Is It Wise?

27 07 2006

To date your best friend?

You see, Ryan Seacrest has this thing on his radio show where people either email him or call him up and ask him to be their wing man, to hook them up with someone that they’ve been crushing on because they’re too chicken to do it themselves, this morning, a woman by the name of Lisa came on because she developed feelings for her best guy friend, Trey. She says that she’s developed some really intense feelings for Trey and that she’s too shy to say anything about them but she was more than willing to take their relationship to the next level and blah blah blah, so Ryan calls him up and he’s talking to him and what not, asking him questions about Lisa and we find out that Trey was the one that wanted to hook up with Lisa early on in their friendship but Lisa didn’t want to ruin the relationship and from the conversation Trey had with Ryan you could totally tell that the roles had reversed and it was now Trey who didn’t want to ruin the ‘friendship’. His reasons for being wary about going there with Lisa is because he didn’t want to ruin what they had, but in a way didn’t he just ruin what they had by rejecting Lisa? I mean, if her feelings for him are as intense as she says they are, then wouldn’t his rejection be like a festering wound that won’t heal because she’ll be devestated right?

I guess my question to you all is, Is it ever wise to date your best friend? Or would it be wiser to stick to being what you guys do best, being friends? I guess I’m asking the question because I’m in the same boat right now and am not sure if I should go that route.


Ryan’s Roses.

30 01 2006

I live in Los Angeles and I wake up every morning, with both the TV and the radio on. I’ll have the TV (KTLA, of course) on mute and listen to Ryan Seacrest on KIIS in the morning while I get ready for work.

Ryan’s Roses, is probably my favorite thing to listen to because of the drama factor. Now, Ryan’s Roses is something Ryan does every week, basically, you email Ryan if you think your significant other is cheating on you, you state in your email to Ryan why you think he’s cheating on you and Ryan picks one story a week and helps one woman or man see for sure if their significant other is cheating on them, by staging a “You won a free bouquet of long stemmed roses to send to whoever you want, free of charge” bit and if the guy sends the roses to the significant other who is on the line listening, all is well, they go on their merry way, with no doubts about anything, on the other hand, if their significant other sends the roses to another woman/man, it’s more than obvious that they’ve been caught and it usually stirs all kinds of trouble for the people involved. The person caught is trying to back track and weave lies of who the other person is (it’s my dying Aunt in Alaska was one excuse, another is just a “co worker”, blah blah blah), pretty much disrespecting the person wronged even more, because now the whole of Los Angeles knows what a loser they’ve been with and so on and so forth.

Now this has got to suck for whoever is the one being cheated on, it hurts when you don’t know the person that their SO is cheating with, it hurts a little more when the person that they’re cheating on is someone you know and it’s downright devastating when the other person is your friend.

How would you fix something like that? Do you cut them both out of your life? Most of us would say, of course…but things like this are so much easier said than done, but you do it because the trust issue is shot to hell. How on earth can you trust your friend if she’s stepping out on you with your own boyfriend, right? Why would you want to be with a guy who’s been cheating on you with your friend? Not only did he not respect you enough to be faithful, but he held little regard for your feelings when he started cheating on you with your friend. So you ditch the loser because he’s not worth your time, at least we hope you do.

But what happens when the other person is your sister?

How would you fix THAT?

So, I’m laying in bed, contemplating if I can actually call in sick today because I just DO NOT have the energy to get up and get dressed, but the radio’s on and I’m listening to the latest installment of Ryan’s Roses.

The girl’s name is Leti, she thinks her man Oscar who is 44 years old is cheating on her. Ryan makes the phone call, Oscar answers and sends the roses to, Mya, who turns out to be Leti’s 22 year old younger sister.

I fell out of my bed when I heard, “Wait, that’s my sister!” coming from Leti. I was literally floored.

How do you get over something like that? I mean, it’s one thing for it to be a friend, someone you didn’t know, those kinds of things you know what to do, there’s no question about what you should do, you cut them out of your life and you move on with yours because things like this when feelings are involved you just keep on, keepin’ on, it may be hard, but you don’t have to see or talk to them after everything so it’s a no brainer. But how do you get over something like this one? I mean, so Leti breaks up with Oscar, okay, doesn’t have to deal with him anymore, but she can’t necessarily cut her sister out of her life, because that’s family.

She’s forever stuck with her sister, but how do you forgive that kind of betrayal? On another note, DO you forgive your sister?

And what of the sister? I mean, she’s 22, she’s young and she’s seeing her sister’s man on the sly. Why would she do that? What could she be thinking of to get involved with her sister’s man?

Nobody seemed to have the answers this morning, but the topic has stayed with me, (mostly because everyone keeps coming to my office or calling my office to see if I listened to it this morning and then everyone had something to say about it). It’s sad that sometimes you just can’t trust ANYONE, including your family. It shouldn’t have to be like that.

I feel bad for Leti because that’s something that you just don’t wish on your worst enemy, especially since her business became public knowledge because she found out about it the same time, millions of people in L.A. found out.

Live on the radio.

Something to ponder over the week, I guess…