Remember These Guys?

10 10 2007

So either last night or the night before last, I was blog hopping, something I haven’t done in a long while and I came across an old favorite blog of mine, Sushi’s blog where she mentioned that she was going to karaoke somewhere and she was going to sing, Total Eclipse of the Heart and it was mentioned on her blog that she should sing the Old Skool version of that song when she’s doing her karaoke stuff.

I laughed out loud. Literally.

Because, have you guys seen the Old Skool version of that song? When The Dan Band is singing Total Eclipse of the Heart at Beanie’s wedding? Holy crap in the pants, that junk is hilarious, so of course, being the nifty blogger that I am, I went searching for that video on Youtube but came up with the following video instead and man I was laughing all over again.

So, dear readers, I bless you with this video, enjoy:

And dude, just because I’m a nice lady, I’m going to share with you, these other videos that had me crackin’ the hell up while I’m sitting in my brand spakin’ new office, hehe…so once again, enjoy:

OMGOSH I’m laughing so hard, these are guys are the best!