My Top Ten Highlights of the Weekend…

8 10 2007

…with the kids.

So this weekend, Blanche and Ron were out of town at Ron’s cousin’s wedding and I had to stay home with the kids which on Friday, I wasn’t too excited about but I have survived another weekend with a billion kids and a trillion soccer games to attend and have lived to tell about it. I had a blast with the kids and here are the top ten highlights of my weekend.

1. Brenna’s team won their soccer game 6-0.
2. Chaylene did an awesome job at her game playing defense…if they were giving out MVP trophies that day, Chay Chay totally would have gotten it, even though her team lost 4-2. She did GREAT!
3. Cheridan lost her game too but man that girl is a total ditz when it comes to playing soccer…we were coaching her on the sidelines and everytime she missed the ball, she’d look at us at scream, “OOPS! SORRY!” LOL.
4. Makenna walked around the park for a good two hours with a big ol’ dirt stain on her pants that made it look like she had an accident, LOL.
5. Meghan took over the care of little Ahbrey, so I didn’t have to change any diapers or feed her any bottles, WOO HOO!
6. Chase peed in the cooler before we headed home, just because. (I swear this boy has a serious problem going to the potty).
7. Chaylene and Brenna took over the nightly feeding of Ahbrey and rocking her to sleep since Ahbrey spent the night, I didn’t have to wake up because they had it under control..I’m telling you, I scored big time having the kids around this weekend.
8. Cheridan having an accident from laughing too hard on the floor. She had to go and shower because we were laughing at her and she kept saying, “Stop laughing you guys, it’s horrible, I peed on the floor from laughing too much you silly girls!”
9. Chase winning the bet with his Dad, letting him go to Pete’s house to spend the night. His reaction was priceless, “HAHAHAHA DAD YOU LOSE I WIN, PEACE OUT I’M GOING TO PETE’S HOUSE!” And then running to catch Tiffany, who….LEFT HIM!

And the best thing that had me laughing….

10. Finishing watching General Conference to see that Cheridan gave my Mom a faux hawk!

LOL, so yeah, I had a lot of kids this weekend but I also had a definite blast with them as well! Oh gosh, I love my kids!