Where I’ve Been.

7 03 2007

Yesterday, Brenna and I were getting ready to head out to work and school, Brenna was putting her shoes on in the living room and my niece Makenna, who was staying home from school because she was sick the night before, was sitting on the sofa across from her, in order for Makenna to get past, she would have to pass Brenna.

Well, Makenna got sick and didn’t quite make it to the bathroom before she started to throw up…she didn’t get very far at all, because Makenna threw up all over…


It was horrible, Brenna’s new clothes from her birthday this passed weekend had throw up all over it, she had throw up in her head and in her ear and quite grossly, in her mouth as well.

And having the gag reflex that she has, it just got uglier and uglier after that.

In the midst of rushing Brenna into the shower WITH her new clothes on, Brenna was throwing up herself. She wanted that nasty taste and smell off of her but she couldn’t control herself from throwing up.

Long minutes after the incident, I called in sick and told work that I wasn’t coming in to work today and then I told them what happened, they told me to take care of my kids and they’ll see me later.

Well that happened yesterday, last night after I got home from playing volleyball with some friends, I showered and then went to sleep and in the middle of the night, Brenna woke me up complaining that her tummy hurt, she’s trying not to cry and she’s trying not to whine because she knows that I don’t like it when she whines and so because she wasn’t feeling good, I let her stay home from school today.

Which means that I haven’t really had time to blog about anything, I’m totally tired myself but I just wanted you guys to know that I’ll get my thoughts on Prison Break and Syl, I’m watching The Hills right now, up soon…alrighty?

What is Wrong With My Little One?

6 02 2007

I haven’t had a boyfriend since October of ’03, so that makes it what? This year it would be 4 years, right? I already know that I’m a commitment phobic, I already know that I have issues and I’m picky and any other number of issues that is keeping me from meeting my perfect man but I’m okay with being single. I’m an independant woman and am glad for it. I like that I don’t have to answer to anyone, I love that I can go and please when I want.

I mean, yeah, ocassionally I get a little lonely but I never let myself stay down because it’s not me. Now, for as long as Brenna has been alive there hasn’t really been a steady boyfriend. I had one boyfriend that could have been serious, I liked him that much but then Brenna didn’t like him at all and she cried everytime he came around and because of that, I started noticing little things about him that I couldn’t live with so that relationship ended, then there was Mike. Assistant Manager Mike, who I was desperately in love with (or so I thought) and who Brenna didn’t care for. She was older, so she didn’t cry everytime he came around, but when he did come around, she clung to me and didn’t want to leave my side until he left. Then she went back to being normal. Well, Mike was the reason our relationship ended, and since him there has only been one boyfriend.

And that was Paul.

Paul who was great at first but soon got on my nerves and wanted too much, too fast. Brenna wasn’t wild about him, anymore than she was for any of my other boyfriends but Brenna’s best friend’s loved him. Cheridan was glued to Paul’s side whenever he came over and Makenna thought he was so cool because he was in the Navy. He even took us to Disneyland and though we broke up right after THAT trip, I knew Brenna didn’t approve of him so I gave him up too.

I don’t know what’s going on with Brenna, but lately she seems to think that I’m ready to start dating again. She keeps dropping hints about wearing a pretty dress to my wedding. She keeps asking me if I met any cute boys at my ward. (I’m in the Single’s Ward, remember?)

And then because I would put her off with all of her wedding and dating questions, I guess she’s taking things into her own hands because my almost 8 year old daughter came home from school a few weeks ago and told me all about her substitute teacher, Mr. K.

The following conversation happened one day two weeks ago.

Brenna: MOM! When did you get home?
Me: Just now, why?
Brenna: Because I got to tell you what happened at school today.
Me: What?
Brenna: Devin (her love) likes Alyssa now, Mom.
Me: Oh baby, I’m sorry..are you sad?
Brenna: Not really, I’m okay but guess what Mom?
Me: What?
Brenna: My teacher was absent today and we had a substitute and guess what Mom?
Me: What?
Brenna: Our substitute teacher’s name is Mr. K and he’s really really really hot Mom.
Me: *laughs* Oh really? Is he married? (I was joking)
Brenna: I don’t know, I didn’t see a ring on his hand but I’ll ask him tomorrow.
Me: Brenna, don’t you dare.
Brenna: Why not Mom? He really is hot. For real, ask Cheridan.
Me: No, I don’t want to know if he’s married or not.
Brenna: *sigh* Fine.

I thought that was the end of that discussion, until just this past Wednesday night I believe it was. I came home from work and immediately took a shower, it was just one of those days, where I was feeling icky so when I got out of the shower, Brenna was sitting on the bed, waiting for me.

She sees me and the following conversation takes place.

Brenna: MOM!
Me: What do you want? I just got home, leave me in peace for 5 minutes.
Brenna: But Mom I have something really important to tell you.
Me: Ugh, hurry up I want to change, what is it?
Brenna: Mr. K is not married.

And she walks out of the room. I laugh out loud. They went to school on Thursday and then came home and it’s Cheridan who comes up to me after work and asks me questions.

Cheridan: Aunty Wena are you going to marry Mr. K?
Me: What? Who told you that?
Cheridan: Nobody, but just so you know Mr. K doesn’t have a girlfriend either.
Me: That’s nice, why don’t you go and try to hook your Mom up with him.
Cheridan: But my Mom already has a husband, we need to find you one and then we have to find a husband for Aunty Dee Dee.
Me: Cheridan, stop looking for a husband for me.
Cheridan: But why Aunty? You’re beautiful, you should have a husband.
Me: I laughed. Cheridan, go get ready for dinner.
Cheridan: Okay, Aunty Wena but think about it okay?

Then this morning on the way to work, my sister Delene asks me.

Delene: So Makenna tells me that you’re going to marry Mr. K. What’s up with that?
Me: Yeah that’s right, I’m going to marry the substitute teacher from the kids school.
Delene: *laughs* The kids are trying to hook you up with the substitute teacher?
Me: Pretty much.
Delene: Well if it makes you feel any better, Makenna said he’s really hot.
Me: Oh just shoot me now.

I swear, the kids are all trying to marry me off, I don’t know whether to laugh or feel pathetic…you tell me.


YAY, It’s Done!

21 11 2006

Whoa Dang.

I woke up early Saturday morning (after going to sleep EARLY Saturday morning) because I had an 11 o’clock soccer game that I didn’t get a stand in coach for, so though my sisters were pissed, I still had to go and coach a game…someone would have had to have gone to the game because with both Brenna and Cheridan out, we wouldn’t have enough players to play the game, so it was a good thing I went because my team needed me. So anyway, Mulu comes to the house to come with me to the game, we get there a little late but all is well, we have 9 girls to put into the game and before the game starts, Mulu’s only job was to put up the team banner, that was the main reason I needed her to come with me because I wouldn’t have been able to put up the banner while I warmed the girls up for their game and Blanche wouldn’t let me take Chloe or Chelsea to help me (to punish me for not getting someone to cover the game, but meh, whatever) so the job went to Mulu.

She broke my damn team banner.

But I didn’t even care, because early in the first half of the game Brenna is playing left half back and she races for a stray ball and as she’s dribbling it toward the goal, there’s no one to pass it to so she takes the shot and….SCORES! It was her very first goal EVER, in all the years she’s been playing soccer and so I was so happy for her because she was over the moon (or sun, whatever works) and so I’m jumping up and down, my parents are on the sideline jumping up and down and I turn to Mulu and she’s talking to one of the parents, totally MISSED Brenna’s first goal, so she asks me what happened, I tell her and she turns the Mom she was talking to (whom she just met by the way) and says, “Dangit Desiree, you made me miss my girls goal!” And just as she says that, Brenna is running by her so she yells to Brenna, “Do that again, I missed it!”

So…late in the third quarter, Brenna…SCORES AGAIN! I was so excited for her because she’s usually very shy of scoring goals, but she must’ve eaten her Wheaties that morning, because she was all over that field, stealing the ball from this girl, blocking a shot from that girl and then scoring two goals! I was so happy and she was on top of the world, when we got home, she was telling everyone that would listen about her two goals and she racked up $22 for her two goals, my baby is a hussler. LOL. She told me to put in the bank and Mulu told her, “Oh no, thats for me and your Mom’s lunch, we’re broke!” So yeah, we ended up beating the other team, 4-0 and the girls were so happy, which in turn made me really happy and Mulu seems to think that our win (which is our first win in three games) was totally her doing because she came. She said her presence alone was what got the girls going, so as everyone is telling the girls “GREAT JOB” and “GREAT GAME” Mulu is telling all the girls, mainly Brenna for scoring her two goals, “You’re Welcome that I came” *shakes head* I swear, that girl thinks too highly of herself. It was the bomb.

Now onto the shower…

The shower came together fantastic. We had a great time, a great turnout and the food was good too. But the highlight of the shower was most definitely the games. We played four games and all four games, Mulu stole the spotlight in them all. The first game was Name that TV Family, where a handout was passed out and we had to fill in the kids in each of the tv sitcoms families. There was the Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Seventh Heaven, Family Ties, you know shows like that…Mulu made me laugh my ass off because she had the kids for Family MATTERS written down for Family TIES. Oh my gosh, she’s retarded.

The second game was the Match the Socks race game and Mulu dominated that game as well until my cousin, Domi came up and then Mulu lost…bad, haha, it was hilarious the way Mulu and my Aunt were taunting each other…they wouldn’t accept defeat and their competiveness carried onto the next game.

The third game, was Musical Bottles. We passed three bottles around and when the music stopped, whoever had the bottle had to race to drink all of the lemonade out of the bottle. It was between, me, my aunt Josie and of course, Mulu. While Josie cheated and unscrewed her bottle top off and downed the drink, thereby disqualifying herself, Mulu damn near bit the nipple clear off the bottle in her rush to get the lemonade drunk before my Aunt finished her bottle and then there was me, sucking for all I was worth and still lost because of those stupid cheaters.

The last game we played was the team game and the team captains were of course, Mulu and my aunt Josie. I was on Mulu’s team and the game was The Butt Game. Each team got a word, and whoever is up has to spell the baby word with their butts and whoever guesses the most words correctly wins the game. At the end of the game, both teams were tied up so we had a speed tie breaker round, where both teams received the SAME word and we had to guess what the word was…it was also just a random word, so the buzzer rings and off they go to spell their word, first letter is T, second letter is O, third letter is J and me and my sister in law, Les are looking at each other, like, “I don’t get it” and yet, Mulu is going back and doing it all over again, T then O then J then A then ….WE LOST. And Mulu, was sooo disappointed in us. She did NOT want to lose against my Aunt. So then still confused, we ask what the word was since we were concentrating too hard to hear what it was. It was TROJAN. As in USC (they were playing in the background while we were playing) TROJANS…and so as both me and Lesley are looking at each other all confused like, Mulu is very loud like blaming our loss totally on US, saying that her ass was perfectly fine, it was our eyes that were in the wrong, so then they start talking about, I saw the T and the R and the O and then while everyone is laughing, me and Les narrow our eyes and Mulu starts cracking the hell up because her stupid ass spelled, TOJAN instead of TROJAN…so we lost because as she said, “Oh crap, I forgot to put on my spell check!” What a dumbass. LMAO…oh it was funny!

So yeah, we had a great shower and loads and loads of laughs. I was shocked that my sister from Vegas actually drove out here for the shower because she’s usually scarce during our family functions so it was a pleasant surprise when she showed up Saturday morning.

This weekend was action packed but I had a blast and am so glad that we had the shower, that Pete and Tiffany got the rest of the things they needed and it was good to see Tiffany enjoy herself and just let loose. She’s like, “You guys are crazy for a bunch of Mormons who don’t drink!” She couldn’t believe we have that much fun being SOBER, girl…it’s not about the alcohol, it’s about the company and we’re great company, I tell ya! haha. Pete was a good sport and he entertained us with his dancing and his jokes, so all in all it was a great day. So great that it took me ALL of Sunday to recoup from all of my fun on Saturday. haha.

My Weekend.

9 10 2006

This weekend, my team lost again. But, I’m not too worried about the loss, since it was ONE girl that didn’t listen to a thing we practiced last week and I know that the other girls were really mad at her for the loss, so I know they’ll work even harder next week to get a win. Yes, the problem child was Meghan. Ugh, she’s so damn lazy and if I didn’t have to play her, then I wouldn’t. She didn’t come to practice at all last week and at the game, she cried about wanting to be the goalie, so I put her in as goalie for the last quarter, thinking she couldn’t wreak havoc in just ten minutes…but I was wrong. She let 4 goals pass by her, didn’t even attempt to catch the balls and we lost, 4-1. She’s lucky I’m a forgiving sort, or I would’ve choked her out. We were winning the entire time and then the four goals were scored and the game ended.

I was only disappointed for my other girls, who wanted the win so badly. Oh well. Better luck next time, the girls had fun though and I’ve got to say, my team is the prettiest of the bunch too, all of the cutie girls are on my time, LOL.

After the games, my sisters and I went to Tiffany’s baby shower, you know the shower for her side of the family, remember from all this drama. Well, that baby shower was this past Saturday and we went to represent our side of the family, since my Mom couldn’t make it. They had palagi food and palagi games, so you know our Samoan asses went to eat AFTER the party AGAIN. LOL. But it was a pretty good turn out, not too big and not too small, ua just right. Pete is a definite keeper to them. They all love him and had nothing but good things to say about my brother. So that was good. When we first got there though, you can tell that the Step Mom was a bit attitudy that we actually showed up, but for the most part she stayed away from us which was fine from us, we weren’t mean or snobbish or anything to her, so her issues are hers alone…we got along famously with Tiffany’s Dad and her real Mom, who drove up from San Diego for the party. She also made sure to tell us that she’s throwing a baby shower for Tiffany on the 29th of October and she won’t take no for an answer, she wants all of us to go to it, she hopes that we will be able to make it. We’re really going to try to get out there, because she was such a sweetheart. We were also a big hit with Tiffany’s grandparents, so all in all, we had a good time. The party was a great success in getting the families together.

After the shower, I went and did a Wal Mart run with my friend, Tita Boom. After that we went and hung out at our friend, Ralph’s house where I made a wrestling match date with his cutie roommate, Patrick (shut up Ralph and Tita, LOL) and then I got the call…from Mulu. Telling me that she’d been in an accident. She was working Saturday and just before she got off, she already got paid and was on her way out when she saw customers walk into the store and usually she would have just let our friend, Deveney take the customers but she didn’t, she walked back into the store to help them and that’s when she heard the big BOOM outside the shop. She didn’t think much of it, helped the customers and then a little bit later, she went to see what all the commotion was outside. She saw a man, cursing up a storm in the middle of the street, his car/minivan head light busted out, and then she saw a big white van speeding away and then she saw her car.

From the back, the car didn’t look beat up at all. But the car was no longer on the street anymore, but up on the sidewalk in the empty lot, sitting on top of the fallen fence, atop the barbed wire. She walked to her car and a chill ran through her, because the front of her car didn’t look as good as the back of the car.

Her drivers side door to her Explorer was smashed all the way to the passenger side door and if she didn’t go back into the shop to help those customers, she would have been INSIDE the car when the accident happened. It gave her a mean scare and by the time she was done giving her statements to the cops, she wanted to go home and go to sleep. The good thing about it all though, was even though it was a hit and run, one of Mulu’s customers chased the run away car and got the lisense plate numbers for Mulu, so that worked out in the end. Her insurance should cover the damages and Mulu will be getting a new car, but we did have a little sighing fest for the lost Explorer, I loved that car and I’m really going to miss it! I’m just really glad that I only lost the car and not the best friend…I don’t want to think about how different my life would be right now if Mulu didn’t go back into the store to help those customers.


She didn’t want us to come to the house to keep her company, she just wanted to go to sleep so we went to the movies and promised to see her the next day at Church and Lilo’s house for dinner. We went to see The Covenant which I enjoyed and will be reviewing within the next couple of days.

Sunday, we had dinner at our friend Lilo’s house and hung out, ate too much and then found some not so nifty things in our friend’s room…things better left unsaid on my blog, but yeah it was soooo not the business! Thanks Ralph, Mulu and Therese for the good times this weekend! B Nice, I hope you had a good weekend in Utah (I know you did but still)…don’t move to Utah, it’s a passing feeling, once the smog settles in your lungs again from being in L.A. you’ll forget all about the clean air in Utah…and you’ll stay here, with us! =)

Oh and Therese, you tell Becca, that she becca shut the hell up! LMAOLMAOLMAO and KP69 is SOOOOO not the business, Ewwwww, stupid bastard with his sweaty wife, poor Courtney! haha.

So all in all, had a few scares this weekend but it was a good weekend. So…What did you guys get into this weekend? Come and share with the class, won’t cha?

Some Updates, Some News and a New Blogger!

25 09 2006

So if you’re looking at my template, you’ll see that I’ve changed it. I just wanted something a little darker to go along with the changing of the seasons…I’ll go back to using my Becks template when it’s Springy again. But for now, it’s sexy woman girl at the top! THANKS CAZ!

A few things that I wanted to blog about today.

First off, I forgot to blog about the new show that I’ve been looking forward to watching which premiered last week….Six Degrees. Now, I’ve talked to Jazz about this but I wanted to see if anyone else out there watched this show. I was so excited because I was so looking forward to watching this show, it’s got a lot of cool people on there, like home girl, you know crazy psycho bitch from Swim Fan and then Jay Hernandez and then the other girl from that one movie, the pretty girl (can you tell I forgot her name?)…there was just so much workin’ for it from the previews, now I don’t know if it was just the first show, because it was the first episode and they had to get all of that stuff, all the introductions and what not out of the way, but I couldn’t follow a hot damn thing and then I just gave up because there was too many damn people to keep track of in the first fifteen minutes. For me, it was Six Degrees of BORING! The beginning of the show dragged and I couldn’t pay attention long enough to get a feel of the show, it didn’t suck me right in like Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy and even Desperate Housewives did the first season. The show just pretty much sucked for me and I wanted to see if anyone else watched this and liked it or what not? So….did anyone see this show? What are your thoughts on this show? Hook a sister up will ya? hehe.

Next up on my blogging plate today is some soccer news! WE WON! WE WON! Now, I must explain. Before the season started, the league had a Team Parent Meeting and I attended that and boy was I intimidated by some of the other coaches who came to the meeting in their soccer uniforms. One guy in particular, he just looked like he would be the best soccer coach, EVER! He asked all the right questions, he GAVE some really great answers and so when I found out that it was HIM that my team would be playing this weekend, my sister had to give ME a pep talk about us winning the game and that even if we didn’t win the game that it was okay because all that mattered was the girls having a good time. And it was funny to because my soccer friend from last week came and told me that we’re going to cream that team, so I didn’t need to worry. Their words seemed to help me because I put my team out there and we WON! We were leading the game, the entire time too…1-0. The goal scored by my little defensive bullet, Gabby…who just happens to be the tiniest girl on my team, but she is the best defensive player I’ve seen her age, that little girl let’s NOTHING get near our goal and she’s also responsible for all the injuries at our practices and at the games. We kept them at bay throughout most of the game and then right before the game ended, my niece Cheridan scored another goal, pulling us way ahead of the other team, 2-0. The game ended and I was euphoric! Talk about, my head is getting big! I need to calm the hell down. HA! So yeah, I was really proud of my girls this weekend, maybe I’m not the worst coach after all….haha.

Some other great news, The Dodgers won! Now, I won’t profess to be some major sports fanatic because I’m not, I enjoy sports but not enough to be an enthusiast. But I AM a Dodger fan, because well duh, they’re an L.A. Team, and I was glad to see that they won their game last night, 5-1 against Arizona Diamond Backs which keeps us from losing ground on the San Diego Padres, who are leading the National League West. GREAT GREAT NEWS for Dodger fans, which my family is!

And last but not least…my friend Ralph has joined the ranks of us bloggers. I can’t wait to keep reading his blog, which is called The Daily Fix. He’s one of the funniest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing MY ENTIRE LIFE, so go on over to his blog and show him some love, will you? I promise, he doesn’t bite. He’s good people for real and I know you’ll come to love him just as much as I do!


All my hugs,

Soccer Practice, Brenna’s First Day of School and a Funny Story.

8 09 2006

Yesterday was Brenna’s First day of school and as always, my sisters and I packed their school lunches, got them dittied up for school (Brenna was rockin ‘the hell out of her new preppy girl sweater and vans, TOO CUTE) I only took one picture but was a group picture, as soon as I upload them, maybe I’ll share them maybe I won’t, the won’t will probably be because I forgot to share them so yeah, whatever…sorry.

We walked them to school, as we always do on the first day of school and then we hung out, met their different teachers, played with their friends (we’re the cool Moms at school) and then we kissed them bye, wished them a good day and then we all went to breakfast, as we always do on the first day of school. It’s a ritual we started their Kindergarten year, so that we can postpone going to work. Good times, as always cracking jokes with my sisters.

She came home with plenty stories to tell me about how her cutie patootie friend, Ryan likes her but she likes Devin (personally I’d rather she liked Ryan because he’s cuter and taller than her, but hey it’s not me!) and then she told me about a new friend she made, how much she likes her teacher and all that other stuff, it was cute.

Then we went to soccer practice and the cuteness wore off.

It seems that I’m going to be blogging about soccer a lot these days.

It’s what I spend most of my time doing, if I’m not getting spreadsheets together for the Team Roster, I’m trying to locate our Game Schedule which has still not been emailed to me as previously promised by our Division Coordinator, Jerry you better open a can of Act Right, HELLO our games start next week. Sheesh. If I’m not doing all of that, I’m mapping out practice plans, going over my notes that I make at soccer practice to see which player would be good at which position or I’m AT soccer practice getting frustrated because the girls on my team would rather be picking wildflowers in the grass then listening to my instructions on what drill we’re going to be doing.

I don’t know how Coaches who’ve been coaching for so many years do it. I wanted to strangle all of those girls last night, my daughter in particular. I’m starting to really see the crap I’ve gotten myself into, but I actually do enjoy coaching, who knew?

Okay anyway, something funny that happened to my nephew yesterday.

My nephew, Chance just started his first year of Middle School yesterday and the boy was hella excited. I mean, he was ready at 7am (school doesn’t start until 8:15am) and he had already eaten breakfast, he was packed and ready to go. He gets to school and he sees all of his friends from Elementary School, he hangs out with his older, cooler sister and everything was going great, until he had to go to the bathroom…really bad.


He said his stomach started hurting after lunch, so he rushed to the bathroom in between classes to take a load off, I guess, I’m hella rollin while I’m typing this out because my poor nephew wanted so much to have a great day.

Well, while he’s in there, he hears other boys come in and because his stomach hurt too much, he didn’t care if they heard, or if they smelled it, he just kept right on going, when he finished, he cleaned himself up and turned to flush the toilet.

Only the water in the toilet didn’t go down, it came up, and kept right on coming up, until it was spilling out all over the floor, on his shoes, drenching his backpack which he had thrown on the floor, he said he didn’t hear anyone, but his heart was pounding so hard, he probably wouldn’t have been able to hear anyone anyway.

He said, that he stayed int he stall for what seemed like hours but was only a few short minutes, until he knew no one was in the bathroom, he said no one was in there when he got out nor did he hear anyone talking about all the water on the floor, so he booked the hell out of the bathroom and ran to the office, he had to throw away all of his stuff in his backpack, because it was all dirty nasty, but he said he almost cried because he didn’t want anyone to witness his embarrassment.

Oh gosh, I’m laughing so hard right now, what a way to remember his first day of Middle School, huh?

Hahahaha…alright, I’ll be back to post the Eye Candy Friday post, because I can’t right now.

My First Soccer Practice…and Random News.

2 09 2006

So I went to soccer practice last night and it went well. Because have you guys seen that movie, Kicking and Screaming? Remember, Will Ferrell’s Dad in that movie, remember how he had those menacing players who were the team to beat?

That’s exactly how my team isn’t.

My team is more like Will Ferrell’s team on Kicking and Screaming. What were they called, The Blue Tigers? Or something like that…yeah, that’s my team.

But, I don’t even care because the kids on my team are so cute and too funny…and oh so nice.

I say this because I’m a single mother and Brenna has never met her father, it’s something he didn’t want, or was ready for and so for Brenna’s entire life, it’s been me, her and my family. I won’t say that I’ve raised her entirely by myself because I have had my family to lean on from the very beginning, which is something that not all single mother’s have, so I’m very grateful to them and I’m lucky in the sense that Brenna is genuinely happy with her life, she doesn’t seem too bothered by the fact that she doesn’t have a father and everyone else that she’s close with does, when she’s asked where her father is or who her father is, she doesn’t make stories up or lie about who her father is, she is blunt and to the point. But I do worry about her sometimes though, because she’s only asked me once about her Father and I was as honest with her as I could be and because I was crying when I told her, she ended up comforting me instead of the other way around, telling me that she didn’t need a Dad cause she had Papa Joe and the rest of her Uncles. She’s never brought up her Dad again and it makes me wonder if she’s really okay with not having one or if she doesn’t want to ask me again because it would upset me…but anyway, that’s for another time, back to my story.

Last night at soccer practice, there was only one girl on the team that both my daughter and niece knew from school and so as the girls were getting to know each other, they were all standing in a group, just kinda talking amongst themselves, one of the girls said to Brenna, “Your Mom is our coach?” when Brenna said yes, she asked, “Well, where’s your Dad?”

Brenna’s response was, “I don’t have one.”

The little girl, her name is Mikayla mulled that one over in her head and then asked Brenna, “Do you ever miss not having a Dad?”

I was trying really hard not to cry because I know this can’t be easy for Brenna, but I didn’t want to butt into their conversation so I waited to see what Brenna was going to say and she said, “I don’t know, I never had one before.”

At this point, I thought the girl was going to bust a Mean Girls on my baby and I was ready to, I don’t know what I was ready to do but I continued setting up my cones and what not for the drill that I was going to make them do, when I saw the girl pull Brenna into a hug but I couldn’t hear what she said and then the next thing I knew, her and Brenna were laughing and playing again. Of course, my niece came up to me and told me all about the conversation and then said, “Aunty, I was ready to punch her if she said something mean to Brenna.” Which made me laugh all the more.

My practice turned out really great! Our warm up needs work as do our drills, but it was mostly because I got a lot of the first year players, none of them knew how to dribble the ball, pass the ball or control the ball. So, I know that I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me this season, but because the girls are so cute and they totally look up to me, I’m going to try my best to do right by these girls and I roped my sister into being my Team Mom, so I don’t have to worry about anything but practices and games, which shouldn’t be too hard since I know the game.

But still, wish me luck guys, I’m going to need it!

This weekend is going to be very busy for me, I have dinners with friends, desserts with other friends, picnics planned with ALL of the friends but most importantly is tonight is my nephew’s first game, starting on the Varsity Team of his high school. I’m going to the game with the rest of my family to cheer him on, so GO TARTARS!

Alright, I’ve got the Eye Candy Friday post to post, that’ll be up soon, and before I forget…HAPPY LABOR DAY! to all of my homie gee loccs around the web, I hope you guys enjoy your day off from work…

And I think that’s it…blog with all ya’ll laterz….Dylan.