All New One Tree Hill Tonight!

15 01 2008


I cannot wait for One Tree Hill tonight. There’s so much to look forward to with K Fed guest starring and then finding out what kind of drama we can get into with Peyton and Lucas. I can’t wait to see the changes in Nathan, the coming together of Peyton’s new record label and seeing her trying to either sign K Fed or whatever…it’ll also be good to see what Brooke decides to do with her business back home.

And I heard in a comment someone left here that this is One Tree Hill’s last season? Is this true? Oh goodness, I hope not because this is my absolute favorite show.  Does anyone know if this is true or not? I’m gonna research it but I wanted to know if someone knew before I did all the research, cause I’m lazy right now.


Guess What?

14 06 2007

I missed the season finale of One Tree Hill last night, oh the shame! I went dancing instead and had a complete blast so I have to watch the season finale online today and I’ll post my thoughts on the show just as soon as I can…so no worries!

So if you’re wondering where my post on OTH is, I can’t do it yet so I’ll have that up soon.


One Tree Hill: Season 3, ???

31 05 2007


Was that epsiode not explosive or WHAT???? Dude, it ended with a big BOOM!

And I did my happy dance like it was no thang! YOU GO LUCAS, you are not the push over that I thought you’d be with this, you did me so friggin’ proud it’s not even funny! The way you lit into Dan and stood your ground where Dan was concerned, Oh Mylanta, I couldn’t have been more proud! Holy wow, I was not expecting what you did tonight but man am I glad you did it! Even with Karen collapsing on the floor and might be losing her baby and her life in the process, don’t even care because YOU DID THE DAMN THANG, WOO HOO!!!!

Somebody give me a gun because I’m going to shoot Karen in the neck! Lucas, let me borrow yours (or Debs, whoever) because your Moms is straight trizzipin’ and she needs to be shot in the neck!

If anything pissed me off in this episode, it wasn’t that Haley didn’t get to give her speech (even though I thought that was hella stupid because why would she get in trouble for something NATHAN did, she didn’t have any knowledge of it nor did she have anything to do with that so why in the hell did she get in trouble for it? STUPID STUPID STUPID!) and it couldn’t piss me off because in true Prince Charming form, Nathan got her speech back for her and made me love him all the more, the thing that pissed me the hell off was that Karen took Dan’s word over Lucas. The same Dan that dumped her for Deb and Nathan, the same Dan who wasn’t a father to Lucas AT ALL in the entire time that Lucas has been alive, the same Dan who has driven his ex wife Deb (the same Deb that he dumped HER for) crazy, the same Dan who’s own son, Nathan emancipated himself from and moved out of his house because the fool was crazy over the son who has been nothing but good to you? The son who has loved you and been there for you throughout everything…all of a sudden, Lucas is the crazy one and you’re taking advice from your stupid ass exboyfriend who didn’t want you before and only wants you now because he’s got no one else?

You are dumber than a box of rocks Karen and I hope that you get it screwed back on straight before something bad happens to you…or Lucas.

Dan is bad news, you of all people should know this and yet there you go, being stupid in love with the same stupid shithead that did you dirty so many frickin’ times.


Why would you want to be with someone who was a horrible father to your son, an even more horrible father to the son he claimed, not to mention how horrible he was to his own brother, the man you really loved.

Makes not one damn bit of sense to me and goodness you are getting on my hot damn nerves with all of this Lucas I think you should talk to a professional about this, we both do business, I wanted to slap that look of concern off your stupid face because your whole world will come crashing down around you if you stay with Dirty Dan, I mean look at you next week…you’re fighting for your life because Lucas felt he needed to protect you from Dan and all because YOU DIDN’T BELIEVE YOUR OWN SON!

You stupid biznatch!

The whole Brooke/Chase thing was nicely put together, just as the whole Mouth/Gigi thing was tied neatly in a nice and pretty bow.

What I wondered about this episode was Peyton. Peyton when you needed Lucas, he was always there whether you told him about your problems or not, now that Lucas needs YOU, you’re nowhere to be found. What is up with that? I mean, you said so yourself that something was wrong with Lucas, you knew something was up with him but did you ask him? Did you make any kind of effort to find out what exactly was bothering him and try to be there for him?

NO! What is up with that?

Ugh, Lucas is always getting the short end of the stick and he’s the most deserving of happiness on the show, well besides Naley…

..the whole Naley thing was cute, I loved how they’re such a solid unit. They stand together through everything and get through everything TOGETHER. Nothing else matters, nothing else is more important than the two of them and I just love how they fight their battles together and win for each other. I’ll always love them, gosh I hope they stay together forever.

Jimmy Edwards yearbook was hmmm, I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean yeah, so he was picked on in school. He got punked and so he brought a gun to school and tried to shoot everyone up. Innocent kids, snobby kids, popular kids, ALL KIDS, he scared ALL OF THEM by bringing a gun to school with the intent to hurt other kids, the way they hurt him. Should I feel sorry for him? I don’t know, should I want to write nice things about him in his yearbook? What he did wasn’t the right way to handle anything and I just can’t like this storyline so I’m going to stay out of it…I’m just blah about it, that’s what I’m going to say about it.

Oh damn, I cannot effing wait for next weeks show…does Karen live or die? Did Lucas kill Dan? What happens with the rest of the kids?

Until next week…

One Tree Hillers…On Tonight’s OTH.

30 05 2007

For You One Tree Hillers Out There…

24 05 2007

…check it out.

Now isn’t that just fantabulous news? I mean, yeah we’ve got to wait until January but it’s coming back ya’ll…let’s be happy with that, eh? And I can’t wait to see them all back in their 20’s starting out on life and where life will take them…hehe.


One Tree Hill: Season 4, Episode I Don’t Know.

17 05 2007


Did you guys sing Fergie’s London Bridges when you read that first word? hehe, I did. But anyway, did ya’ll watch One Tree Hill last night? If you did, did your eyes nearly pop out of your head when homegirl told Lucas who killed Keith and he goes home to find Dirty Dan kissing his Mom in HIS ROOM and he didn’t do a hot damn thing about? How much do you wanna bet, Lucas isn’t going to say a damn thing about Dan killing Keith because he’s not going to want to hurt his Mom? How much do you wanna bet that Lucas is going to LET Karen fall deeper and deeper in with Dan and he’s not going to say a damn thing about it and he’s going to keep Dan’s dirty little secret and how much does that piss you the hell off? Man, if all of this comes true, I’m gonna want to kick Lucas where the sun don’t shine. I’m going to want to karate chop his knee caps right off of him, he’s so dumb.

Two things I hella loved about last night’s episode was first, the way Brooke and Peyton are closer than ever. They’re not alone anymore and the things that Brooke did for Peyton, the way she held it together and tried to get to the bottom of the whole Disgusting Derek, what was his name? Ian what? I forget…but dude, at the end when they both go to see him and confront him about his girlfriend? Yeah, that was trippy. But I thought Brooke showed glimpses of the Brooke that I remember and the Brooke that I love. She’s not a bad person, she just does a lot of slutty and bitchy things when she’s wronged and I guess I can’t fault her for that but she more than made up for all of that last night. When she transformed the room into “Payton’s Room” I was blown away and when she got Peyton to toughen up and face the problem head on so that they can move on, I was proud of her. Good on you Brooke and I’m glad that they can finally let go of this ugly thing and put it to rest. Its about time.

The other thing that I totally loved was how Nathan didn’t want to end up like his Dad, bitter from his loss of the game. I loved how he totally stepped up and didn’t let Lucas take the blame for the points shaving scandal. I’m glad that even though his actions will cost him his dream career, he didn’t back away from bringing forth the truth. I’m glad that even though he won’t have basketball in his career, I’m glad that he valued having Haley by his side through it all. I’m glad that Haley tried to help save his career by asking Lucas to take the blame for it but I’m glad that Nathan didn’t let Lucas do it. I’m just so hot damn glad for Nathan, he’s probably the most all around GREAT GUY on the show. Well, next to Lucas because we all know that Lucas be trying to be the “good guy” all the damn time and this time around, his good guy tendencies is pissing me the hell off…just like Jason Morgan on friggin’ General Hospital.

Damn, this is why good guys always finish last because they’re so hot damn stupid, LUCAS TELL YOUR DAMN MOM THAT HER BOYFRIEND KILLED HER FIANCE!

Damn but that pisses me off, so what do you guys think is going to happen when OTH comes back on? Do you guys think Lucas is going to tell? What do you guys think is going to happen with Nathan and Haley? What can happen to these two that hasn’t happened already? And what about Peyton and Brooke? What did you guys think about these two on last night’s episode?

Inquiring minds want to know, so hollar back, why don’t you!!!

Until next week….


2 05 2007

To Karen, Sheila, Grace and all of my other OTH sisters, tonight is our lucky night! Tonight is the night that OTH graces our little screens again with all new episodes and I can’t tell you how flippin’ excited I am.

I’m so excited I’m doing my happy dance in my office…on my head. Okay not really but sweet babycakes Lucas, Peyton and the gang is back.

Now, we left off with Crazy Derek showing up at Peyton’s place, surprising a frightened Peyton who was waiting for Lucas to come and pick her up. It’s going to be interesting to see how Peyton handles being alone with Dipshit Derek, now that she has to prove to herself that she can seriously take care of herself and can’t always count on Lucas and her brother, the real Derek to handle things. I wonder if Lucas is going to have to come and save her (because let me tell you Peyton, if Lucas has to yet again come and save you, sooner or later, he’s gonna pull a McDreamshit and get rid of you because he doesn’t want to always breathe for you), so you’re gonna need to step up to the plate and handle something, do some kind of the work to save yourself so that Lucas can come and clean up the mess. I can’t wait to see what Schmerek has planned for you because it’s gonna be good with you tied up to the chair and errthang.


At the prom, we left off with Brooke finding the word WHORE written in bright lights across her prom dress and instead of being all outraged or pissed off about it, she’s happy as a clam because that means that Peyton cares…still. It means that she didn’t lose the one girlfriend that has meant the most to her in all of her years as a whore. LOL. Brooke is also already at the prom with her date, the future Senator McFadden, known to us as Mouth. They’re at the prom and they’re having a good time and just waiting for Lucas and Peyton to come so that Peyton and Brooke can finally make the long awaited reunion special we’ve all been waiting for.

It’s coming guys, I know it!

Then there’s the whole deal with Nathan and Haley. They’re still going to have the same problems they’ve been having, with Nathan’s past coming back to kick him in the ass and haunt him forever and ever, Amen and Haley having to deal with their baby and all of Nathan’s crap. I wonder when Haley’s due, I wonder if she’s going to have this baby because it’s popular in television for the pregnant women to lose their babies. I hope Haley actually has this little baby and that she doesn’t turn into a single mother like Karen did…haha. I wonder though, what’s going to happen with these two, what could possibly happen to these two that hasn’t happened already, because we’ve gone through the money troubles, the cheating, the running off to be with your band and be a rock star, the everything humanly thing that could go wrong has gone wrong, what’s next for these two?

I don’t really care what happens with Dan and Karen, whatever happens to Karen is what she gets for trusting that no good, dirty son of a dog Dan again but hey, you live and you learn, right Karen? I just thought you would have learned by now since you’ve read this story before, geepers! And Deb? Well, who cares about her stupid ass too.

I hear though that Mouth runs off and is with Rachel, if that’s true or not, I’m not sure it’s just what I’ve heard.

It’s finally here, you guys…we finally get to see what happens and all of our answers will finally be answered, let’s hope to high heaven that we’re not disappointed ya’ll…

And for those of you guys who hasn’t seen the previews for tonight’s show, here it is, coming to you courtesy of You Tube.

For You One Tree Hill Fans Out There..

19 04 2007

We have two weeks before our show comes back with all new episodes and we finally get to find out what happens the night of prom and with…Peyton and Dirty Derek!

Ooh, I cannot effing wait!

I get the newsletter every week and in these newsletter, they have all sorts of spoilers so I’m totally going to post these spoilers here, check it out:

We’re hearing a lot of juicy bits of goodness that will certainly come to fruition after May 2nd. According to TV Guide’s Ausiello, Lucas will indeed learn the identity of Keith’s killer. But like usual, his timing will be very bad. Just as the big news hits, he’ll find his mother in the arms of said murderer. We’ll learn more about Evil Derek, including why he’s so darn obsessed with Peyton and finally, Haley will ask Lucas to make the “ultimate sacrifice” for Nathan and his basketball career. Now when we read “ultimate sacrifice,” we think the worst. Let’s hope that drama queen Ausiello is just exaggerating.

What?? What?? What??? haha.

I already knew that it was only a matter of time before Lucas found out that Dan was Keith’s killer. That was a given so that’s not much of a spoiler and it’s also not a big shock that when he finds out it’ll be at the wrong time or that he’s gonna find his Mom in the arms of said killer because duh, they’ve been working that angle (Karen and Dan) for awhile now… but what I’m most looking forward to watching when OTH comes back is why Evil Derek is so obsessed with Peyton because seriously, why Peyton? What is so special about Peyton that you would risk jail time and possibly want to hurt the person you’re so obsessed with? Did she steal YOUR drugs when she was into that stuff, did she beat you out for the manager position of TRIC? WHAT COULD IT BE?

Anyone have any clues? Huh, huh?

And what sort of sacrifice will Lucas have to make for Nathan? And if we think about it, why would Lucas have to sacrifice anything for Nathan? Does Lucas owe him anything? I don’t think so, not considering the prick Nathan was to Lucas before they became actual brothers. Not that I don’t love Nathan or anything because I do, I just want to know what Lucas has to do so Nathan can the career in basketball that Lucas no longer can have.

Alright, these were the spoilers from yesterday, below are the spoilers from 3/21/07, check it out:

Things are going to get really hot before the season wraps up in May! As we mentioned before, there’s going to be a road trip that will be the basis for the next OTH musical compilation CD. And word on the street is that said road trip will actually be a chase.

Rachel will convince a broken-hearted Mouth to hit the high road with her (we just knew that girl wouldn’t get on the plane!)… so the rest of the gang takes off after them. During their travels, Brooke will tell Haley the truth about the calculus test, and Lucas and Peyton will take their relationship to the next level. So obviously, Peyton will survive the second attack launched by Evil/Psycho (yet, slightly hot) Derek. But unfortunately, Nathan will continue to struggle with his past and the mistakes he made way back when.

And perhaps the biggest news of the season so far — we’re hearing that Mouth is the one who has been stalking Dan! Who knew the little guy had it in him? As it turns out, Mouth knows the truth about the murder and it’s only a matter of time before it goes public! Mark Schwahn has decided to pen a few of the final eps of the season, so you know it’s gonna be good!

That’s loads of spoilers right there, I LOVE IT!

A new CD, which is great for all those people that actually buy those things and then well, great music will be filling up the next few episodes right? WOO HOO!

Moving right along, Rachel’s back, huh? And she’s taking Mouth with her…but whats the big deal about Mouth taking off? Why is everyone so hell bent about bringing him back? Is he like dropping out of school or something? Hmm, I guess we’ll just have to watch and find out, huh? To see how acurate these spoilers are. I know that Peyton will survive this latest trauma thing with Derek and I know that she’ll get rid of him for good but I really want Peyton to be the one to off him, I don’t want Lucas to come and save her, I want her to do it herself. I want her to use everything that her real brother taught her and stand up for herself, so she doesn’t regress back to her freaked out state that she was in before.

Her and Lucas need to hurry up and take their relationship to the next level any damn way, it’s been long enough already sheesh.

What else could Nathan struggle with that he hasn’t struggled with already? Sheesh, he’s only a senior in high school, give the poor guy a break already, gosh!

I KNEW that Mouth was the person who knew about Dan killing Keith but what I want to know is why hasn’t he said anything? WHY HASN’T HE TOLD LUCAS??? Especially with LUCAS’ MOM getting all chummy with the damn killer of her ex lover. What the freak already?

Damn but I can’t wait…I’ll talk One Tree Hill again next week, but until then here’s a little something to tide you over until next week’s clip….

A sneak peek, I found on YouTube:

What are you guys most looking forward to watching on May 2nd?

Until next week….

One Tree Hill News.

15 03 2007

Got this from my OTH Newsletter, so wanted to spread the word for my readers on here.

The next all-new OTH will air on Wednesday, March 28th. Though that may seem like a long time from now, we’re content to wait because it promises to be awesome! Word on the street is that in “You Call It Madness But I Call It Love,” and someone will finally put two and two together and figure out that Dan offed his own brother. Wonder who will figure it out? There are plenty of Tree Hill citizens with all the clues they need to solve the mystery.

As crazy as prepping for the prom was, the prom itself promises to provide even more drama! We still don’t believe that Rachel got on that plane. We’re guessing she’ll show up at the dance eventually. At prom, we hear Dan will try his darndest to win over Karen, romantically. And speaking of romance, Nathan and Haley will vow to be romantic teenagers instead of an old, married couple with a baby on the way.

And of course… everyone wants to know what will happen to Peyton after Evil Derek shows up on her porch. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Lucas will arrive and be the knight in shining armor, as usual. But you never know… he may have been convinced that his gal really didn’t want to go to the prom and decided to go stag without stopping by her house.

Woo hoo, March 28th isn’t nearly as long as I thought the wait would be so just a bit more patience and we’ll have our show back guys, YAY!


5 01 2007

Okay all of you TVaholics out there…here’s the scoop on our favorite shows.

Grey’s Anatomy isn’t coming back from hiatus until January 11th. One Tree Hill doesn’t come back on until January 17th which is two weeks. Gah. That’s too long dammit. Prison Break as we all know comes back on January 22nd. My new show, Friday Night Lights comes back on this Wednesday with new shows. Brothers and Sisters comes back with new shows starting on Sunday, January 7th. Hmm, what else? Oh, my new favorite comedy on Thursday nights, The Office starts up again on Thursday, January 4th.

I’m not so sure about some of these but word on the web is..these are the dates. So mark them up guys, our shows are coming back soon. I thought everything was going to be coming back this week. Dammit to hell and back.

EDITED TO ADD: Holy goodness, you O.C. fans out there, check THIS out…the show’s been cancelled? What? I was just starting to get into it again. Poor Seth Cohen!