Big Brother and My Other Shows.

2 08 2006

Today is going to be a good day of shows, I’m hoping. We have the season finale for The Hills. Will Lauren stay in L.A. with Jason or will she take Lisa up on her offer to travel to Paris? It’s painstakingly obvious that Lauren is going to choose Paris over Jason and in true Jason form, he’s not going to be happy for her, because you know, this IS all about Lauren’s career, but becuase he’s an ass, he’s going to be pissed off and probably write her off while she’s gone and go on her merry way with other beach bunnies until LC gets back and then they’ll be able to pick up where they left off…or maybe not, who knows, I could be completely wrong about Jason, but LC needs a new boy toy, because Jason is so last season and well, though I liked him last season in LB (that’s short for Laguna Beach for those of you who aren’t in the know), when he kissed Jessica in front of LC and then LIED about it, my like for him went POOF and was gone and now that he’s back with LC, I can’t help but want him GONE from the picture so that LC could hook up with someone, hotter and someone NOT him.

We shall see what happens tonight, I actually can’t wait.

The other show that I’m looking forward to watch tonight is actually one of the most popular shows for my age group this summer, So You Think You Can Dance? There are three couples left, we find out who is partnered with who, what they’ll be dancing and then we get to see the learned routines. Although I really like all of the people still in the competition, I think tonight is the end of the road for Ivan (boo hoo) and Natalie (shit).

It appears that Donyelle and Heidi have a bigger fan base than sexy Natalie, I don’t understand it since I thought Natalie would be the favorite, but she’s not. She’s been voted into the bottom two for the last few weeks, so I think this week she’s done.

If things were up to me, this is how I would finish off the show:

Top 2 Men
Travis & Benji
Top 2 Women
Heidi & Natalie

Going Home Tonight:
Donyelle & Ivan

Damn, I can’t wait to see this show, Jazz this post serves as your reminder to watch the show tonight, alrighty?

Now on to why Jazz has to watch my show tonight…last week, I promised Jazz that if I watched her Big Brother show, she had to watch my So You Think You Can Dance show…you see, we both watch a lot of TV and if we don’t have someone to gush with about our shows, we get all kinds of pissed off about it, so Jazz and I made our deal and now we have to keep our end of the bargain.

Now last night, I watched Big Brother with her and Grace on the phone. At first, it was hard to follow because I don’t know what the hell a Head of Household is or what the hell a Power of Veto thing is either.

But with Jazz’s help, by the end of the show I knew who was who and I knew that Janelle was a stupid shit who James is going to rip apart. What a stupid ass, you could totally tell that Will and Boogie were playing her and when they did that little bit at the end, with their little pretend phone calls to each other, I shook my head because Janelle is one stupid shit. Because she went against the team, she destroyed the team and James is gunning to boot her ass out of the house now, he’s starting a revolution ya’ll…Janelle better beware!

So far, I like James, I think Howie is a cutie patootie but dude, KAYSAR IS WHERE ITS AT, I think he’s hot stuff, all hot and unassuming and just an all out stud. I like him…a lot. hehe. I can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow night to see who gets evicted.

And all you Real World watcher people out there, do you guys like Tyler? I do, even though he can be a total ass, but I’m the only person in my hood who still tolerates his ass, so I’m wondering, I mean the whole you can’t come to my marathon thing was the stupidest thing EVER, especially after last week when you were telling John just how much his relationship with him made him want to renew his relationship with his own brother and they had their little moment and shit, then Tyler goes all snobby on everyone and says, they can come because they told me that they wanted to come, I didn’t tell them to come but since they want to come, they can…what the hell kind of shit is that? Retard.



The Real World: Tyler.

21 06 2006

In every Real World Season, there’s a gay person and this season of The Real World is no different. The only difference between this season and the previous seasons is I didn’t really care for the gay people that were on the show before, well I should correct this by saying I either didn’t care for them and have since forgotten they existed or I couldn’t stand them.

I mean, last season I can’t even remember if there WAS a gay person on the show, was there? If there was, I have since forgotten since the majority of the show was taken up by Danny and Mellinda making goo goo eyes at each other which now makes me gag and Johanna and Wes being all cute and retarded in their soon to be relationship. But anyway, in the season before the Austin show, we had two gay guys in the house, Willie who I thought was just “okay” and then we had Karamo who I couldn’t stand. Gosh Karamo got on my hot damn nerves, before him we have such Real World Alumni’s like Dan from RW Miami, Simon from RW Paris, Chris from RW Chicago and on and on. Those guys were the bomb diggity, but I have got to say that this season’s Real World has the BESTEST gay guy ever, I swear they were on the money when they cast Tyler to be on this show because Tyler brings an element of entertainment to the show that would have been sadly lacking if he was not on the show.

He’s such a diva that I just love it. He is what he is and he makes no excuse for himself. On top of how snobby he is (which I should hate but don’t), he’s hysterical. He’s not a troublemaker, okay well he is a little bit because he’s such a prick to Fitz, but gosh Fitz walks right into the crap that Tyler dishes out to her. I mean, it’s almost as if this is the way things are supposed to be, Tyler was sent to the house to make us the viewers laugh our tails off because he seriously cracks me up.

He’s not mean spirited or a bad hearted person, he’s just got the brash personality that only people who don’t take themselves too seriously would understand and love. He’s got a razor sharp wit and will pound you with his words if you’re on the receiving end of his words. I understand completely. He’s one of my favorite people on the show this season.

Last night’s episode was a good one. The roommates are told that they have evacuate to Key West because Hurricane Wilma is pounding down hard on Florida so they have leave and get to Fort Lauderdale (sp?), so they go and they have a good time over there, they’re playing at the beach and then going to the club later that night, no hurricane is going to get in the way of their party time, they all go out and have a good time.

Of course as with every time they go out, Paula gets roaring drunk but she’s okay, she’s not attacking anyone, until they start teasing her (okay making fun) of the fact that Paula is actually downstairs hanging out with them and not upstairs with her other half, Fitz. See, if they were doing that kind of teasing to Fitz it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but we’re dealing with emotional Paula here, she makes a big ass deal out of it and takes it out on….Tyler.

Wrong person to take your frustrations out because didn’t I mention that Tyler’s tongue is harsh and fast? Well he is and if you turn on him, after he’s been nothing but nice to you, you just tossed your feelings card down and he’s going to anihilate your ass. At first, he’s trying to understand what’s going on, what was said that hurt her feeflings? He actually looks like he cares, as he’s up there trying to calm her down but in true Paula fashion, she blows the hell up and starts yelling at Tyler about what he did, he made fun of her and blah blah blah (she totally said KISS.MY.ASS. too, I swear!) and Tyler, dumbstruck looks at her and just blows up too. They get into this big ol’ argument and Paula starts her little hyperventilating bit and the girls try to calm her down while John takes Tyler out of the room and tell him to be the bigger man and let her be mad and things will work themselves out.

She flips out because Tyler called her a crazy bitch. She starts getting all crazy and stuff and Tyler is throwing his attitude right back and I shouldn’t have laughed but when Tyler was gone making fun of Paula downstairs with John and Zack, I thought it was frickin’ hilarious, me and my sister H were rollin’. Only Tyler could make us laugh when they’re in the middle of a full blown out meltdown and what not.

Next week’s episode is Tyler fighting with Fitz again, now this is usually where the good stuff is, Tyler and Fitz. Oh I love the drama there. Can’t wait to see what Tyler brings to the table this time around….

Ooh, I can’t wait!

The Real World: Paula.

17 05 2006

This girl really bugs me. She’s this puny little girl with an eating disorder, she weighs like 2 pounds and thinks that if she eats ANYTHING, she’ll get fat. I could really slap this bitch, ya dig?

I mean look at her…is she kidding me? People like this is what’s wrong with the world today. Where on earth is the fat she swears she sees on her body which makes her NOT want to eat real food? Yeah, she’s got a problem and I’m probably being mean to her because I don’t know what’s REALLY bothering her or I don’t know the root of all of her evils, but gosh during last night’s episode of Real World, I wanted to smack this bitch upside her damn head.

I really don’t understand why people would WANT to sign up to have their lives taped, picked to live in a house with 7 other strangers. Because, all they do is party it up, get drunk and then act really stupid when they get home, or in Paula’s case, make asses of themselves in the car on their way home from the bar.

The thing that pisses me off about Paula is that aside from the overuse of the phrase, “Kiss my Ass!” which she says every frickin’ two minutes, she attacks Johnny Bananas with her tired ass, “I’m Johnny Bananas, I have a small penis and my nuts are the size of walnuts”, she totally blows up about John, talking all her smack about him and when he can’t take it anymore and starts clowning back, ohhhhh she starts hyperventilating and crying and making John out to be the bad guy and then anyone who tries to talk some sense into her, she blows up on them with the same tired ass line, “You can Kiss my ass too!”

Bitch please.

You look stupid as all hell, so just do yourself a favor, stop drinking because when you do, you look like the ass that you are…and don’t even get me started on her stupid retarded sounding voice when she gets drunk, it’s gets all high pitchy and she sounds like she’s freaking 3 years old and if that’s not annoying enough, she calls her ex boyfriend Keith and bitches to him about how everyone in the house is mean to her and blah blah blah…

Shut the hell up already because you’re a dumb bitch.

And the thing about it all is in the morning, she feels stupid about it all and is always asking, “Did I start it?”

Of course you started it, you dumb bitch. No one’s got it out for you, you bring all of the drama upon yourself, quit being such a damn crybaby, deal with your issues and keep your issues to yourself, because blaming Johnny Bananas for being mean to you makes you look like a pathetic excuse of a human being, get over it already…no one cares enough about you to have it out for you, you’re ruining everyone’s good time at the house, so go home already….or get some help and STOP DRINKING, dumb ass!

But then again…like Poot said in Stick It, “Every party has a pooper…”

…I guess that’s why they invited Paula.

MTV: The Real World: Key West.

1 03 2006

So, last night I was watching American Idol, but nobody was wowing me so I turned it over to my other must see channel, MTV and the casting special for the newest Real World was just about starting, I left it there while I scribbled in my planner about how many people Brenna wanted to come over for her little birthday get together on Friday night.

I haven’t been in the know about the latest group of 7 picked to live in a house, where they stop being polite and start getting real, the real world but as I tried to tune out the noise that was the TV and read my book, Over the Edge by Suzanne Brockmann, I couldn’t help glancing up at the television screen and laughing at some of the things one of the room mates, John did on his audition tape, the dude actually dressed up as Scooby Doo and goofed around. I instantly began crushing on him, what a cutie pie he is and dude, I just found him on myspace. I swear I wasn’t internet stalking him, I swear it.

This season’s bunch seemed pretty tame, doesn’t look like too much will be happening, or so I thought.

By the time the actual show started, my book was long forgotten and I was sitting up on the couch with my blanket snuggled around me. My eyes were glued to the TV and I knew without a doubt that I would once again be glued to the TV every Tuesday night for this season, just like I was, last season…

The show started with Hurricane Katrina holding up the room mates from actually meeting. The roads were horrible, the weather was fierce and no one could travel anywhere. So, after all that crap, they finally get to be on their way to their luxurious house and meet their other fab room mates.

My crush, John meets up with the house diva, Janelle and they converse and meet up with the other room mate, Zack. Zack totally reminds me of Seth Cohen from the O.C. just not as lean but uber cute with his little jew fro and happy go lucky personality. Everyone’s getting along and they all board a boat, yacht or whatever and they sail off to their new house and then we see Tyler meet up with the house “slut”, the Russian girl, Svetlana. They’re flying over to their new house and she’s having issues with that, I guess home girl is scared of flying little planes, but whatever she gets her happy ass on that plane and they take off. Then Paula, the house blonde meets up with Jose, who is another cutie (not usually my type, but dude this Latino is cutie) and room mate. They meet up in Miami and are given the task of driving the house car over to their new home, everything is fine, they all meet up at the house which is as always, INCREDIBLE and they all just laugh, talk, get to know each other.

That night, they all go out bar hopping or whatever and we discover that Paula has an eating disorder…blah! She’s crying because John is cracking jokes about how she needs to feed her body and then he’s flirting with Svetlana and she looks like she gets jealous so she’s outside and pretty boy, Zack comes to the rescue.

The whole show was decent, I guess for a season premiere but it was funny how at the beginning of the show, I was hella crushing on John but by the show’s end, I had switched camps and have developed a soft spot for Zack.

I can’t wait til next week to see what happens then…woo hoo!!

Izzy, say you’ll watch this show with me, say you will???? I need a gushing partner dammit!