5 Things I Like About My Brother Pete.

20 04 2007

In an attempt to remind myself why I love my brother, since I am beyond annoyed at him right now, I’m going to blog about 5 Things I love about him.

1. He’s a good father to his daughter, Aubrey.

I always knew that Pete was going to be a good father because he was the best uncle. He always made time for the kids and even now that he no longers close by, he still makes time to come and visit the kids. The kids love him, ALL kids love Pete and nobody loves him more than little Aubrey does and you could totally tell that Uncle Pete has enough love in him for everyone, in Pete’s eyes, no one gets left out and I’ve always loved that about him. He never forgets any of the kids, from the young babies all the way to the older nieces and nephews, he’s the favorite and he totally deserves it!

2. He’s the best dancer in my world.

He can dance the socks off of anyone and I want him to learn this routine and teach it to me, and if anyone could do it, it’d be my brother, Pete. He really is tight, the best dancer of anyone I know of in real life.

3. His color chart is the bomb.

Every year that we went to school together, I was always nagging him to match my clothes for me. He’s got a fashion sense that is second to none, accept those with more money than him like Justin Timberlake and Usher and them, but in our world, yeah no one dresses better than Pete or can make you look good the way Pete does. He has a keen eye for clothes that look good on your body type and what colors bring out your eyes and all that stuff, he’s very honest and I love that about him, he won’t let you go out looking like an ugly duckling.

4. His sense of humor.

Pete is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. He’s very witty and can turn any dull event into a flaming good time. Everything that comes out of his mouth, every action that he does whether it’s to prank my niece, Chloe or a Yo Mama bagging contest with my 4 year old nephew Chase, the boy will have you in fits of giggles, he’s that good.

5. His sense of family and responsibility.

Ever since Tiffany found out she was pregnant with Aubrey, Pete has grown up considerably. Before that, he was doing what any normal 22 year old was doing at their age, running the streets. He was never around and he was out doing God knows what and God knows who. I couldn’t stand the person that he was, he was always drunk or just up to no good. But in the past couple of years, he’s aged considerably, not in physical appearance but emotionally. He’s so much more responsible now and we can actually count on him to keep his word to us. It wasn’t always like that. He’s all about the family and I love that about him.


Alright, I think I’m over being mad at him, woo hoo!


It’s Time Everyone!

23 11 2006



So as soon as I’m done here getting all this paperwork shipped to the East Coast for closeouts, Im on my way to the hospital because Tiffany’s having a baby today.

It’s a thing that my family always does when someone is having a baby. We all go and wait with the Father of the baby in the hospital in the waiting room until the baby is born. We read, we talk, we joke around, we give the Father a hard time, we take turns going in and out of the Mother’s room and we play games, so as always we’re on our way to the hospital to uphold the family tradition…haha.

I was also Tiffany’s call person, she gave me the job three weeks ago and told me that as soon as her water broke and she was on her way to the hospital, she would call me let me know and then I’d be the one to spread the news, so of course, the day she goes into labor would be the day I let my phone die without charging it, so she had to try all three of my phone numbers (cell, work and home) to try to catch me, haha…I’m such a winner!

So I have to finish calling everyone, but I wanted to let you guys know that I’m going to have another niece sometime today…so YAHOO!!!

…and I’m out!

YAY, It’s Done!

21 11 2006

Whoa Dang.

I woke up early Saturday morning (after going to sleep EARLY Saturday morning) because I had an 11 o’clock soccer game that I didn’t get a stand in coach for, so though my sisters were pissed, I still had to go and coach a game…someone would have had to have gone to the game because with both Brenna and Cheridan out, we wouldn’t have enough players to play the game, so it was a good thing I went because my team needed me. So anyway, Mulu comes to the house to come with me to the game, we get there a little late but all is well, we have 9 girls to put into the game and before the game starts, Mulu’s only job was to put up the team banner, that was the main reason I needed her to come with me because I wouldn’t have been able to put up the banner while I warmed the girls up for their game and Blanche wouldn’t let me take Chloe or Chelsea to help me (to punish me for not getting someone to cover the game, but meh, whatever) so the job went to Mulu.

She broke my damn team banner.

But I didn’t even care, because early in the first half of the game Brenna is playing left half back and she races for a stray ball and as she’s dribbling it toward the goal, there’s no one to pass it to so she takes the shot and….SCORES! It was her very first goal EVER, in all the years she’s been playing soccer and so I was so happy for her because she was over the moon (or sun, whatever works) and so I’m jumping up and down, my parents are on the sideline jumping up and down and I turn to Mulu and she’s talking to one of the parents, totally MISSED Brenna’s first goal, so she asks me what happened, I tell her and she turns the Mom she was talking to (whom she just met by the way) and says, “Dangit Desiree, you made me miss my girls goal!” And just as she says that, Brenna is running by her so she yells to Brenna, “Do that again, I missed it!”

So…late in the third quarter, Brenna…SCORES AGAIN! I was so excited for her because she’s usually very shy of scoring goals, but she must’ve eaten her Wheaties that morning, because she was all over that field, stealing the ball from this girl, blocking a shot from that girl and then scoring two goals! I was so happy and she was on top of the world, when we got home, she was telling everyone that would listen about her two goals and she racked up $22 for her two goals, my baby is a hussler. LOL. She told me to put in the bank and Mulu told her, “Oh no, thats for me and your Mom’s lunch, we’re broke!” So yeah, we ended up beating the other team, 4-0 and the girls were so happy, which in turn made me really happy and Mulu seems to think that our win (which is our first win in three games) was totally her doing because she came. She said her presence alone was what got the girls going, so as everyone is telling the girls “GREAT JOB” and “GREAT GAME” Mulu is telling all the girls, mainly Brenna for scoring her two goals, “You’re Welcome that I came” *shakes head* I swear, that girl thinks too highly of herself. It was the bomb.

Now onto the shower…

The shower came together fantastic. We had a great time, a great turnout and the food was good too. But the highlight of the shower was most definitely the games. We played four games and all four games, Mulu stole the spotlight in them all. The first game was Name that TV Family, where a handout was passed out and we had to fill in the kids in each of the tv sitcoms families. There was the Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Seventh Heaven, Family Ties, you know shows like that…Mulu made me laugh my ass off because she had the kids for Family MATTERS written down for Family TIES. Oh my gosh, she’s retarded.

The second game was the Match the Socks race game and Mulu dominated that game as well until my cousin, Domi came up and then Mulu lost…bad, haha, it was hilarious the way Mulu and my Aunt were taunting each other…they wouldn’t accept defeat and their competiveness carried onto the next game.

The third game, was Musical Bottles. We passed three bottles around and when the music stopped, whoever had the bottle had to race to drink all of the lemonade out of the bottle. It was between, me, my aunt Josie and of course, Mulu. While Josie cheated and unscrewed her bottle top off and downed the drink, thereby disqualifying herself, Mulu damn near bit the nipple clear off the bottle in her rush to get the lemonade drunk before my Aunt finished her bottle and then there was me, sucking for all I was worth and still lost because of those stupid cheaters.

The last game we played was the team game and the team captains were of course, Mulu and my aunt Josie. I was on Mulu’s team and the game was The Butt Game. Each team got a word, and whoever is up has to spell the baby word with their butts and whoever guesses the most words correctly wins the game. At the end of the game, both teams were tied up so we had a speed tie breaker round, where both teams received the SAME word and we had to guess what the word was…it was also just a random word, so the buzzer rings and off they go to spell their word, first letter is T, second letter is O, third letter is J and me and my sister in law, Les are looking at each other, like, “I don’t get it” and yet, Mulu is going back and doing it all over again, T then O then J then A then ….WE LOST. And Mulu, was sooo disappointed in us. She did NOT want to lose against my Aunt. So then still confused, we ask what the word was since we were concentrating too hard to hear what it was. It was TROJAN. As in USC (they were playing in the background while we were playing) TROJANS…and so as both me and Lesley are looking at each other all confused like, Mulu is very loud like blaming our loss totally on US, saying that her ass was perfectly fine, it was our eyes that were in the wrong, so then they start talking about, I saw the T and the R and the O and then while everyone is laughing, me and Les narrow our eyes and Mulu starts cracking the hell up because her stupid ass spelled, TOJAN instead of TROJAN…so we lost because as she said, “Oh crap, I forgot to put on my spell check!” What a dumbass. LMAO…oh it was funny!

So yeah, we had a great shower and loads and loads of laughs. I was shocked that my sister from Vegas actually drove out here for the shower because she’s usually scarce during our family functions so it was a pleasant surprise when she showed up Saturday morning.

This weekend was action packed but I had a blast and am so glad that we had the shower, that Pete and Tiffany got the rest of the things they needed and it was good to see Tiffany enjoy herself and just let loose. She’s like, “You guys are crazy for a bunch of Mormons who don’t drink!” She couldn’t believe we have that much fun being SOBER, girl…it’s not about the alcohol, it’s about the company and we’re great company, I tell ya! haha. Pete was a good sport and he entertained us with his dancing and his jokes, so all in all it was a great day. So great that it took me ALL of Sunday to recoup from all of my fun on Saturday. haha.

My Brother Is a Jerk!

7 11 2006

The brother on the right with the black shirt is the brother I’m talking about in this post, his name is Pete.

So, ever since we were younger, my brother Pete and I have played many a pranks on each other and though I’m loathe to admit it, he’s the better prankster because he gets me ALL THE TIME, there were a few times that I didn’t fall for his pranks, but more often then not, he’d get me, and get me good too.


So many of his pranks come to mind when thinking back to our high school days cause that was when the pranks were at it’s worst, him and his friends were ALWAYS pulling one prank on some innocent bystander and they were always so good too. I hate that they can make me believe almost anything that comes out of their mouths but they’re so smooth about it, you don’t even know you’ve been had until it’s way late in the game and you’re just going along your merry way and then BAM! Something doesn’t make sense and you’re looking around like, “Oh no, they’ve done it again!” But no one can prank better than my brother, Pete…he’s so evil that he can lie without blinking an eye, he can also keep the lie going for days, even weeks. It’s retarded how many times he’s gotten me.

Like the time in high school when he was packing his clothes to spend the night at his friends house that he reminded me that we started school late the next day and to remind Dad. I was unaware that we started school late but since we were having a serious conversation, I didn’t even think that he’d lie about something like that, so the next day at school, I show up at frickin’ 10:25am, just in time for 2nd period. I was sooo pissed off at him and he was waiting there, pointing and laughing at me.

It was not one of my brighter moments, but gosh you gotta admit, that was a good prank, was it not?

Or how about the time, when he paged me and left the number of the guy that I had a monster crush on with the codes: 143 and 911 and me and my friend stared at the little screen on my pager (you know back in the day of pagers, when cell phones weren’t around as they are now) for what seemed like months trying to contemplate what I was going to say when I called him back, I swear I must have agonized over that page for the longest time because I “thought” the guy liked me and I was so excited to get the text that when I finally called him back and found out that it wasn’t him that paged me but my evil brother I thought I was going to kill him, he did too because I was furious with him, but you gotta admit, he got me real good.

I can laugh about it now, but man I was fumin’ pissed when it happened and this weekend, Pete the Prankster struck again.

You see, this Saturday we had soccer games, I had some errands to run for the baby shower we’re throwing for Tiffany in a couple of weeks and then my nephew Chance’s football made it to the play offs so we all decided that we were going to go to his game and support him and the team. Pete called and asked me where the game was and since I didn’t know, I told him that I’d call him as soon as I found out.

The following conversation took place when I called him back:

Me: Pete?
Voice on the Other Line: Thank you for calling your local Republican Party Hotline, I’m Sean and I’ll be assisting you today, do you have a couple of minutes to answer a few questions for a survey, ma’am?

A brief pause.

Me: I don’t have time for this asshole, the game is at 4 in Long Beach and it costs $3 to get in so bring money.
Voice on the Other Line: Excuse me? I’m sorry, ma’am I think you have me mistaken for someone else, but since I’ve got you on the line, would you mind if I asked you a few questions?
Me: Pete? Quit playing, you stupid asshat.
Voice on the Other Line: Ma’am, are you registered to vote?
Me: Huh?
Voice on the Other Line: Can I count on your vote next week for Govenor Arnie? I think he’s proven that he’s more than competent for the job, don’t you think?

Another brief pause.

Me: Pete, if you’re playing around I’m gonna kick your ass.
Voice on the Other Line: I’m sorry, ma’am…it’s still Sean on the line, so can you tell me if you’re republican?
Me: I’m sorry, I think I have the wrong number.
Voice on the Other Line: Oh no, that’s okay…but do you have time to answer a quick survey for me?
Me: I’m sorry Sean, I’m about to coach a soccer game so I don’t have time right now, I thought you were my brother.
Voice on the Other Line: No problem, you have a good day ma’am and good luck at your soccer game.
Me: Thanks, you have a nice day too.

Then I hung up. I sat there staring at my phone, looking at my brother’s number and just knew that something was up. But the person on the phone didn’t sound like any of the voices that Pete uses, so I dialed his number again.

Me: Pete?
Him: Thank you for calling your local Republican Party Hotline, my name is Sean. How can I help you today?
Me: I’m sorry, I dialed the wrong number again, sorry Sean.

I shook my head and said, to hell with Pete..he’s gonna have to wait. So I threw my phone in my purse and went to my soccer game. We’re walking to the car when I remember about Pete and decide to try my luck and call him again.

The following coversation took place:

Me: Hello? Pete?
Him: Thank you for calling Sexy Man Pizza, would you like to hear our specials for the day?
Me: Ehhh, would you quit it already…you stupid ass, the game’s at 4 and it’s in Long Beach, but you gotta pay $3 to get in because it’s the play offs.
Him: We’ve got a large Sexaroni Pizza for $5.99 and you add bread dicks to your order for only ….

Then he starts cracking up, like literally cracking up. I’m laughing too at this point, but I shook my head and was like…

Me: You are such an asshole.
Him: Oh my bad, I forgot….*sighs* Thank you calling your local Republican Party, my name is Sean and I will be assisting you today.

*gaping into the phone*

Me: You fucking jerk! I cannot flippin’ believe you had me feeling bad about yelling and cursing at Sean, gosh you are such an asshole!

And on and on, I’m yelling and cursing at him in the Kids Zone, where I’m not supposed to be doing ANY of those things but on and on I went, yelling at him while he laughed his ass off on the other line, I swear…my brother is such a jerk and he got me good….AGAIN.


Now I gotta figure out how I’m going to get him back, if I can even manage to pull it off, but damn he got me good. So who knows how I can get him back after that one?

Any ideas?

Welcome to the World, Baby!

13 09 2006

Welcome to a world full of controlling women and endless drama over the simple planning of one small baby shower, yours to be exact.

Poor Tiffany.

My brother Pete’s girlfriend, Tiffany is having a baby, a baby girl to be exact in November. Her Step Mom and Mom wanted to have a baby shower with both of the families planning it/throwing it, whatever.

We thought it was a great idea.

Tiffany had her reservations about it because her family is completely different from ours and though I understood her reservations, I told her that we’re all going to have to meet sometime, might as well, make it at the baby shower, or through the planning of it.

So last week Thursday, Tiff’s SM called my older sister Blanche but we were at the kids soccer practice so she couldn’t really talk, she said that she’d contact her later in the week, when things slowed down and talk to her then, I guess Tiff’s SM asked for an invite list with addresses and then asked if we could plan to have the shower on the 7th of October. Blanche told her that she’d check with everyone and get back to her.

Then yesterday came and Pete is calling me, asking me to get the invite list together as well as the addresses and call Larinda (I think that’s how you spell it) with it. I told him that Blanche is going to call her but we’ve just been really busy with the kids soccer stuff. He tells me that Tiff’s been bugging him about it, so can I just do it. I’m sitting right next to Blanche when he tells me this and I tell him once again, that Blanche will call her when we get inside.

So Blanche calls Larinda back and Larinda asks Blanche for the invite list and the addresses. Blanche is like, I can email it to you and then Larinda tells Blanche that they’re having it on the 7th of October and that they already made up and printed the invitations and they’re getting ready to send them out…now this is where Blanche’s back starts getting straighter and straighter. Her features harden and then her attitude sparks up.

“What do you mean you’ve got the invitations already printed and ready to send? I thought I told you that I’d get back to you on the date, I’ve been busy but we’re not going to be able to make it to the 7th, because my Mom and Dad are going out of town.”

There’s a pause and if Blanche’s back straightens anymore, it’s going to snap. Another short pause and then Blanche says, “Well, maybe we should just have our own shower and you guys can have your own. I wouldn’t feel right throwing a shower for Tiffany when I know that my Mom, Pete’s Mom won’t be able to make it. You guys can have your shower on the 7th and we’ll just have ours when my Mom comes back. Thanks.”

And then she hung up. And you would’ve thought that was the end of it, but then back to back to back, our phones start ringing, Blanche’s cell phone, our house phone and my cell phone.

Pete’s calling Blanche on her cell phone, Tiffany’s Dad is calling on the house phone and Tiffany is calling me on my cell phone.

Oh the drama.

Blanche is trying to explain her side of the story to Pete, Tiffany’s Dad is trying to come to a compromise and Tiffany is just flat out stressing out.

*shakes head*

I swear, when you have two controlling women planning a shower, nothing but drama is sure to follow. But, seriously though? Why on earth would you throw a shower if the Grandmother won’t be in town? Why would it ever be okay to not include the grandmother of the baby? I just don’t understand it, in the Samoan culture, things like that just aren’t done.

But aparently, after Blanche told Larinda that our Mom and Dad were goign to be out of town, Larinda’s response was, “Well she doesn’t have to be there, can everyone else come?”

I would’ve been pissed too.

On top of the whole date issue, there’s the issue of where it’s going to be held at. Tiffany had hoped that we could have the shower at our house and we were totally okay with it until Pete says that they drink. We didn’t want them to think that we would be okay with serving alcohol at the shower, because we aren’t. We don’t drink, we don’t party and things like that bring nothing but trouble (Kenny Chesney Concert, anyone?) so we would really just not have any of that kind of stuff around, especially since we were planning on inviting Mom’s friends from Church, not to mention Tee and Bernard’s Moms and families as well.

When Blanche asked about where the party was going to be held, the Dad told us at their apartment complex, but okay their apartment complex is on a main street, so parking is going to be a disaster and the complex doesn’t look THAT big, so how the hell is it going to accomodate ALL of us?

*shakes head again*

There are plenty of other issues that need to get ironed out as well, but we’ll just have to wait and see what else comes of this shower, will there be one shower with all families or will each family throw their own shower?

Who knows…you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out…

My Brother Is Expecting a Little Bundle of Joy!

11 05 2006

..and I’m so excited for him, he’s going to be a first time daddy and next year, will be his first Father’s Day! His girlfriend is such a blessing to our family, because not only has she gotten to him where we couldn’t (he’s the youngest and was spoiled rotten by all of us), he’s grown so much for the better since he’s been in our family.

He’s the same butt head brother from the cell phone catastrophe, but I have since forgiven him and since they don’t know what they’re having, both Tiff and I were talking yesterday about boy names, she really wants a boy and she’s hoping to name him, Aidan…

Awwww, I love it!

I’m sorry but I get all excited to new additions to our bigger than big family! =)

Just had to share!

Younger Brother Rage.

1 01 2006

I’m going to kill him.

No seriously, I’m going to kill my younger brother! Why, you ask? Oh because the stupid asshole wanted a phone, but was too lazy to get off his ass to go get one, so he asked me and my older sister to just get him a phone and add him to our plan, alright fine, I got him a phone, got him a line and he’s been really good about paying his bill (mostly due to the fact that I’m the one that takes his bill money out of his account, so CHEERS to me!) Well last week, the stupid jerk lost his phone, but instead of calling Cingular to report his phone lost/stolen, he waits until he talks to me again (3 days after he lost his phone) to ask me to call Cingular and work my magic and get him a new phone because he lost his. Why couldn’t he do this? Because he’s a spoiled jerk and I did mention earlier that he’s lazy too, right? Right, so I called Friday to report his phone lost, they suspended the phone line and then I had to make a phone call to the insurance people, filed my report and they billed me $50 to send my brother a new phone, which should be delivered to my house on Tuesday (1/03/06) due to the Holiday weekend.

The asshole called me today from Vegas trying to give me his new cell phone. At first, I thought he was just kidding, but oh no, the stupid jerkface went out and got him a new cell phone because he doesn’t want to wait until his new phone comes in. I can’t seem to see straight, because at the moment all I see is this red haze in front of my face.

He’s got a T Mobile phone in addition to the Cingular phone that we still have on contract, for another year. I can’t believe how stupid this guy is, I seriously want to kill him. He tells me that I took too long getting a new phone for him, so he went and got himself a new phone and that I can just cancel his old number.

What the fuck?

Okay, does he not understand that we are under contract with Cingular for another year, that he SIGNED UP for a two year contract with Cingular and that he can’t just simply CANCEL his number because he lost the phone? Does he seriously think that it will work that way?

Obviously because the stupid ass fuck got another fucking phone.

So, on Tuesday I’m going to have two cell phones, what the hell am I going to do with two fucking cell phones? I’m not some pimp who has all these different guys calling me that I would need two different cell phones to keep my guys straight. I’m not some flippin’ celebrity where I would need two cell phones to keep for personal calls and business calls. I have three friends that I talk to on a regular basis, why on earth am I going to need two different phones to talk to them on?

If the stupid asshole thinks he’s going to get away with not paying for this phone, he is sadly mistaken because please believe I will STILL be taking the money out for his damn phone until our contract is up.

To hell with his dumbass.