Mini Gush Fest.

6 02 2007

So I started reading, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and can I just say that I love it? I’ve been saying for the past couple of months that I was going to read a YA book and finally I have and I just absolutely love this book.

Props to the following people for giving me the heads up about this book, first Holly then Izzy and Mailyn and the other ladies at Twisted Kingdom. I’m so in love with this book and totally smitten with Edward that I do believe this is my most favorite book of the year. And Edward is my favorite character this year as well.

I heard from Izzy, or maybe it was Holly that Stephanie Meyer is writing Twilight all over again but from Edward’s POV and can I just say, YAY! I’d love to see things from his view because right now he’s such a mystery to me and I’m just so jazzed about the book that I’m eager to read and finish this book at the same time I don’t want to finish this book too soon because I don’t want to finish it.


I missed Prison Break last night because I was first, at my niece’s basketball game, cheering her on (with signs and everything) because last night was a really big game for her. Her team has 1 loss and they were playing the team that they lost too and so she was asking everyone and their Mom to come and support her, so I did. She did good too, they won their game, their cheerleaders were hecka loud (thank you very much) and the energy in that gym was off the chains, for both teams. I was so hot damn proud of both of my little nieces because they won their game. My Dad was surprised at how good my niece, Makenna did because she’s the youngest girl on the team. Everyone is two years older than her, but she holds her own against anyone that she goes up against, and holy heck the little girl is a cutie patootie. THEY WON too, I was so happy for them!

But I got home last night a quarter after 8 but my dumb butt was reading Twilight in the car on the way home, so I went right on upstairs, still reading about Edward being so sweet to Bella at the same time being so mysterious that before I knew it, it was already 9 o’clock and I had missed the ENTIRE episode.

What surprises me is that I didn’t even care. LMAO. But now that I’m over that one, WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT AND WHAT DID I MISS?

Don’t Forget You Guys!

23 01 2007

Don’t forget you guys, tonight is an All New Prison Break!

YAHOOOOO, bring on the Michael Scofield please, woo hoo!

Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Six.

26 09 2006


I was starting to think that last night’s episode was pretty boring until the last like fifteen minutes of the show. That’s when so many things happened at the same time, giving me whip lash from all the, What the hell??? moments I was having.

I can honestly and sincerely say that I detest this Mahone guy, I hope he dies a slow and torturous death.

The other guy that gets on my hot damn nerves is T Bag. Which isn’t much of a shock, right? Evil never dies as Izzy says all the time and I know it’s his ass that is NOT going to die next week. Someone betrays them, I don’t think it’s Tweener, it’d be too easy for us to guess that Tweener would be the one to squeal, but since I didn’t see the words leave Tweener’s mouth, I’m gonna assume it’s someone else, someone we all like and someone we’re all rootin’ for, so my guess on the betrayal guy, Sucre. I hope I’m wrong on that one but I can’t help but think that maybe he’s just not going to give a shit about anyone else anymore since Maricruz’s slutty ass done went and married his limp dick cousin, Hector. Gosh, I’m hoping that’s not what is really going to happen, but hey, it might!

The whole meeting up again, reuniting the PI Crew, I thought was pretty cheesy. It was so stupid. I mean, did they really need to write that into the show? Seriously? They couldn’t think of anything better? I guess not, because that pansy crew is back together again but gosh Michael is so not suited to the yelling type, when he was yelling at T Bag to shut up and that he doesn’t want to hear another word come out of his mouth unless it’s to show them where the money is, I was thrown for a loop, it was unexpected and I laughed because it was Michael. He’s supposed to be the brooding, silent one. Not the emotional wreck that yells at little asshats.

Haywire, does he have a role in the show still? If he does, what is it? What was so interesting in the painting that he took? Why is he so hot damn wierd, you see I don’t know what his deal is because that one episode last season when we saw what happened to each of the cell mates before they were sent to prison, I missed that episode. Did they show what happened to Haywire before he was sent to prison? Why he’s so damn loony now? Someone fill me in, will ya please?

C Note and Sucre, maybe they’re teaming up together, maybe they bonded on the motorcycle ride to the house and in that time, they have decided to rat all of them out and go back for the money, maybe they’re going to strike a deal with Mahone and his bad men and then they’re going to both take the money for themselves.

There’s a lot of maybe’s right now.


Michael is worried, there’s too much to stress about and he’s an extremist so all of this can’t be good for him. He’s got to worry about not only himself and Lincoln, but then there’s Sarah, LJ and the rest of the asshats that won’t disappear from his life.

But they haven’t killed anyone. Why hasn’t anyone taken note of that? They tied a lot of people up, they’ve thrown their weight around a lot but they haven’t killed one person, why isn’t that making the news? Why are the people that are still alive after their contact with the boys still trying make them out to be some crazed killers?

Oh yeah, the money, huh? Never mind. Scratch that thought. LOL.

The blonde bombshell was not a bombshell, she was an old fart trying to play at being young with all her short skirts and stupid makeup and throwing herself at frickin’ T Bag? Ick! She’s gotta have rabies now.

And dude what was up with Sarah’s Dad? So that throws my theory of he knows everything and Sarah’s going to find out when she finally reunites with Michael, it’s obvious that the poor bloke didn’t know a hot damn thing but…NOW HE DOES. He knows that something is up and the higher ups are trying to cover something up, when he saw Secret Service Guy and then called to warn Sarah and BAM! Secret Service Guy is there with Sarah, did he just walk in, stupid rude man! Oh gosh, things are heating up in Chicago and Tooele, Utah…gosh I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

I wish I knew who was going to turn on the crew, but I’ll just have to wait until next week to find out. But question, What is going to happen with Sarah? Do you think that Secret Service Guy is going to kidnap her? And Michael is going to come after her?

There’s too many possibilities in this damn show, it’s making me fainthearted, I swear the writers need to throw us stupid people a bone already, sheesh…right Izzy? LOL.

A Great Night of Season Finales…

16 05 2006

…I don’t know how the other nights will hold up against two fantabulous season finales, both of my other shows season finale blew OTH’s out of the water, although since I’m STILL pissed off at One Tree Hill, maybe the episode WAS indeed a good one, but who knows…

Anyway, so last night was first the season finale of Prison Break, in which we see the gang finally break out. They are now officially OUT of Prison and on the run. Talk about non stop action, I LOVE IT.

What is troubling me about last night’s episode of Prison Break is Dr. Sarah Tancretti. What happened to her? Please tell me that they didn’t just kill her off and that what really happened with her is that she’s just so doped up that they think she’s dead. Becuase if they killed off the girl that is supposed to be Michael’s love interest in the show, I’m going to be royally pissed. Everyone needs love and an escaped convict is no different. LOL. There was such great chemistry between Scofield and Sarah that I’m having trouble believing that the writers at Prison Break would do the unthinkable and kill off the one person who helped Michael and his gang of miscreants escape. Please say it aint true, guys…do I really need to write a letter to the writers of Prison Break as well? Because I totally will if they did what I hope they didn’t do but am too shocked because it appeared that they DID it.


On a lighter note (for the moment), it was frickin’ hilarious to see Haywire take off with that poor little girl’s bike and then put the football helmet on in hopes to cover his face…like the football helmet wouldn’t draw attention to his looney ass. LOL…okay back to the sour notes of last night’s episode of PB…if Tweener and Haywire make good an escape after they done got kicked out of the escape plans, I’m going to be so pissed off and really get to writing that letter because it looked like they got away and how Tweener got away was beyond me because they’re looking for escaped prisoners and they didn’t think to check the big ol’ trailer with the horses before letting them pass, to make sure that nobody snuck in? I find that highly doubtful.

I was glad to see that they were indeed going to start kicking people off of their escape plans, most especially Tea Bag, because that man seriously gives me the creeps and I was seriously doubting how effective their plan to get rid of Tea Bag when he attached himself to Michael the way he did…gosh that about killed me but boy was I glad when Abruzzi cut his hand off, LMAO…too funny, I loved how Sucre was outraged and showed that he cared about being labeled a killer or whatever, becuase it showed that love was really motivating to commit all kinds of crime just to get back to his girl…loved that, look at me trying to find love in all aspects of this show. LOL.

Oh gosh, I so thought that they were going to get on that plane..but it ended perfectly because now we’ll be pondering throughout the entire summer about how the heck they’re going to get away and since SOMEONE has to get caught, I wonder who it will be and how they’re going to get out of the pickle they’re all in right now. Talk about the show is heating up…the gang’s definitely in the hot seat right now, we’ll see who has what it takes to make it and who will fall off the wagon and get caught…and I seriously can’t wait!

Until next season, my fellow Prison Break fans….

Next up in the season finale line up is the one finale I was most looking forward to watching, why??? Because I wanted to see if anything would come of the whole Meredith/Derek love thing, they’ve dragged it on all season long and it was finally great to see them reunite, even though I don’t agree with the way they came together…it’s weird that from the very beginning I’ve been rooting for Derek and Meredith to get together because to ME, they belong together. Derek isn’t complete without Meredith and the same goes with Meredith. They’re the peanut butter to the others jelly, they’re the bread to the others butter, it’s Derek’s salt to Meredith’s pepper.

Like Gavin Degraw sang in his song, They Belong Together.

No one will ever be more perfect for Derek as Meredith, no matter how much I like Addison now. Addison deserves to be with someone who loves her back just as passionately as she loves them. But that person is not Derek. Not anymore, I guess…this is what confuses me about myself, because had this been in real life, I would be all for Addison, but since it’s all fake anyway, I can’t help but root for the “mistress” even if she didn’t know she was a mistress and their affair ended when she found out about the wife.

We’ve waited all season long to see if Derek was ever going to own up to his true feelings for Meredith and even though I was royally pissed off at him for insinuating that Meredith was a “whore”, all that madness evaporated last night, because he finally….finally, fessed up to his love for Meredith. Addison said in Sunday’s episode that everyone knows that Derek loves Meredith, except Derek and Meredith.

It was GREAT to see Derek finally talk about his feelings OUT LOUD and not just through his longing gazes he shoots at Meredith at every turn. Oh gosh, talk about orgasmic! The MerDreamy team is back, woo hoo!

I wonder who she’ll choose to be with come next season? It’s going to drive me batty but I cannot freaking wait!

Moving on to the other fantabulous parts of last night’s show. …

Izzy/Denny– I’m actually really glad that Denny died, now that sounds mean but I can’t help but think that it’s exactly what Izzy deserves for stealing the heart the way she did. I felt all kinds of bad when Dr. Hahn was telling Alex about her patient who’s got 4 kids and a wife and is a good man, I hate that Izzy took things into her own hands because she was too selfish to stand by and wait her turn. So because she wanted to be with Denny, she stole something that didn’t belong to them and said to hell with everyone else, this is something Im going to do….and she did it. The thing that really made me mad is that she dragged everyone into it as well, that girl is nothing but drama drama drama…boo hoo for you, stupid broad.

Alex– I LOVED his analogy about football when he was getting grilled by the Chief. I loved how he was so adamant about not being apart of the whole thing and yet he stuck by his “team”…I just love this man to pieces, even when he’s the biggest ass in the world. And how sweet was his little talk with Izzy at the end? I loved it, although I’m so furious with Izzy that I don’t want him to be with her or even WANT to be with her…

Christina/Burke– Words can’t explain how disappointed I was with Christina in this episode, but I think in her defense, when she was talking to the Chief, it was good to see some kind of emotion from her, because we knew then that she did in fact care about Burke and hated that she did because it made her vulnerable…but I hated that she wasn’t there for Burke when he needed her the most, she flippin’ ran…but I can get over that one. Christina better make it up to Burke next season because she got on my flippin’ nerves!

Bailey– Love her…was rootin’ her on when she was telling her “suck ups” what was that’s what I’m talkin’ bout, Bailey…earn your name, “Nazi!” Love this woman!

The Chief- I felt so bad for his niece because she’s only 17 and when she was telling him while they were dancing at her “prom”, that everyone deserves to be loved and how she’s been loved, I got a little teary eyed…poor girl. It’s funny how secrets you thought only you knew come back to creep up on you and you find out the very person you didn’t want to know that secret, knew all along and still stayed…it spoke volumes of the Chief’s wife to have stayed with him, knowing what she did about him. That takes a butt load of love to do because I don’t think I could have done it had it happened to me. It was good to see the Chief be put in his place and to realize how much he really is loved, even though he never made up for cheating on his wife…

The ending? OMGosh I totally loved the ending, because between Izzy quitting and Meredith’s choice, there’s plenty to look forward to for next season…my favorite part of last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was how solid their “family” is…you mess with one, you mess with them all, they’re a unit, a family and nothing and no one can come between that, they’ve got your back even when they shouldn’t and you’re never alone…because nobody wants to be alone.

Can’t wait until the fall…so much to look forward too, WOO HOO!

Prison Break, Yep, It’s Back..

21 03 2006

What a show to come back to…seriously.

I was so amped to see this show that I was sorely tempted to miss my daughter’s Talent Show performance just to catch it. (how horrible am I that I totally forgot about it in the first place? *sigh*) But I couldn’t do it and to my surprise, my BIL (someone who I haven’t been friendly with in the past couple of months with) recorded the show for me. I wish I would have known about him taping it for me, because I was a serious grouch last night, ask anyone in my family…no one comes between me and my Prison Break, but Brenna did and I forgive her for it. LOL. I watched it as soon as I found out he taped it for me and DUDE….I was bawling my eyes out.

First off, at the beginning when they were all freaking out about almost getting caught, I was shitting bricks. I so thought, how the hell are they going to get out of that one? And then when the other guard came in? I was shitting bricks all over again.

And can I just say that I CANNOT STAND FRICKIN BELLICK? I wanted to smash Tweener’s face in when he snitched Michael out…gosh what a prick! I hope he gets what’s coming to him…soon. But as much as I can’t stand those two, I can’t stand T Bag either. Gosh that little pocket man just gets on my hot damn nerves. Why oh why hasn’t he been killed yet? I mean seriously…and why on earth is Michael even letting him in on the plan? I hope that someone kills him before they get out, because he’s the scum between my toes and I hate his stinking guts. When T Bag started threatening Michael I wanted to kick his teeth in. Freaking jerk face.

I can’t believe that Sara’s Dad is in on all of this. I can’t believe that the no good whore of a Vice President is going to get away with all of this. If Linc dies, Michael is goign to go after her and he’s going to make them pay, and he’s smart enough to get away with it all too, it would be the sweetest kind of justice I’ll ever see, that’s for sure.

But I don’t think that Linc is going to die, he better not. If the writers know what’s good for them, they better keep Linc alive and kicking until Michael figures a way to get them out of there.

Gosh, I was bawling at the final visitation between both Linc and Veronica and then the two brothers. Oh gosh, Veronica saying, “I loved you since the first day I saw you,” was just too sweet and then LJ’s dream? I hope and pray that it’s a premonition of what’s to come because Linc is resigned to his death and I hate seeing that. I hated how he didn’t want to talk about breaking out, of getting his hopes up, I cried when all he wanted to do was make memories with his brother. Oh gosh, SOB.

My heart stopped at the way they ended the show, gosh this show promises to be such a good ep next week and I for sure will be there, watching it. Don’t you guys find it funky that no matter where Veronica and Nick go, they keep getting slammed in the face, I really hope that they can get to the bottom of Linc’s case, because I want to see the VP go down.

Word up.

Tonight’s the Night…

20 03 2006


The long awaited, most anticipated episode is finally amongst us, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, Prison Break comes back! That means that Michael Scofield and his group of inmates are back to try to break out of prison again. I can’t begin to tell you how long I have been waiting for this night to finally arrive.

The fall finale was MONTHS ago and it left us with one major cliffhanger after another. Scofield perfects his plan, runs through a couple of practice runs and everything is going smoothly…until it’s time to put the plan into action. Months of preperation, weeks of testing out his strategies and when they are finally on their way to the biggest break out of any prison, the friggin’ janitor fixed the bolt and all of Michael’s carefully though out plans comes crashing down.

He’s got a group of men who have their own reasons for wanting to get out, one of those men shouldn’t be in on the plan to begin with, but that’s the least of their problems right now. But there are others in the group who NEED to get out and I sincerely hope that they do. (How weird that I’m rooting for criminals, even if they are fake criminals to break out of prison)

I’m on the edge of my seat to see how Michael is going to get Linc out. I mean, Linc only has a few more hours left before he gets gassed! Michael has to think and act fast and man, tonight’s episode promises to be such a great one that you’d have to be on crack to NOT watch it. I’m trying REALLY hard not to peek at Grace’s blog because she watched the ep already and I’m DYING to know what’s going to happen, but I can’t do it…so I just breezed right over that one…oh gosh, I hope I can stay away from her page until AFTER the show.

All new episode tonight, I’m up and doing my happy dance! Who’s going to join me? hehe….

YAY! 4 hours and 48 minutes to go!

Hi My Name Is Wena…

30 11 2005

..and I’m addicted to FOX’s hit show, Prison Break.

It started out when I saw the big ass billboard in Lawndale, I couldn’t help but think WOW that man is hot, and then I saw Dominic Purcell and thought of my friend, who is a Purcell. I thought Wentworth Miller was actually Dominic Purcell and told myself I would check it out when it came out.

And check it out I did. I was hooked immediately from the first episode. Oh my gosh, have you seen those intense eyes? The serious facade Michael Scofield wanders around the prison halls with? Gosh, if that’s not enough to hook you, then its got to be the action packed, hottie filled shows. I’m seriously addicted to this show. It has kicked One Tree Hill out of it’s top spot of my favorite shows, as addicted as I was with Laguna Beach (yes, I know, gross huh?) this season, it’s been all about Prison Break for me. I post on a board and I can always count on my friend Sylvia to have my weekly Prison Break thread going, and last night was the Fall Finale, which means that we won’t be getting fresh new Prison Break episodes until flippin’ March. I’m devastated (okay not really, but gosh PB was such a highlight of my week) I can’t wait to see what happens in March, which is why I’m starting a Prison Break Countdown…

I’ve got 100 days til March, gosh what a long wait I have, but at least I’m not lonely since I know my best friend and friend Izzy are in much the same boat as me. But wow, what a great episode it was last night. Michael just impressing the socks off of me with all of his genius powers! I mean, he’s got everything covered and they were sooo close to escaping and WHAM! The janitor flippin’ fixed the vent thingy, gosh…is ANYTHING going to work out for Michael? Gosh, the poor guy. I want T Bag gone something fierce. Gosh that little man gets on my hot damn nerves.

I’ve got 100 days to guess on what’s going to happen when we next get our weekly PB doses, gosh here’s hoping that it’ll rush by. In the meantime I have my pictures of Wentworth to keep me company…LOL.

..and I’m out.