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9 03 2007

Since I haven’t been on here in quite a while updating my thoughts on any of my shows, this is going to serve as my weekly show post. All in one.

Starting off with….

Prison Break: The show is exploding with nothing but good bits and I’m so damn excited. I knew the President was going to go back on her word to Michael, it would have been too easy for all that to go down, I knew that the stupid little Asian man was going to threaten her or actually I thought he was going to kill her but whatever, I just knew it was going to happen. T Bag lost the money, huh? BUHAHAHAHAHA…someone got moded. I’m glad for it, Dr. Bootleg or should I say, Boothand. LOL. I felt bad for Linc when LJ said that he wanted to stay with Jane and try living a normal life for once, for a little while at least, I knew that Linc was looking forward to being with LJ again and to see his hopes all dashed by LJ himself, Awww…he needs a poor baby, Holly. LOL. I kind of want Kellerman to kill the President, but I’m there’s a bigger story going on here besides clearing Lincoln’s name? Someone even bigger than the President? Oh what the crap? This damn show be taking me on one helluva ride. C Note, man I want Mahone and Asian Man to get a go to hell card, a go directly to hell card, gosh they get on my nerves. Sucre, you dummy…you should know you’re never going to be safe. Stupid puto. LOL, just kidding, Sucre…NOT REALLY.

The Hills: I really want to hurt Heidi. She’s been giving me nothing but trouble since Season One of TH. Why is Lauren still friends with this stupid ass of a person? Heidi has proven time and time again that she can’t be trusted and this season, it’s even worst. Heidi is a selfish, manipulative and untrustworthy person. When she lied to Lauren about Jen’s birthday? Telling Lauren that she did NOTHING? That it was all Jen? What a lying sack of shit….she all but threw Jen into Brody’s lap and if you’re okay with dicking your own best friend for your boyfriend, then you deserve to end up all alone for the rest of your lives. And Jen was stupid too for actually going through with it and then trying to act like she did nothing wrong, you stupid slut…you don’t sleep with guys your friends are dating, it won’t ever be cool, you beak nosed whiny voiced tramp! I’m soooo glad that Lo will be coming back into the picture. I’m so glad that Lo will be there with Lauren next week, I cannot effing wait to see them back together again. You know, all this time though, when Lauren was on Laguna Beach, I thought Lo was her best friend. Ugh, I wish that were the truth. Seriously, who needs enemies when you have friends like Heidi. And don’t even get me started on Spence…and Brody for that matter. I heard yesterday that Brody Jenner is getting all kinds of negative press about the kind of person he and Spence are…I totally believe it, he’s an ass! I cannot wait for next week’s episode!!

Brothers and Sisters: I missed Brothers and Sisters this week so I have no thoughts on this one.

American Idol: Alright, this week I wasn’t too impressed with the boys and most of the girls. Though I will say that I still enjoyed Blake’s performance of All Mixed Up by 311. I was surprised that none of the judges knew what that song was. That was such a popular song when I was in high school, so for them to not know that song tripped me out. I enjoyed Chris S and Chris R (though I’m real partial to Chris R’s singing voice, I love all of his runs) they should definitely be in the top 10 for real, they did great. If it were up to me, either Sanjaya needs to go home and go back to being a kid, Brandon and Jarred should follow him soon.

As for the girls, why the hell is Antonella still in this mug? She sucked donkey dick last week and she didn’t do any better this week, if she’s not gone tonight, I’m going to be royally pissed because she doesn’t deserve to be there, she is NOT the best singer, she is the weakest link, GOOD BYE! Lakisha got down and her Mom and Aunt cracked me up, Melinda was probably my favorite performer last night, that girl can blow and she looks like she wants to stay, the girls that I think should be gone this week would have to be Haley and of course, Antonella.

One Tree Hill: Was that not the best way to end the show? Man, I can’t wait for this show to come back….I need my Naley, Leyton and Bitchy Brooke fix too. One question I have for you OTH fans out there…do you guys know what amazes me about Brooke fans? They don’t think that Peyton is justified in being pissed off at Brooke for sleeping with Nathan? They claim that Brooke was justified in sleeping with Nathan because THEY WERE BROKEN UP (meaning Peyton and Nathan) What kind of backward crap is that? So I’m asking you guys, do you guys think that Peyton is right to be pissed at Brooke or do you think Brooke did nothing wrong? That’s the OTH million dollar question of the season…

The Wedding Bells: Okay so this new show premiered on FOX last night after American Idol and because I thought one of the guys was hottie material from the previews of this show, I tuned in…it’s cute. It’s not the best show out yet, probably not even the best new show but I liked it enough to watch the entire show and I’m going to be watching the next one as well…I hope the show gets better though because last night’s series premiere wasn’t hook material…luckily for them, the hottie photographer was all the hook I needed. LOL. Did anyone else watch this show?

And I think I’m done…for now.

Prison Break: Season Two, Episode 15.

31 01 2007

I hate that I don’t know if I can trust Kellerman or not. I’m so antsy for them (Michael and Linc) to find Sara and get all of the secrecy out in the open and for them to put the President on blast already. I mean seriously, the President NEEDS to be put on blast in front of the entire nation, everyone in the United States (well, they’re United States) needs to know what the President did to get the Presidency…she wasn’t voted into the President’s slot, she tricked and killed her way there and who wants someone like that leading our country?


I can’t wait until Michael and Lincoln start going after them…with Michael’s brain, they really can accomplish anything.

So I’ve got to ask…do you guys think that Kellerman is on Mike and Linc’s side or is this all one great big set up to capture Linc and Michael? And…Sara, can’t forget about Sara. She’s the missing link in all of this.

And that’s what I can’t wait for.

I thought Michael’s message was so sweet to her…I was too busy pining away at what he said to her that I totally missed the whole messasge thing for her. Good thing he was telling Sara and not me cause I would have just been waiting in my hotel room for Michael to find me so we can run away to Panama with each other….hehe.

So I heard through the grapevine that Sara is pregnant in real life and that they were thinking of writing that into the script…so, they’re going to be on the run and Sara’s going to be pregnant with Michael’s baby?


I’m starting to hate Mahone, more and more…but why do I have a feeling that Mahone is in the end, going to be helping Michael and Linc and not Kellerman. What if Mahone and Kellerman have their own agenda??? What if they’re working together to take the President down?

Huh, huh?

Too many possibilities, too many plots to sort through, I love it!

And then what about Haywire with home girl from that one show that got cancelled? I thought that was sweet of him, wanting to help her out because he knew that she gets beat…is that what made him all crazy the way he is? Was he abused as a child and went insane and now helps those that are picked on? I think he thought he was doing the girl a favor by killing her Dad but dude….he’s crazy, he doesn’t know any better….or does he?


Gosh, next week can’t get here any sooner…seriously.

Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Fourteen.

24 01 2007


They were so close and then friggin’ Meredith Grey’s Stupid Dad had to friggin’ shoot his brains out, leaving them NOWHERE and with a John Doe.


Man, was it the perfect way to come back or what? Gosh I love this show. It was so good to see hottie Michael Scofield again after all these weeks. YAY! But, dude…so much to talk about from last night’s ep.

Michael and Lincoln and frickin’ Kellerman…were so close to getting the upper hand on all of this when stupid asshat Terrence blows himself away. Do you guys think we can trust Kellerman, though? I mean, what’s really going on with all of that? There’s so much going on, on the surface not to mention the million things going on UNDER the surface that it’s really hard to figure out who’s the good guys and who are the bad guys. Give us simple girls a break here, why don’t ya!

And when does Sara come back so that she can kiss Michael? Come on now…

As for C Note, can’t say that I particularly care about his situation though I do feel bad for his wife, going to jail for his stupid ass and now he’s got to continue running with his daughter and no wife…MODED!

T Bag, holy wow this guy is frickin’ nuts. If I was home girl, I’d be demented with fear by now, she should just kill herself and her kids and be done with it, because I can just imagine the vile crap that T Bag’s got in store for them and am I the only one who is STILL pissed that T Bag’s got all of the money? Oh gosh, that just chaps my hide, I hate that man!

Hmmm, what else is there? Mahone…holy hot damn, his poor family and why is he still fighting for the bad guys? He needs to wise up and realize that they’ll never leave him alone, they’re like Dante from One Tree Hill, you do one thing for them and they just keep coming back because the debt will never be paid…Mahone, seriously…start fighting back, I’m glad that he finally realizes this and that next week, he will finally be growing the spine God gave him and will finally be frickin’ fighting back and going after the one person who is the cause of all of this…the friggin’ President.

And who laughed their butts off at Bellick? BRRAAADDDDLLLLEEYYYYY! LMAO…ooh I can’t wait to see that storyline unfold and see what they have in store for his stupid, I can’t stand him and hope they cut his toes off one by one and feed his corpses to wolves self!

Ooh, next week is going to be off the hook!

Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Twelve.

21 11 2006


Talk about the drama keeps building until it’s at an all time high. I mean seriously, can this show BE any more heart pounding? I mean, I swear I’ve aged 20 years in the hour of this show.

From Sara getting away from Lance the dirty fed who is pretty much Dead Lance from the looks of things, to Aldo dying in the backseat in Michael’s arms, to frickin’ T Bag framing Bellick for Geary’s death, talk about WHOA. And now the Feds are in full pursuit of Sucre in the jet and Michael and Lincoln are at the hands of Alex.


My heart can’t take much more of this but I’m sad because after next week, we’re going to have to wait until damn near March for a new episode of Prison Break. Dammit. We just got Prison Break back and we’re losing it again…I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself on Monday nights without Prison Break to entertain me. Read a book, I’d imagine.

But gosh, talk about an awesome show and my heart is going to break next week if one of Michael or Lincoln die…and I’d stop watching the show if EITHER of them died. They better not die, Mahone better have a change of heart and he better help them out and he better let them go.

But gosh, I wonder what he’s going to do, kill them? help them? I’m not sure..but dude, he better not frickin’ hurt them, shiznit it’s killing me wondering what the hell is going to happen next week.

Sara, HOLY CRAP IN THE PANTS, SARA…you poor smart thing you…I’m so proud of you, when you were burning Lance with the iron, oh gosh I about doubled over in my mirth, it was the bomb! The way Lance was yelling, dude it was hilarious and to see you jump out of the window like you were batgirl, that was some Sydney Bristow shit right there and I frickin’ loved it…girl, you done did me proud today, done did me proud, I loved it!

Gosh, Aldo…I was so looking forward to getting to know you better and to see you get to know your sons better, I was so looking forward to seeing you help clear Lincoln’s name. How in the world are the boys going to find LJ again if you’re dead? Dude, the drama done just escalated with you dying…why did you have to die??

I hate Mahone.

The show is going to be hella good next week and I’m not excited about it because that means that it’s the last show we’ll be getting.


I hate the Fall Finale.

Dammit all to hell, I’m gonna miss Michael and Lincoln every Monday night. But dude, I can’t wait to see what happens and frickin’ C Note, that’s what you get…now what are you going to do to get your wife out of jail? Idiot. Yeah, well…I wonder what’s going to happen to your ass next week too…and where the hell is the crazy guy?

What are you looking forward to seeing next week and what was your favorite part of this week’s show?

Until next week…

Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Ten.

15 11 2006


I thought for sure, Michael was a goner when the Latin guys were going to shoot his ass, thank the good Lord above that Sucre came back. Michael and Sucre are back together again…woo hoo! When Sucre came running in to save the day, I was beyond excited! I thought it was Lincoln coming to save Michael but was pleasantly surprised to see Sucre instead, GO SUCRE GO! I thought it was cool of Michael to set that man free and it certainly paid off when he told Michael where the plane was really going to be. So Sucre, see? Having a heart is not a bad thing. And hot damn, Michael is looking more and more scruffy and he looks more and more D to E to the L I C I O U S …LOL.

I thought for sure that Lincoln and Aldo (what a name) were going to save Sara Tancretti. Holy smokes, I wanna kill “Lance” whatever his real name is because of the stupid things he’s doing to Sara. And was it me or did he just look like the biggest retarded ass in the world, when he was yelling at Sara? I mean seriously, he sounded like a straight up pansy yelling at Sara to tell him what she knows. I wouldn’t be scared if that guy was trying to torture me, I’d be laughing in his face because he sounded so silly trying to be Billy Bad Ass, let’s be real now…NOT WORKING. A part of me wants to point my finger at Sara and say, “THATS WHAT YOU GET” for leaving Michael but the other part of me is feeling bad for Sara..she didn’t deserve this and gosh Michael seriously needs to save her from “Lance” because he’s crazy in his ugliness and it won’t be pretty when he’s done with Sara. The short ugly Asian dude should have just ended “Lance” (what the hell is his real name? You know I can’t be arsed to remember his unimportant name) when he had the chance. All of these chances that he keeps getting is really starting to show how incompetent the whole operation is and lets me believe that sooner rather than later, the whole operation is going to be revealed for all to see. They’ve got a bunch of losers trying to keep this stupid secret. It’d be a hoot to see it all come to a head though.

T Bag…damn, talk about, “Don’t mess with my money” …he straight up killed Geary. Now aint that about a dozen beeyatches! I wonder what he found in the bag though, a little something something that Geary left behind or what? Hmmmm, curiouser and curiouser…

Damn, so they played it up with the whole Michael confessing, making me believe that whoever he was confessing to was the one he was looking to for help to get to the plane or whatever. I wonder though, if they’ll make it in time to catch the plane. And do they really need the plane now that they have the Trifecta working with them? And is that lady warrior really trustworthy to keep LJ safe? How do we know she’s not one of the bad guys? Is that what we’re going to see next week? Hmm, this show answers one question and then ten million other questions pop up for next week, it’s really good at sucking me in.

Damn, what about Linc. All sexy with his fighting self. I was like, “Whoa dang, that’s hot!” You go Lincoln Burrows with your bad self. haha…I loved it!

Damn, there’s only two more episodes before the fall finale, I’m SO not looking forward to that. Ugh. Because then we wont’ see Prison Break until frickin’ March or something. But, damn I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

So until then, see ya next week..

Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Ten.

8 11 2006

Whoa dang again.

This episode wasn’t all that, the reunion wasn’t all that, I done hyped myself up to be sorely let down because the fireworks were just not on and crackin’ last night when Sara finally met up with Michael again…after all the time that I’ve waited for them to be reunited.


But, I laughed when Bellick got clobbered by his sidekick and his stupid sidekick ran off with the money. All of that torturing T Bag was disturbing and I didn’t like it one bit. It was gross, they made him shit the key out, GROSS! And then they went through his shit to find the key, gosh, would I do all of that for $5 million? I hope not.

I guess it’s a night of reunions because Linc was reunited with his father, what the hell was his name? Aldon, Aldo Burrows? What a name. LOL. So this is the guy that fathered both Michael and Linc, huh? How quaint and there’s a little two faced shit that’s working for the bad guys in the Trifecta that Linc’s pops works for, huh? And now, that guy is going to kill Linc (yeah right), who’s going to get shot? If it’s LJ, OMGOSH that’s going to be some major drama and Linc is going to be even more pissed off and he’s going to go after the damn bad guys and man that might be something to look forward to.

Sara, Sara, Sara sweetie….we know that you have no reason to believe ANYONE because everyone has done nothing but lie to you from the get go, but sweetie, Michael is the best of the liars, he did what he had to do to get his brother out of prison, his brother, the innocent one, he had to do it sweetie and now that you didnt’ trust Michael, the bad guy, “Lance” got you now and he’s going to make you suffer, after all he’s nothing but a little pee on working for the bigger dog and he’s gotta prove himself, so he’s kind of desperate to prove his worth to the powers that be and well, now you’re caught once again in the crossfire. You should’ve had more faith in Michael, he could have gotten you out of there but nooooooooo, ia that’s what you get for wanting to be Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman done got her extensions pulled out and she ’bout to get manhandled…

Moving right along to Mahone. HA HA NEENER NEENER NEENER! Your punk ass is locked up in a ready made cage of Michael’s doing. HA! Once again, Michael has outsmarted you and once again, you’re up against a big wall, hahahahaha….Mahone sweetie, you deserve all the bad things in the world to happen to you because you are nothing but a cheap shit head who is going to get his justice desserts and man I can’t wait to see you go down…I hope the little Chinese man puts you out of yours as well as our, misery next week.

Sucre, honey…you’ve got trouble coming your way, you better be prepared for it, Papi, because Hector’s limp dick ass is coming after you.

I wonder what’s going to happen next week, I wonder who Michael is asking to keep his end of the bargain to, I wonder if it’s the guy that Abruzzi was going after, I wonder who gets shot, Linc or LJ? Or is it, Aldo? Is that even his name? I forgot what it was and I wonder just how in the hell Sara is going to get away from the stupid Lance guy, gosh so much to look forward too…

Who do you guys think Michael went to see?

Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Nine.

31 10 2006

Whoa Damn.

I swear, the drama just keeps right on building up with each passing week and gosh I can’t wait for next week’s episode because the time has arrived, all of my fellow Michael/Sara fans, next week Monday, the day comes when Michael and Sara are…REUNITED! Don’t it feel so good? Reunited cause it’s understood, they’re one perfect fit and sugar, this one is it…we’re all just so excited cause they’re finally reunited hey hey! Okay, so I totally used that song last week for what was it? One Tree Hill? Who cares, because it suits Michael and Sara too, more so I think since the last time they saw each other was when Michael was still locked up in Fox Rivers and Sara was still a nurse at that God forsaken place. Oh gosh, I cannot effing wait until we finally get to see the two love birds back together again…I can’t wait to see what they’ll go through together, I’ve waited so long to see these two back together again, and gosh my patience has paid off because THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER YALL!!!

I was laughing my damn ass off last night when T Bag got to the house only to find out that the woman he was after was gone and…laugh of all laughs, Bellick and his sidekick were there to knock him upside his damn head, I dont’ want T Bag to have all that money, but I for damn sure don’t want Bellick and Co to have the money either, where’s the justice in that? Oh come on, someone come along and grab up this money, please? All that money canNOT end up with those stupid dorks!

C Note and his family. I can’t really say that I don’t like C Note, because a part of me does, I just don’t like him enough to take my attention off of Michael, Linc and even LJ for that matter, all of them combined pull more rank over C Note, but I hope that they get away though. C Note deserves a bit of happiness with his family, because they’re trying to catch him riding dirty, tryin’ catch him riding dirty, haha…

Now on to Michael, gosh this guy gets more and more smart with each episode, who knew a brain that big and smart can be such a turn on to me…because it totally is, Michael is the full package, he’s got it going on and it’s no wonder Sara is puddy in his hands, because gosh that guy is the bomb diggity! When he went and visited Mahone’s ex wife, pieced his puzzle together and WHAM! Threw it in his face, GO MICHAEL! But, he should’ve waited, he should’ve called the media or something as an anonymous caller and sold the story to them and to hell with Mahone, but I heard somewhere that one of the Feds is going to help them out, I wonder if it’s going to be “Lance” or if it’s going to be Mahone, I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to see if it’s true. I hope so it is, because….

FRICKIN LINCOLN AND LJ ARE CAUGHT! After all that damn effort on Michael’s part, I knew frickin’ Lincoln was going to get his ass caught, frickin’ stupid ass! If he would’ve just stayed with Michael a little while longer, they could have had his brains to help them get LJ and themselves out of the damn country, but NOOOOOOO, Linc the numbnuts dumbass gotta go and be Mr. I can save my son on my own and get their collective asses caught and thrown back into the damn system, STUPID STUPID STUPID! I hope that’s a dream that Lincoln is having and that it’s not really happening, because if it’s really happening, I just might have to hunt Dominic Purcell down and kick him in the shins, STUPID, doo doo dooooooo….Ugh.

The drama continues next week and boy I can’t wait…Michael and Sarah, HERE WE COME…

…Until next week.

Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Eight.

23 10 2006

So tonight, my other favorite show came back, and it came back with a vengeance…frickin’ Michael and Sucre, trying to trick us with their little plans, I’m glad that they were in the whole thing together, because I didn’t want to hate Sucre. I liked him and was so pissed at him in the last episode that when we find out that he was actually working WITH Michael, I let out a big whoop of joy! They both fooled me but good, so good on the both of you, well not really, since FRICKIN’ TBAG’S GOT ALL THE DAMN MONEY!

FRICK, why on Earth does the evil man always get away with murder? FRICK! Now, are they going to go after the money or are they going to cut their losses and just get the hell away? Gosh, TBag needs to hurry up and get what’s coming to him. DIE ALREADY YOU EVIL PUNK OF A PRICK! Now moving on…


She’s almost there, I have every faith that she’ll break the code, even without the last frickin’ bird that the stupid guy took away from her. Ugh, I hate that they’ve got all this crap to decipher the code faster than Sarah can break the code by hand. I hate it, hate it, hate it! But I hope that she makes it to him, they can’t say that it’s easy and predictable, because this show thus far has been anything but…so many twists, so many turns, it’s enough to make my head snap clear off my shoulders. But come on Sarah, now that you’ve got the hang of the code that Michael is trying to send to you, figure it out so that you can meet Michael at the end, he can help you sweetie, just don’t give up!

Now on to Linc and LJ. Holy crap, I didn’t give Linc enough credit with the smarts because he pulled off the whole LJ thing without too many mishaps and I thought that was hecka tight. I love all of this action and drama, it’s so the business! Great thinking to pay the guy to beat LJ up so that you can get him out of the hospital room, WOO HOO, GO LINC!!!

The whole T Bag trying to find that lady to go after her, I hope that lady ran as soon as she found out that T Bag was part of the 8 Escapees who broke out of Fox Rivers because if she didn’t run as far far away and never look back, then she deserves what TBag is going to dish out to her because she must think she’s untouchable and oh gosh, T Bag is one creepy ass dude and well, you dont want to be anywhere near him if you know what I mean.

Ugh. T Bag creeps me the hell out!

Bellick and his little sidekick have GOT to be the dumbest fools in the world and I wonder how far their dumbasses will get with their backtracking crap. What a bunch of losers!

I’m so happy that Maricruz came to her senses. She didn’t marry limp dick ya’ll!!! Isn’t that the greatest news, I’m so happy for Sucre, even though I’m a bit sad that he’s leaving Michael after Michael refused to leave him in the river (say it with me now, AWWWWWW!), I’m still happy that he can finally get that shot with Maricruz, there’s hope for him and though he’ll have to be careful, I want him to try to be with Maricruz, I want him to find his happy ending, though I’m shootin’ for Michael and Sarah MORE, I want Sucre to be happy too!

I’m dying to know what happens next week with all of the drizama that’s going to unfold. Michael calling Mahone, the whole drama with C Note and his wife and well you get what I’m saying. What’s Michael’s plan? Why is he calling Mahone? Will Sarah find her way back to Michael so that he can protect her and so I can sing, Reunited and it feels so good? Reunited and it’s understood, there’s one perfect fit and sugar this one is it…we’re both just so excited cause we’re reunited, hey hey? Will LJ and Lincoln stay out of trouble, long enough for them to meet Michael at the agreed upon place? Will Maricruz wait for Sucre to come for her?

So many questions, too many days to wait for the answers…

…Until next week.

Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Seven.

2 10 2006

Again, I say it…NOW, THAT’S WASSUP!

I knew Tweener wouldn’t be the one to betray them, I knew it…I had faith in him and he didn’t let me down, THANK YOU SWEET TWEENER! Me, calling Tweener sweet? Where did that nonsense come from? But even before he showed up at the WRONG house on purpose and kept the guys safe from the Feds, I told my niece, Chloe that he was going to sacrifice himself for the squad. I knew that it was going to be Sucre that betrayed them, I just knew it. He’s emotional and he’s done with EVERYONE, because he trusts NO ONE, well now buddy boy, that’s going to kick you in the ass, because do you seriously think that everyone in the “crew” is going to let you go away peacefully? Yeah the hell right, you dirty dirty man, you just crossed the line and they will not rest until they pay you back for the crap you pulled last night.

The way Tweener went out, *sigh* I felt really bad, because he didn’t turn into a big rat, those days were over for him, he went out like a true soldier…a soldier fighting on the wrong side of the line, but still…I forgive you, Tweener for all the wrong you did last season that caused me to hate your ass, I don’t hate you anymore…thanks for your sacrifice! As for the asshat that killed you, oh I will pray extra hard that he gets what’s coming to his crooked ass, oh please believe this!

Sucre, you’re next in line to get taken down….by who’s hand will it be? One of the Fox River 8 or the Feds, we’ll just have to wait and see.

I liked you, Sucre..I really did, why did you have to turn on the one person that helped you out the most of everyone, why did you turn your back on Michael? Huh, WHY, WHY YOU STUPID PRICK! I’m so pissed off at you right now, GOSH!

Another person that I’m pissed off at, is Lincoln. After everything that Michael did for you, for you to desert him the way you did last night, pissed me the hell off and made me want you to get caught, well only just a little bit because you are one ungrateful big piece of shit. You couldn’t just let Michael take care of things, you have to go running head straight into the danger that the Feds and Secret Service are setting up for your ass, if you get caught, it’ll be no ones fault but your own, and then where will you be to help LJ? NOWHERE YOU ASSWIPE because you’ll be BACK BEHIND BARS, you stupid dipshit!

Who the hell has Sarah? Oh gosh, Michael you need to go get her and keep her safe because now she has NO ONE on her side…her father dying the way he did, HOLY CRAP IN THE PANTS, dun dun DAHHHHHHHH….gosh, that was some stuff right there. I mean, the President is just getting dirtier and dirtier…dammit to hell and back, gosh this is going to be hella hard striking back at her, but if anyone could do it, it’d be Michael.

What I want to know though is Mahone…what is his deal in all of this? Why is he so gung ho about getting the Foxriver 8? It’s more than a little bit obvious that he’s got some dirty hidden agenda, but what is it? Why is it so important for him to get these guys? It’s not about getting the bad guys with him, it’s a whole lot more personal than all that, but my question is Why? Why is it so important to catch Scofield and Lincoln? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU SHIT?

And where the hell is their Father? Michael and Lincoln’s Father, didn’t he have something to do with why the higher ups in the government framed Lincoln in the first place? So where is this punk of a Father who caused all of this in the first place? That’s what I want to know.

Gosh, I can’t wait until next week to see what happens to EVERYONE, because the score is now, 2 down, 6 more to go…Holy hot damn!

Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Six.

26 09 2006


I was starting to think that last night’s episode was pretty boring until the last like fifteen minutes of the show. That’s when so many things happened at the same time, giving me whip lash from all the, What the hell??? moments I was having.

I can honestly and sincerely say that I detest this Mahone guy, I hope he dies a slow and torturous death.

The other guy that gets on my hot damn nerves is T Bag. Which isn’t much of a shock, right? Evil never dies as Izzy says all the time and I know it’s his ass that is NOT going to die next week. Someone betrays them, I don’t think it’s Tweener, it’d be too easy for us to guess that Tweener would be the one to squeal, but since I didn’t see the words leave Tweener’s mouth, I’m gonna assume it’s someone else, someone we all like and someone we’re all rootin’ for, so my guess on the betrayal guy, Sucre. I hope I’m wrong on that one but I can’t help but think that maybe he’s just not going to give a shit about anyone else anymore since Maricruz’s slutty ass done went and married his limp dick cousin, Hector. Gosh, I’m hoping that’s not what is really going to happen, but hey, it might!

The whole meeting up again, reuniting the PI Crew, I thought was pretty cheesy. It was so stupid. I mean, did they really need to write that into the show? Seriously? They couldn’t think of anything better? I guess not, because that pansy crew is back together again but gosh Michael is so not suited to the yelling type, when he was yelling at T Bag to shut up and that he doesn’t want to hear another word come out of his mouth unless it’s to show them where the money is, I was thrown for a loop, it was unexpected and I laughed because it was Michael. He’s supposed to be the brooding, silent one. Not the emotional wreck that yells at little asshats.

Haywire, does he have a role in the show still? If he does, what is it? What was so interesting in the painting that he took? Why is he so hot damn wierd, you see I don’t know what his deal is because that one episode last season when we saw what happened to each of the cell mates before they were sent to prison, I missed that episode. Did they show what happened to Haywire before he was sent to prison? Why he’s so damn loony now? Someone fill me in, will ya please?

C Note and Sucre, maybe they’re teaming up together, maybe they bonded on the motorcycle ride to the house and in that time, they have decided to rat all of them out and go back for the money, maybe they’re going to strike a deal with Mahone and his bad men and then they’re going to both take the money for themselves.

There’s a lot of maybe’s right now.


Michael is worried, there’s too much to stress about and he’s an extremist so all of this can’t be good for him. He’s got to worry about not only himself and Lincoln, but then there’s Sarah, LJ and the rest of the asshats that won’t disappear from his life.

But they haven’t killed anyone. Why hasn’t anyone taken note of that? They tied a lot of people up, they’ve thrown their weight around a lot but they haven’t killed one person, why isn’t that making the news? Why are the people that are still alive after their contact with the boys still trying make them out to be some crazed killers?

Oh yeah, the money, huh? Never mind. Scratch that thought. LOL.

The blonde bombshell was not a bombshell, she was an old fart trying to play at being young with all her short skirts and stupid makeup and throwing herself at frickin’ T Bag? Ick! She’s gotta have rabies now.

And dude what was up with Sarah’s Dad? So that throws my theory of he knows everything and Sarah’s going to find out when she finally reunites with Michael, it’s obvious that the poor bloke didn’t know a hot damn thing but…NOW HE DOES. He knows that something is up and the higher ups are trying to cover something up, when he saw Secret Service Guy and then called to warn Sarah and BAM! Secret Service Guy is there with Sarah, did he just walk in, stupid rude man! Oh gosh, things are heating up in Chicago and Tooele, Utah…gosh I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

I wish I knew who was going to turn on the crew, but I’ll just have to wait until next week to find out. But question, What is going to happen with Sarah? Do you think that Secret Service Guy is going to kidnap her? And Michael is going to come after her?

There’s too many possibilities in this damn show, it’s making me fainthearted, I swear the writers need to throw us stupid people a bone already, sheesh…right Izzy? LOL.