I’m Up For the Challenge.

15 01 2008


This past weekend was our Stake Conference and they issued a challenge for each of the members in our Stake to partake of and I’m actually pretty anxious about it. It’s called The Pursuit of Excellence Challenge and it’ll run from January 13th until our next Stake Conference which will be sometime in September, I forget the actual date.

There are 5 different aspects of this challenge.

1) Spiritual.
2) Intellectual.
3) Physical.
4) Service.
5) Provident Living.

My goals for the first aspect are to: Read my Book of Mormon on a regular basis and to actually finish it before September. To study from my Preach my Gospel manual and to attend Church each and every Sunday. I’ll be out of town for two of the weekends that I know of this year, but I since I’ll be going to Vegas, I’ll just have my sister find me a Church out there so that I can attend still.

My goals for the second aspect are to: Improve upon the blogs that I have, since they are my hobbies, I’m going to put more efforts into my team blogs, The Boob Tube and Book Binge. I will also be reading up on web design and photography since those are hobbies that I’d like to take up as well.

My goals for the third aspect are: To stay on the healthy diet that I’m on right now and to develop an exercise program that I can do every week…I’m doing okay so far in this but I could always step things up a bit, which I intend to do.

My goals for the fourth aspect are: To better serve my family and friends. To offer my services when they’re needed. I intend to maximize my calling as the Relief Society Secretary and do all that I can to assist my RS President, which happens to be my besty, Mulu.

My goals for the fifth aspect is: To pay a full tithe this year. I didn’t do too good in this last year and I met with my Bishop last year for my tithing settlement and I realized how selfish I’ve been so, I am going to commit to paying a full tithe this year and to also get some debts paid off and a budget set firmly in place for me and Brenna’s future. I need to do more on this because it’s only me and Brenna, I need to make sure that we’re all taken care of.

I’m pretty excited about this and I know that I will falter from my course from time to time but I sure as heck hope that I stick this out and see it through…

..wish me luck guys!