Sexiest Southern Men…

31 05 2006

CMT has been showing their Sexiest Southern Men and me being Good Eye for the Hot Guy totally tuned in and drooled over some and didn’t really get others.

I’ve gotta tell you though, I’m a sucker for a Southern Man. That Southern drawl can do a serious number on my insides, sexy cowboys totally do me in. I wouldn’t mind dating anyone who reminded me of Tim McGraw (with his hat on of course LOL), George Eads or any of those other Sexy Southern Studs. I’m telling you, me being a huge country fan have become totally addicted to hot Male Country Singers…Keith Urban? Saw him in concert and frickin’ loved him, thought he totally got down on his guitar and the entire show rocked out, fell in love with him as a hottie at his show, then there’s Rascal Flatts, they absolute rock my frickin’ socks! Joe Don Rooney is a hottie for sure! My point is, there are so many Southern hotties that don’t get enough love so I’m showing them some love today on Coffee House Banter.

Alright, so first of all, there were plenty of guys on the Top 20 List on CMT that had me drooling over the screen, and these guys are what I think is utterly sexy…guys like, Brett Favre (can I lick him please?) and Ty Pennington, heck yes I agree, he’s hecka sexy, keep him on the list! Then there were guys like George Straight that I was totally like, yeah even though this guy is older in years compared to the others on the list, I was not mad that they included him because he is a hottie old man! I’m digging it. Johnny Knoxville though I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s sexy, he is a hottie…there’s a difference between being HOT and being sexy, HOT is someone you like to look at and SEXY is someone you picture yourself sleeping with, I like to look at Johnny Knoxville but I wouldn’t be mad if I never slept with him, ya know? LOL.

George Eads, talk about hummina hummina hummina…I love him as Nick Stokes on CSI: Las Vegas and there have been more than one ocassion when I thought about sleeping with that bad boy, I love his whole Southern Charm he’s got going for him. You don’t see much of him in the tabloids and stuff like that and I like that about him, man oh man I could eat that man for breakfast…hehe.

Another country crooner that I totally adore is, Kenny Chesney. He is my all time favorite Country Singer and to me he will always be Entertainer of the Year because his concert is one concert in the summer that I try NEVER to miss…and in 18 days I’ll be rockin’ out to Kenny in Carson, CA when he comes out here on tour…gosh I cannot wait, the guy keeps getting sexier and sexier but man…I do remember when Kenny wasn’t much to look at, here’s a before and after of the man…



Pretty big difference huh? But this Kenny, I’m glad has finally made the Top Twenty Sexy Ones….hehe.

Other guys who made the swoonworthy list that I absolutely love are: Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley (he’s a cutie patootie dammit!), George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, Tim McGraw, James Denton, etc.

Guys I Get:

I get why these guys made the list…but here’s a list of the guys that I don’t see the sexiness in them.

Billy Currington. This guy has got to be the fruitiest guy on the planet. Have you guys seen the Party for Two video with Shania? Come on, you didn’t see his fruitiness in THAT video? Or how about his video for Must Be Doing Something Right? I KNOW you had to have seen how the girl in that video was more manlier than he was. I mean, when I think sexy man, I think manly man, like Tim, George you know…those kinds of guys, but I don’t think wimpy looking Billy Currington, but hey that’s just me.

Here’s a pic of him:

Or how about the old guy from Young and the Restless? What’s his name? Christian Le Blanc? Are you frickin’ kidding me? Let’s take a look at a pic…

Did that make you lust after the guy? No, how about this one?

Are you overcome with lust yet? Yeah, me neither. To each his own, I guess.

Others that I just didn’t get are here:

Hmm, John Corbett? Is that his name? I didn’t think he was sexy as Aiden on Sex in the City, he was sweet and I liked him for Carrie but he was not sexy to me, umm Harry Connick JR. Okay, NOT SEEING IT! This guy looks like a dried up druggie and I don’t see the appeal but once again, it’s a to each their own thing….and last but not least, Lance Armstrong, what the flip? He’s sexy? I don’t think so…but I won’t bag on him because I don’t wanna.

Which brings to my question for ya’ll to ponder.

Which Sexy Southern Stud would you put on YOUR Top 20? Remember, he’s gotta be from the South…hehe.