MTV: The Real World/Road Rules Challenge Inferno III

24 04 2007

Alright, so I’ve watched this show faithfully over the past seasons because it’s my #1 guilty pleasure and I’ve got to say that this show already is shaping up to be one of the most drama filled and best shit around shows EVAH.


I’m talkin’ real shit too.

I mean, the first night in the house, CT gets kicked out and has to go home. Like Davis said, “He spent more time on the plane than he did in Africa,” LMAO LMAO LMAO!

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about…hehe.

I need to break down the players in this game because in three shows it has seriously cracked me the hell up.

Now on with the Good Guys.

Ace: Holy crap, I have always loved me some Ace. He’s got that southern charm and is so hot damn goofy that you can’t help but cheer him on. He’s never really apart of the drama, he truly is one of the good guys. I swear, I never get tired of watching this guy on tv because the past like 3 seasons of the challenge, he ALWAYS messes up and has to go home before I’m ready for him to go home. I really thought that he was going to prove himself in that ladder competition, but LMAO in true Ace form, he goofed up the mission and got disqualified. Oh my goodness, that poor Ace. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table this season, I hope he gets to stick around a lot longer to show us what he’s workin’ with because if anyone deserves to stay around in Africa, it’s friggin’ Ace.

Alton: A true leader, that’s what Alton. He’s not the oldest person on his team but he is the one that everyone looks up to. The one that everyone goes to for direction and I really do like Alton because he’s such a good guy. He’s always there with a listening ear and no matter what, he brings IT to every mission and he’s never one to turn on his teammates. He shows true leadership every week and he’s a great example to the other men on his team. I was really shootin’ for him to win the ladder mission against Abe because good gosh Abram gets on my hot damn nerves with all of his cockiness and just big headedness. Abe swears he’s the best in every damn thing and I really want Alton to put that stupid asshole in his place. Seriously. GO ALTON GO!

Davis: Davis, Davis, Davis. Got himself clocked in the eye on the first night by a very drunken CT, who then got sent home because Davis was in the bathroom rubbing his eye and trying desperately not to cry and Alton, John and the rest of the men on the Good Guys team wanted to see his ass gone. I don’t really have a problem with Davis but I don’t really think he’s got much to offer the Good Guys. I mean, on the Billy Bad Asses Team you’ve got lots of people who mean business and we’ve seen their business in the previous seasons of The Challenge. I mean, seriously they’ve got the likes of Abram, Dirty Derek, Disgusting Danny and really, honestly, Davis doesn’t really measure up. He’s too nice and too squeaky clean, but it’ll be interesting to see what he does bring to the table this season and to see how long he lasts but so far, to me, he’s the Sunjaya of the Challenge…

Johnny Bananas: Johnny Bananas, in every season of the Real World, I’ve had a house crush on ONE of the guys in the house and in The Real World: Key West, Johnny Bananas started out as my house crush. He didn’t end up my house because that title went to Zack but I love me some Johnny, I think he’s such a cutie patootie and he’s strong, he proved it in the first few missions and I look forward to what crackhead antics Johnny will get himself into with this season of the Challenge…holy cow I can’t wait to see the sparks fly with this guy. Bring it Johnny, I wanna see what you’ve got. He proved to be a good guy by making sure that Davis still had his eye after CT did his best to knock it out of his head and he did show great teammanship (is that a word?) when he showed how pissed off he was at CT for doing it in the first place…yeah, I like you, John and I want you to stick around but please, stay away from the ugly words with Paula, we don’t want a repeat of that episode, alrighty?

Grandpa Timmy: Grandpa Timmy told it like it was in the first episode when he told us that MTV wanted him to come on the show as a chaperone. LOL. He’s like 60 years old compared to everyone else on the show but I actually think he has more to offer than Davis but seriously, nobody else will come back on this show that you have to keep bringing Timmy back? I mean seriously….but if you ask me, I’d take Grandpa Timmy over Stank Hoe Beth any day, because I think Beth should never ever come back and grace the little screen on the Challenge anymore because she gets on my hot damn nerves. Timmy is the bomb though, he’s calm and level headed and he can get the job done so I’m not mad that he’s back, I don’t really want to see him come back AGAIN but I’m not mad that he’s here…

Cara: This girl is a good girl? Yeah I guess, compared to the likes of Tonya, Skank Slut Jen from Denver, she’s pretty much an angel. LOL. Cara, I don’t really care for, don’t care what she brings to the show, what she doesn’t bring to the show, she’s just there and I have to watch her…I won’t be mad when she goes home that’s for sure.


Colie: This crackhead Mono chick is on this show and I didn’t like watching her on the Denver show and I’m not really caring about watching her on this one. I miss the days of Veronica and Rachel and all those other hoey girls but I guess it’s time for the newer girls to shine because they’re not back. I don’t care about Colie, I don’t care who she’s kissing, who she’s beating to get ahead in the game, I’m just counting the days down until she’s gone…and then I won’t have to not want to care about her because I’ll go back to not caring about her since that’s how I prefer…

Paula: Paula, holy crap, a cool ocean breeze can blow this girl over but I’ve got to say that she do be holding her own against the other girls so I wouldn’t count Paula out just yet…but seriously, I miss Svetlana, she was the bomb! Why didn’t they bring her back? Or Wes, I miss those guys…but oh well, we get stuck with Paula…alright Paula, you better bring it before Janelle lays your ass out.

Okay, I hated this broad on her season of the Real World, although at the moment, I can’t remember which one she was on, was it Austin? I think so, with Wes and Johanna and disgusting Danny. I didn’t like her then and I really don’t care for her in this show, so yeah…moving on.

Susie: Another girl that I just don’t care about. Blah. Bring on the bad asses.

Alright, this is a really long post so I’m gonna cut it into two different posts, so I’ll be back with the posts with my thoughts on the Billy Bad Asses later…that’s the team with all my homie gee loccs in them and I just love me some Kenny, who’s a bad ass too, but holy cow, he’s a FINE ASS bad ass!

So yeah, I’ll be back with that post but holy wow…I love this show, is there anyone else out there in Bloglandia that watches this show? What team are you rootin’ for and which contestant drives you bat shit? Which cast member do you really like and all that other good stuff?


Monday Night Round Up.

17 01 2006

So, if you don’t know by now, let me fill you in on a little something….I, Dylan Bauer am a tv junkie.

Like my friend, Holly. I can easily become a hermit, no problem. As long as I have access to my TV shows, my books and my internet, I am happy as a bug. So, now you’re in the know.

Last night, I watched some really great TV. (okay not really, but damn the two shows that I watched were hottie filled and boy oh boy was I happy as a clam last night).

First up:

The Bachelor: Paris.
Oh gosh, so I forgot to watch it last week (was home, was just wishing that it was March already so that Prison Break would be back on, GOSH!), so this week, I was pleasantly surprised when they showed both the first and second episodes, so I was able to catch up on what I missed.

Great stuff, I think. *snicker*

Let’s see, a mini round up of the important girls.


Cute girl, she seemed genuinely happy to be there, and she was equally smitten with Travis, was bummed that she didn’t get a rose, last night. DAMMIT Travis, what is your prob? Sheesh…Moana over Cole? Let’s be real now…Moana gives me the creeps!


Another cute girl, and she seems to be the one I’m pulling for right now, I’m pulling for her right now because she hasn’t done anything so scandalous to cause me to remove her from my list…should she show signs of being a little hoody who, I will quickly remove her from my list and then hope against hope that Travis realizes he made a mistake and bring Cole back. A girl could hope right? She’s in the lead, for girl I want to win Travis’ heart right now…but I’ve got my eye on her…last night, it was her birthday, she told Travis about it, so he made it special for her, by getting her a birthday cake and spending some alone time with her, how sweet! Such a McDreamy thing to do (and I would expect nothing less from the REAL Dr. McDreamy, because he most certainly is McDreamy!), Trav looked so pissed last night when their little intimate dinner was crashed by the two girls who already had a rose and were safe. It should be interesting to see how those two skanks fare next week…(Tara and Gihan whatever the heck her name is).

Sarah Canada.

Okay this girl is a bit of a freak to me. I’m sure she’s really nice on the show, off the camera or whatever, but they make her look like a freaking stalker on the show. The girl was on a mission to kiss Travis last night, and thank goodness, Travis didn’t let her complete her mission, I would have been so disappointed had he given into the urge and kissed her. Oh goodness, the little hooker wouldn’t rest until Trav told her that if he was going to kiss anyone, it would be her. She swears she’s not the only one preening for his attention. I can’t wait to see what other dramatics she brings to the show, she looks like a little fast mama, but we shall see…


Whoa, was this girl kooky or what? I mean, talk about odd. She was the very definition of the word. The girl cut her orange peel into little teeth and put it in her mouth and made funny little noises with her mouth, was that really supposed to be cute? It made me want to vomit in the most embarrassing way. This girl seriously wasn’t the girl for Travis, she should’ve been on the Bachelor: The Circus and not The Bachelor: Paris. She probably would have had more luck.

And last but not least…friggin’ Allie G.

Oh my holy heckness, this girl took the cake in the loony flavor. All this talk about reproduction…..ON THE FIRST DATE? Whoa nelly. It was no wonder the dumb broad didn’t get a rose. Who does that shat? Allie G. She’s so smart, she’s a doctor, it costs her $1,500 a day to be there, good thing she didn’t last that long, did she? She needs to do surgery….on herself, dig around in that thick skull of hers and find her damn brain. Because as smart as she claims to be, she’s really dumb.

So, as of last night, there are 8 girls left. And of the 8 girls left, I only remember like three of them. The rest of the girls, are all just BLAH to me. But then again, this is only the second episode, now the real drama can start…woo hooo.

Left in the bucket: Jehan, Jennifer, Moana, Sarah Canada, Schoolteacher Sarah, Shiloh, Susan, Tara.

Kicked to the curb: Elizabeth, Kristen, Yvonne and my favorite, Cole.

Let’s knock them out, Travis.

Next up:

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet II.

Boy oh boy, was it a good one last night, not only did the Rookies win (woo hoo, I love me some Ace, but gosh I’m really pulling for the Rookies to win it all, because I can’t stand Derek and Brad and OMGosh, someone shoot Aneesa between her eyes already? I mean seriously…can’t stand the beezo!

But anyway, so last night…The challenge is a rick-shaw relay, but the Veteran team has to pick two people to sit out of this challenge and be exempt from the Gauntlet. An argument starts between Beth and Montana, because beezo’s don’t want to run in the race, Montana wins out and sits the challenge out with Syrus. The Rookies find themselves ten thousand dollars richer in their combined bank account and the Rookie Captain, Kina is safe from this week’s Gauntlet. So, this puts Ruthie in the Gauntlet, the team votes a very vocal and bitchy Beth into the Gauntlet and the hottie show host, TJ Lavin spins the Gauntlet wheel, which lands on the thing that gives Beth (I forgot what it’s called) choice of event. She picks Reverse Tug of War, and since she’s like fifty pounds heavier than Ruthie, the boys on the Veteran teams start crapping in their pants….hehe. Beth shocks everyone on her team, by winning the Gauntlet and becoming their new Women’s Captain, giving Ruthie twenty minutes to pick her shat and leave the premises…this is what the boys looked like.

Awww poor baby.

All Hail Queen Beth! *evil laugh*

It’s going to be off the chains to see how the Veteran team fares under the rule of Queen Beth. LOL.

Until next week…