Wishing My Team Luck…

4 05 2006

…The Lakers. Tonight is Game 6 in the NBA Playoffs for the Los Angeles Lakers, and since yours truly was born and raised in L.A. I was raised a Laker fan, will always be a Laker fan, through the good seasons and the bad seasons, I’ll always be a Laker fan.

And since I’m a really big Laker fan, it’s no surprise that I despise Shaquille O’Neal, he gets on my hot damn nerves, if I was big enough I’d stomp on his big ass with my shoe, but since I can’t, I’ll just close one eye and stare at his picture and pretend I’m smashing him with my fingers!

But anyway, I digress…sorry. I just wanted to wish my boys a good game against the Phoenix Suns, right now I’m totally hating on Steve Nash because his jump shots from the three point line are no joke!

And Bell better check himself because we’re back on our turf, so we’ll be watching his clotheslining our star player ass…shoot.

Let’s go Lakers!!! End this series tonight and let’s see who’s really the best team in L.A. next round, so all you Clipper fans, watch out…hehe.