Damn…They Can Dance.

13 08 2007

So I haven’t been watching this season of So You Think You Can Dance all that much mainly because I haven’t been around to watch it but I was trying to catch up on some performances from the likes of Neil, Sabra, Lauren, Pasha and Dominic because I remembered them from the episodes that I did watch and enjoyed their performances…

…so anyway, I’m totally blown away by one performance that I saw on Friday. It was totally reminiscent of my absolute favorite performance on LAST season’s SYTYCD, with Ivan and Alysson. Remember, this performance?

Sexy Love by Neyo?

Well this season, Dominic and Sabra performed to my frickin’ jam by Neyo….Make It Work. Check it out:

Goodness, I effing love hip hop dancing and this new one, choreographed by Shane Sparks totally takes the cake. I love Ivan way more than I love Dominic but Dominic totally tworked it out. It was great and I had to post these videos on my blog to immortalize them on here because hot damn, I LOVE IT!

Oh Wow, Tahitian Hip Hop….

2 06 2007

My friends and I are trying to live healthier lives. We all have things we’re trying to be skinny for and Holly’s wedding is my goal, so I have a little bit over a year to get skinny for her wedding.

So last night, my friends Mulu, Theresa, Beenah and myself meet over at Mulu’s house to get our work out on, the brokeman’s way…in her garage.

We decided on doing, Island Girl’s Dance Fitness DVD, Tahitian Hip Hop and I’ve gotta say real quick that there is NOTHING remotely hip hop about this video.

Does it give you a work out? Oh hell yeah, is there a bunch of Tahitian moves you learn? Darned skippy, but do you learn any hip or hoppin’ about this exercise video. I’m kid you not, coming from L.A. I think I know what hip hop is and unless you count the fa’arapu (which is a type of tahitian shake) hip hop, then don’t count on getting much hip hop from this dance video. But man, the dance routine that you learn in this 30 minute work out BURNS…everywhere! Me and Beenah were dying in the front while Mulu was all into the damn video and sweating up a storm.

It was hecka fun though, afterward we go out for some mini Jamba Juices since we didn’t want to go out to eat and while we were waiting for our orders, we were all doing different parts of the dance to the music playing in the store. The dance isn’t that hard but man it works you the hell out, I know I’m going to be sore in the next couple of days but man, I loved it and can’t wait to do it again!

Has anyone tried this thing out? I wanna look like Kili when I’m done with it…man, she’s ripped! I don’t want her arms, just her stomach, her stomach is sick with it!

Therese! I looked for the Walk it Out Cowboy and check it out…friggin’ hilarious!
You have to watch it until the third contestant gets on there, but it’s so friggin’ worth it. Now you can see what had me and Mulu rollin’ last night…HA! The first girl needed to be slapped since she can’t dance for shit, the second girl needed to buy her some new tights because the ones she was wearing was showing too much of her that America didn’t want to see but the third one? Oh yeah, the third one was off the chains, LOL…he had me rollin’.

Big Brother and My Other Shows.

2 08 2006

Today is going to be a good day of shows, I’m hoping. We have the season finale for The Hills. Will Lauren stay in L.A. with Jason or will she take Lisa up on her offer to travel to Paris? It’s painstakingly obvious that Lauren is going to choose Paris over Jason and in true Jason form, he’s not going to be happy for her, because you know, this IS all about Lauren’s career, but becuase he’s an ass, he’s going to be pissed off and probably write her off while she’s gone and go on her merry way with other beach bunnies until LC gets back and then they’ll be able to pick up where they left off…or maybe not, who knows, I could be completely wrong about Jason, but LC needs a new boy toy, because Jason is so last season and well, though I liked him last season in LB (that’s short for Laguna Beach for those of you who aren’t in the know), when he kissed Jessica in front of LC and then LIED about it, my like for him went POOF and was gone and now that he’s back with LC, I can’t help but want him GONE from the picture so that LC could hook up with someone, hotter and someone NOT him.

We shall see what happens tonight, I actually can’t wait.

The other show that I’m looking forward to watch tonight is actually one of the most popular shows for my age group this summer, So You Think You Can Dance? There are three couples left, we find out who is partnered with who, what they’ll be dancing and then we get to see the learned routines. Although I really like all of the people still in the competition, I think tonight is the end of the road for Ivan (boo hoo) and Natalie (shit).

It appears that Donyelle and Heidi have a bigger fan base than sexy Natalie, I don’t understand it since I thought Natalie would be the favorite, but she’s not. She’s been voted into the bottom two for the last few weeks, so I think this week she’s done.

If things were up to me, this is how I would finish off the show:

Top 2 Men
Travis & Benji
Top 2 Women
Heidi & Natalie

Going Home Tonight:
Donyelle & Ivan

Damn, I can’t wait to see this show, Jazz this post serves as your reminder to watch the show tonight, alrighty?

Now on to why Jazz has to watch my show tonight…last week, I promised Jazz that if I watched her Big Brother show, she had to watch my So You Think You Can Dance show…you see, we both watch a lot of TV and if we don’t have someone to gush with about our shows, we get all kinds of pissed off about it, so Jazz and I made our deal and now we have to keep our end of the bargain.

Now last night, I watched Big Brother with her and Grace on the phone. At first, it was hard to follow because I don’t know what the hell a Head of Household is or what the hell a Power of Veto thing is either.

But with Jazz’s help, by the end of the show I knew who was who and I knew that Janelle was a stupid shit who James is going to rip apart. What a stupid ass, you could totally tell that Will and Boogie were playing her and when they did that little bit at the end, with their little pretend phone calls to each other, I shook my head because Janelle is one stupid shit. Because she went against the team, she destroyed the team and James is gunning to boot her ass out of the house now, he’s starting a revolution ya’ll…Janelle better beware!

So far, I like James, I think Howie is a cutie patootie but dude, KAYSAR IS WHERE ITS AT, I think he’s hot stuff, all hot and unassuming and just an all out stud. I like him…a lot. hehe. I can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow night to see who gets evicted.

And all you Real World watcher people out there, do you guys like Tyler? I do, even though he can be a total ass, but I’m the only person in my hood who still tolerates his ass, so I’m wondering, I mean the whole you can’t come to my marathon thing was the stupidest thing EVER, especially after last week when you were telling John just how much his relationship with him made him want to renew his relationship with his own brother and they had their little moment and shit, then Tyler goes all snobby on everyone and says, they can come because they told me that they wanted to come, I didn’t tell them to come but since they want to come, they can…what the hell kind of shit is that? Retard.


TV: So You Think You Can Dance?

28 07 2006

What a great week of dancing on FOX’s show, So You Think You Can Dance?. The Top 8 certainly showed us why they’re still in the competition because there was hot dancing to be seen on Wednesday night’s show. From Donyelle and Travis (GO TRAVIS!) hip hop dance routine to a song that I can’t help but like, Fergie’s London Bridges followed by a saucy Argentine Tango by one of my favorite hip hoppers in the competition, Ivan and Allison. There was also some great performances by Ryan and my favorite girl in the competition, Natalie the Greek! She’s the bomb and she’s uber pretty too! Cousins Heidi and Benji turned heads and raised temperatures with their spicy Mambo number but I’ve got to say that my favorite routine of the night was choreographed by Shane Sparks, his routine for Ne Yo’s Sexy Love is one of my favorite performances of the week, it wasn’t the best of the night, that title goes to Heidi and Benji’s Mambo number, now that number was hot stuff, but it was the simplicity and the smooth grooves of Ivan and Allison together in the Sexy Love routine that stayed with me.

It spoke to me dammit. I absolutely loved it. It was hot shit.

Ivan and Allison
Now last night was the results show and we found out who went home. And for the guys, all I’ve got to say is….FINALLY! I have been waiting for Ryan to take his Natalie stalking ass back home. Natalie’s gotta be grateful to be stalker free for the rest of the season, becasue I swear Ryan was jocking her ass hard. She’s a pretty girl but damn boy, have some self respect and some pride, the way you follow Natalie around and then your feelings of glee at finding out she was your partner was seriously disturbing…and you’re clearly not the best dancer in the competition and your time should have ended LONG time ago, you didn’t entertain me with all your perfect lines and your not enough funk dance moves…I’m personally glad you’re done for, it was nice knowin’ ya…PEACE!

Travis and Donyelle
As for the girls, I can’t say that I was happy to see Allison go. She really could get down in any genre of dancing, she brought it every week and she showed America what she could do in a itty bitty dress while she twirled around the stage like she owned it, she excelled at every genre and she was a pleasure to watch.

Now the other two bottom two people, Natalie and Travis? Oh gosh, what was America thinking? Well, it’s really hard to choose between the girls because all of them are really good, at this point in the competition it gets harder and harder to choose which one to keep on the show and so I wasn’t really mad that Natalie was in the bottom two (although I did vote my ass off for her last night, what happened?) but Travis? I can’t see that one, he’s tight as all get out and he should have been in the top 2 that’s for sure, Travis doesn’t know how to dance a bad dance, the boy got more moves then an Army brat.

Natalie the Greek and Ryan the GO HOME!
So I was kinda upset to see him in the bottom two and was ready to hunt Nigel down and kick his ass if he got sent home before Ryan did, because Ryan was going to go home tonight even if I had to break into his hotel room and break his legs dammit, I would have been highly upset if Travis was the one to go home.

At this point, I can’t say that America didn’t get it right because it’s just so hard to choose right now, so America, I won’t be writing ya’ll any letters anytime soon, because I’m undecided myself.

Benji and Heidi
I can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for us next week, dude this is like my favorite show this summer, well the one at the very top at least…ya’ll gotta watch this show if you don’t already, it’s the best thing on FOX this summer that’s for sure! 😉

And because I’m such a cool girl, I’m leaving ya’ll with this video of my favorite dance of the week, to serve as the video of the week…Sexy Love by Ne Yo performed by Ivan and Allison, this one’s for you Jazz. Hey Jazz, did you know that Allison the girl dancing with Ivan in this video was a cheerleader in High School Musical? You can see her and her wild hair at the end in the ending dance number, We’re All In This Together!” hehe…

Ehh, this code is messing with my blog, so if you want to watch the video, go to the link below…hehe.

*video credits go to rickey.org*

TV: So You Think You Can Dance?

15 06 2006

Okay so I’ve watched this show off and on this season and now that they’re done with all the hocus pocus crap that is the auditions, the real competition begins, I love this kind of crap. For those of you guys who don’t know what So You Think You Can Dance is, well it’s the Dance version of American Idol, and yes I’m a fan of this show. LOL.

Okay so this is basically a Dance competition where the contestants compete to see who’s the best DANCER period. The best dancer can adapt to the different styles of dancing that are out there, the best dancer can pick up on all of the different styles and perfect them, hone their skills in that style and rock the hell out of the routine when they perform it each week. It’s another one of those popularity contests yeah but still, you should see each of the dancers come and bring it to the stage each week. It’s so much fun to watch and be apart of.

Last night, my three favorite performers were Benji Schwimmer from California, Jaymz Tuiaileva from Orem, UT and Dimitry Chaplin. I thought they all did such a great job in the performances.

It was a straight up trip to see Swing Dancer Benji Schwimmer attempt to do a hip hop number to “Too Much Booty in the Pants” Oh but he passed with flying colors last night, he can shake his booty with the best of them, Beyonce’…watch out now! LOL. He did an excellent job doing his hip hop number, his moves were fluid, he was really into his performance and I’m telling you, he’s pretty fly for a white guy. LOL.

Jaymz is actually a friend of my “friend”, David. Ya’ll remember him from this post. Jaymz Tuiaileva did a 70s Disco number I believe it was, think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, that’s the kind of dance Jaymz was assigned to do with his partner, whatever her name was. I wasn’t really paying much attention to her, since Jaymz held my attention, not because I think he’s hot or anything, but because the boy can move like it’s nobody’s business. I totally voted for him because he got off.

Shit, blogger is trippin’ again becuase it’s not uploading the rest of my damn pictures, but oh well I shall persevere.

Anyway, then there leaves Dimitry. Dimitry is National Champion in Ballroom Dancing. He’s very strict with his moves and very precise, so when he was assigned to do a hip hop number which is the exact opposite for what he’s trained all of his life to do, I wasn’t expecting much from him. Especially when in hip hop numbers, being on point with your moves isn’t really highlighted, when you’re doing a hip hop number, your moves are more loose, they’re fluid and then poppy and locked. You take a guy like Dimitry who’s a ballroom dancer and stick him in a hip hop number, you don’t expect great results, but Dimitry although he was a bit stiff but for his first try in the hip hop area, I think he did fabulous. He hit all of his moves, nailed the performance and won over the crowd. It was great. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance and again, I don’t remember who his dance partner is, hehe…but they did a good job.

Tonight we find out which of the 10 couples got the least votes and then the bottom two I believe it is will have to dance their behinds off to stay in the competition, so it should be interesting…I really hope it’s not any of my main guys that have to go into the gauntlet…ya’ll should definitely watch this, it’s great entertainment.

Another added bonus on tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance? Is…Nelly Furtado is performing with Timbaland live, singing her new single, “Promiscious.”

Love this song!

Monday Night Round Up.

17 01 2006

So, if you don’t know by now, let me fill you in on a little something….I, Dylan Bauer am a tv junkie.

Like my friend, Holly. I can easily become a hermit, no problem. As long as I have access to my TV shows, my books and my internet, I am happy as a bug. So, now you’re in the know.

Last night, I watched some really great TV. (okay not really, but damn the two shows that I watched were hottie filled and boy oh boy was I happy as a clam last night).

First up:

The Bachelor: Paris.
Oh gosh, so I forgot to watch it last week (was home, was just wishing that it was March already so that Prison Break would be back on, GOSH!), so this week, I was pleasantly surprised when they showed both the first and second episodes, so I was able to catch up on what I missed.

Great stuff, I think. *snicker*

Let’s see, a mini round up of the important girls.


Cute girl, she seemed genuinely happy to be there, and she was equally smitten with Travis, was bummed that she didn’t get a rose, last night. DAMMIT Travis, what is your prob? Sheesh…Moana over Cole? Let’s be real now…Moana gives me the creeps!


Another cute girl, and she seems to be the one I’m pulling for right now, I’m pulling for her right now because she hasn’t done anything so scandalous to cause me to remove her from my list…should she show signs of being a little hoody who, I will quickly remove her from my list and then hope against hope that Travis realizes he made a mistake and bring Cole back. A girl could hope right? She’s in the lead, for girl I want to win Travis’ heart right now…but I’ve got my eye on her…last night, it was her birthday, she told Travis about it, so he made it special for her, by getting her a birthday cake and spending some alone time with her, how sweet! Such a McDreamy thing to do (and I would expect nothing less from the REAL Dr. McDreamy, because he most certainly is McDreamy!), Trav looked so pissed last night when their little intimate dinner was crashed by the two girls who already had a rose and were safe. It should be interesting to see how those two skanks fare next week…(Tara and Gihan whatever the heck her name is).

Sarah Canada.

Okay this girl is a bit of a freak to me. I’m sure she’s really nice on the show, off the camera or whatever, but they make her look like a freaking stalker on the show. The girl was on a mission to kiss Travis last night, and thank goodness, Travis didn’t let her complete her mission, I would have been so disappointed had he given into the urge and kissed her. Oh goodness, the little hooker wouldn’t rest until Trav told her that if he was going to kiss anyone, it would be her. She swears she’s not the only one preening for his attention. I can’t wait to see what other dramatics she brings to the show, she looks like a little fast mama, but we shall see…


Whoa, was this girl kooky or what? I mean, talk about odd. She was the very definition of the word. The girl cut her orange peel into little teeth and put it in her mouth and made funny little noises with her mouth, was that really supposed to be cute? It made me want to vomit in the most embarrassing way. This girl seriously wasn’t the girl for Travis, she should’ve been on the Bachelor: The Circus and not The Bachelor: Paris. She probably would have had more luck.

And last but not least…friggin’ Allie G.

Oh my holy heckness, this girl took the cake in the loony flavor. All this talk about reproduction…..ON THE FIRST DATE? Whoa nelly. It was no wonder the dumb broad didn’t get a rose. Who does that shat? Allie G. She’s so smart, she’s a doctor, it costs her $1,500 a day to be there, good thing she didn’t last that long, did she? She needs to do surgery….on herself, dig around in that thick skull of hers and find her damn brain. Because as smart as she claims to be, she’s really dumb.

So, as of last night, there are 8 girls left. And of the 8 girls left, I only remember like three of them. The rest of the girls, are all just BLAH to me. But then again, this is only the second episode, now the real drama can start…woo hooo.

Left in the bucket: Jehan, Jennifer, Moana, Sarah Canada, Schoolteacher Sarah, Shiloh, Susan, Tara.

Kicked to the curb: Elizabeth, Kristen, Yvonne and my favorite, Cole.

Let’s knock them out, Travis.

Next up:

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet II.

Boy oh boy, was it a good one last night, not only did the Rookies win (woo hoo, I love me some Ace, but gosh I’m really pulling for the Rookies to win it all, because I can’t stand Derek and Brad and OMGosh, someone shoot Aneesa between her eyes already? I mean seriously…can’t stand the beezo!

But anyway, so last night…The challenge is a rick-shaw relay, but the Veteran team has to pick two people to sit out of this challenge and be exempt from the Gauntlet. An argument starts between Beth and Montana, because beezo’s don’t want to run in the race, Montana wins out and sits the challenge out with Syrus. The Rookies find themselves ten thousand dollars richer in their combined bank account and the Rookie Captain, Kina is safe from this week’s Gauntlet. So, this puts Ruthie in the Gauntlet, the team votes a very vocal and bitchy Beth into the Gauntlet and the hottie show host, TJ Lavin spins the Gauntlet wheel, which lands on the thing that gives Beth (I forgot what it’s called) choice of event. She picks Reverse Tug of War, and since she’s like fifty pounds heavier than Ruthie, the boys on the Veteran teams start crapping in their pants….hehe. Beth shocks everyone on her team, by winning the Gauntlet and becoming their new Women’s Captain, giving Ruthie twenty minutes to pick her shat and leave the premises…this is what the boys looked like.

Awww poor baby.

All Hail Queen Beth! *evil laugh*

It’s going to be off the chains to see how the Veteran team fares under the rule of Queen Beth. LOL.

Until next week…