really how I like it. Let’s have more of these, what do you say OTH writers? I’ll write a letter if I have to.

I liked that Lucas was Captain Save a Hoe to someone else besides Peyton and Brooke. I loved that he got to know the other girls at school and I just love how he stepped in with her Mother to make sure that she knew that her daughter wasn’t a loser. She was somebody and Lucas Scott, jock knew her and even better, liked her company. I really do love Lucas, I just wish he would frickin’ get a damn haircut. Would it kill him to stop looking like a damn drug dealer? Sheesh.

I loved seeing Nathan and Peyton forge their friendship again, it’s so hard to believe that at the beginning, these two were the IT couple. How far from the mark they’ve come. They’re both blissfully happy with their partners now and I couldn’t be more happy for the both of them. Nathan has come so far from the boy he used to be when he was with Peyton and Peyton has come so far from the scared shadow of the girl she used to be when she was with Nathan. To know that they’re now with the best friends that started this whole show is just fantastic to me. I know that Lucas being with Peyton has killed off a lot of the Brucas fans but I don’t care, Lucas is who he was meant to be with and I’m so happy for that…and for him. He deserves to be with someone who understands his dreams and supports them in a way that Brooke will never understand.

As for Hayley and Skillz? Holy goodness, I enjoyed getting to know Skillz. I enjoyed seeing a peek into HIS life outside of basketball, outside of the Rivercourt and away from his friends, it’s so funny how 2 dimensional his character was, I’m so glad that the writers of the show have made Skillz more 3 dimensional in the fact that we see his thoughts and his feelings and his…dreams. It’s good to know that Skills has dreams and a family and I just like his character.

I loved when he told Haley that he’ll have the babies back…so cute!

This was a good episode, I was one happy camper last night. Can’t wait to see more next week…and for goodness sakes, WHO KNOWS DAN KILLED KEITH? Is it you Whitey? Tracy can you ask him the next time you see him please? I’m dying to know! haha.

One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode Twelve.

25 01 2007

This week’s show gets a great big AWWWW from me! I thought it was such a cutie little show to have. Things are good right now, they’re as it should be but we all know that it’s not going to last, things are going to get hectic, things are going to get crazy and I’m going to be one very happy fan!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Peyton and Lucas: So cute! It’s so good to see these two just being happy with one another because it’s seriously been a long time coming and I know that things between this two will only be tested as we progress in the show because there are so many things that were just left open, mainly speaking, the whole Fake Derek storyline…he’s on the loose and I knew from the jump that we haven’t seen the last of him, next week he makes an appearance again and gosh I’m just so frickin’ amped to see that whole show down again, but let’s just hope that for Peyton’s sake, Lucas doesn’t get tazered again before he can save her because seriously…if he gets tazered again, his heart is seriously going to shut down on him, no matter what the writers think! And on the flip side, let’s hope that Peyton has practiced her screaming and still looking pretty face because the last time around, it wasn’t…pretty. So keep your fingers crossed for these two, next week is all about them! You know what would really chap my hide? If they redid the whole best friend falling for each other storyling with these two but reversed it so that it was Peyton getting dicked again. UGHHHH, but hey, let’s not borrow trouble or anything, so let me just shut up on that tip.

Nathan and Haley: These two are a big reason why I still watch and love this show! Gosh the turnaround in Nathan from big bad jerk dick face to this Prince Charming in a perfect world husband is so becoming of Nathan Scott, I totally love all of this, I want to make Haley happy because she makes me utterly happy business, the things these two get themselves into (mainly Nathan) is just so effing sweet and cute, it makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside and makes my heart sigh, it’s the stuff of great romance, I just love me some Nathan Scott, so much so that I’m making him Eye Candy Friday Man, to hell with him being young! He’s over 18! LOL…okay just barely but I don’t care, I love me some Nathan Scott!

Brooke and Stephen from Laguna Beach: Wow, to go from playing the playboy and juggle two girls in real life to being the sweetest and cutest, albeit corniest guy in Tree Hill, I like this for Brooke…Chase is good for her but nothing good can become of the whole Chase/Brooke thing, because it started off on the wrong foot…it started off with Brooke lying to him, lying to him about how good she is in Calculus and then the whole bet thing with Rachel, Brooke you just ruined what could potentially be something GREAT because of your boneheadedness, haven’t you learned a hot damn thing? And then the whole, test missing thing…is Rachel going to take the rap for you or is she going to dime you out? Ohhhh, I wonder, I wonder…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see and seriously, would you really LET HER take the blame for something YOU DID?

Karen and Dickhead Dan: It’s only going to be a matter of time before Lucas figures out that it was indeed Dan that killed Keith and the little love fest that Dan has been sliding in on Karen, so it’s only a matter of time before the wool is yanked right out of of Karen’s eyes and she sees Dan for the monster he really is, oh gosh I can’t wait to see it all go down…hehe, because you know for damn sure, it’s going down.

Deb: Ding dong, the witch is dead? Or is she just stoned again? LMAO!

The Stripping: Okay, can Skills make me laugh anymore than he did tonight? I mean, Nathan’s dancing was horrible and still I love him, which is a shocker to me because I’ve broken up with guys because they couldn’t dance and for me to be okay with Nathan’s uncoordinated ass getting his little groove on up on that stage made him oh so cuter to me! But Skills? Oh my hell that guy seriously had me rollin’ I mean, “Mama came to see me dance?” Oh hell to the no, this guy is a crackhead…and his little robot dance? LMAO! I love it! Mouth can get down for a white boy, he’s so cute…and do I see a maybe new love interest for Mouth in the Clean Team Captain?

Hehe, I can’t wait to see…Alright, so seriously next week couldn’t get here any sooner, please dear writers of One Tree Hill, bring on the creepy stalker guys…;)