The So Cal Meet Up…

1 10 2007

Everyone has pretty much gotten their posts up about the So Cal Blogger Meet up and I didn’t want to keep repeating what everyone was saying about the weekend but I wanted to thank Rosie for putting the whole meet up together, I had such a good time with everyone at lunch and I seriously would love to do that again.

Since I already know Holly and Daphne, I’m going to post my thoughts on the other wonderful women that I met this weekend.

Wendy is one smart cookie, she’s sweet and it was great talking to her with Daphne on our side of the table. She loves her mysteries and I too, Wendy would love to read more books that are historically set in Los Angeles. I think that would be great, did you say you were going to write it up? =)

Rosie, she is an amazing woman…I loved listening to her talk about her family, rant about Lover Unbound and just hearing her opinions on everything we talked about, she’s such a sweet woman and so easy to talk to, you wouldn’t have been able to tell that it was my first time meeting Rosie because I was so at ease in her company, thanks again Rosie for this weekend…it was great!

Lori, Lori was great fun, she was so animated while talking about her favorite books and just everything that came out of her mouth was funny, I really enjoyed watching her pimp book after book to Holly in the parking lot and holy goodness, this woman is so much fun…she’s exactly like her blog and I totally dug that about her!

Nikki, not only does Nikki have a gorgeous daughter but she’s also such a sweet sweet lady. Thanks so much Nikki for your advice for my sister, I’ve told my sister what’s what and she said that she’s going to look into everything and get back to me if she needs to contact you for anything, thanks so much for offering your help with that, it’s really appreciated…Nikki is a great Mother and she was a little quiet at lunch and I didn’t really get to talk to her all that much but I still walked away thinking she was a very sweet and caring woman, I was so glad to meet you sweets!

All in all, it was a great way to spend the day and I hope to high heaven that we get to do that again sometime soon and I promise I’ll bring some books to swap the next time, fo’ sho’…=) Thanks again Rosie and thanks to the other women who joined us for lunch this past weekend, GOOD TIMES!