Thursday Thirteen…Shows that I Can’t Get…

27 12 2007


…enough of.

I’m a TV addict. I watch entirely too much TV and to be honest, I don’t give a dang because I just love my shows. There are quite a few shows that I watch either, religiously or watch when I can but love anyway.

Here’s my list of shows that I’m watching this season:

1. The Hills. So technically, this show is done but dude, I loved me some The Hills. I loved watching Lauren go through the many different obstacles her life threw at her from her trying to prove herself at work so that she could get another shot at Paris to her feud with Heidi and Spencer and then with her budding whatever it was with Brody. I just love Lauren, she totally rocks and I heart Brody Jenner a lot…they’re so much fun and they look like they lead such glamorous lives, it’s cute.

2. One Tree Hill. Last season of One Tree Hill was my favorite season thus far but with the new season looming before us, I can only hope that this break from the OTH gang will bring with them a fantastically written 5th season, I’m so hoping for this since it’s been so long since I’ve seen the crew back together again…

3. American Idol. This is a show that I can’t wait for, it’s coming back next month with a whole new pack of Pop Star wannabe’s, I seriously hope for some new eye candy just like Chris Richardson from last he was hot stuff!

4. Brothers and Sisters. This is the show that I love to watch on Sunday nights. It’s actually the only show that I watch every Sunday but I just love the Walkers, seriously…how can you not love the Walkers?

5. Clash of the Choirs. Okay so this show finished last week but man, this show was really good…did you guys watch any of it? It was about 5 choirs competing to win money for their home towns and I was rootin’ on Team Lachey because I just heart Nick. I’m so glad that his choir won because after they did the Flight of the Bumblebee, they totally deserved that win.

6. Gossip Girl. Okay this is my big winner of the fall season for best new show. It’s like The O.C. only on the East Coast, I love the characters and I always wonder if Carrie Underwood is watching the show since she’s been linked with Chace Crawford, who plays Nate on the show…this is such a cute drama, I’m so glad that Grace pimped it to me, I lubs it a lot!

7. Pushing Daisies. I started watching this show because Izzy said that she loved it, I have since come to love Ned, Chuck and even Olive. This show is funny, cute and just addicting. I love everything about this show and seriously, Ned is a stud! =)

8. Ace of Cakes. I heart baking shows. I love to bake so the food network is one of those channels that gets a lot of attention from me because as much as I love to bake, I love watching people bake too and this show makes some of the most awesome looking cakes I’ve ever seen and watching how these cakes came to be makes for some great TV and I heart Geoff, he’s so cute!

9. October Road. Gosh but I love this show. I love Nick and I love Sam and though Hannah gets on my nerves because she’s with frickin’ Big Cat, I still like her. It’s not this big ol’ to do show that pulls out all of the stops, it’s one of those shows that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is just great entertainment with a great cast, I seriously heart this show and can’t get enough of it.

10. The Tudors. Last season, I was all about this show and Charles Brandon. Next month, this show comes back and I cannot wait to watch the new season, I hope there’s more Charles Brandon (because he’s a total fox) and I just want to see where the writers are going to take this bunch of should definitely be interesting.

11. Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood. Have you guys watched that episode with David Beckham in it? That show was frickin’ hilarious and has turned me on to this show, who knew Snoop Dogg and his family was so frickin’ hilarious…trust me, they are. Frickin’ Snoop got David frickin’ Beckham to lie to his wife, oh man it was great!

12. General Hospital. I’ve watched this show for freaking ever and I cannot get enough, speaking of, it comes on in about 15 minutes and I can’t wait to see what’s going to be on and poppin’ today in Port Charles, JASON AND LIZ are together ya’ll…YAY! Finally. But seriously, I want to see more Patrick, show me some more Patrick Drake please.

13. The Office. How can you not love the Office? Jim and Pam are finally together and the world didn’t end, goodness, that’s good TV, too bad it’s not on anymore…*sigh* I miss The Office, LOVE IT!

What shows can you not get enough of?

Thursday Thirteen: Books I’m Gonna Read…

13 12 2007


…in 2008.

I’m not talking about New Releases (well those too) but mostly I’m just going to tell ya’ll what books I WILL be reading next year, that are for sure books…that I look forward to reading next year.

1. Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts.

2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You by Judith McNaught.

3. Shadow Music by Julie Garwood.

4. The Warrior by Kinley MacGregor.

5. Voyeur by Lacey Alexander.

6. Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder.

7. Big Boned by Meg Cabot.

8. She Went All The Way by Meg Cabot.

9. On the Loose by Tara Janzen.

10. Midnight Angel by Lisa Kleypas.

11. Jemima J by Jane Green.

12. You Don’t Know Jack by Erin McCarty.

13. All Through the Night by Suzanne Brockmann.

Until next week…

Thursday Thirteen ….Christmas.

6 12 2007


This week I’m going to write about my favorite Christmas things…or the 13 things I love most about the Christmas holiday. Wish me luck.

1. Christmas Trees. I love coming home to the smell of fresh Christmas trees in the house. It always puts me in a good mood.

2. Nsync’s Happy Holidays Album. Yeah, I said it, I hecka love this album! It’s the best and I always look forward to listening to it the day after Thanksgiving and since the album came out, without fail we listen to the entire album (it’s one of those albums that I can listen to from beginning to end) and the kids make their Christmas list and we get ready for Christmas. My favorite song changes every year too, I haven’t chosen one for this year but I will…soon.

3. Christmas Ham. Man, I so look forward to the Christmas ham that my sister makes, the glaze she makes for the ham is what totally makes the entire ham so much gooey fun to eat…LOVE IT!

4. Christmas Shopping. You always get good prices on things (well if you don’t wait until the very last minute and there’s nothing left) like for Kainoa’s present, I got him a rockin’ new scooter that’s usually $50 for only $20…bargain? Pssttt, YEAH!

5. Christmas Cookies. When I was little, my Aunt and us kids used to make sugar cookies and decorate them however we wanted…it was always so much fun and we used to get flour EVERYWHERE and it was okay! haha.

6. Christmas Decorations. Our house looks great! We have mini Christmas trees lining our walk way to the front door, our Christmas lights are up and the kids even decorated with the windows and it looks like a winter wonderland and I just love it!

7. Christmas Carols. Our choir at Church is singing in our Stake’s Christmas Carol thingy they’ve got going on and when we first started practicing, I swear we sucked big donkey balls but now? Yeah, we’re actually pretty good and I’m actually pretty excited to be singing our Christmas songs…we rock!

8. Christmas Presents. In my family, as soon as you turn 18, you usually stop getting presents and it doesn’t bother me because the biggest joys I get during Christmas is watching the kids tear into their presents and the smiles, the squeals of joy and just their happiness makes all the fighting in the aisles for that very toy, the arguing with the workers for the right price totally worth it. I love watching Brenna all excited about her gifts!

9. Christmas Parties. Alright, seriously?? Our Christmas parties are always so cool and so much fun, I love having people over and drinking hot chocolate and apple cider, while we listen to Christmas music and laugh the whole night away, it’s the best, I love it!

10. Christmas gift hiding. Getting the gifts inside the house without the kids seeing always cracks me the heck up. We got caught so many times last year and me and my sister always laugh about it becuase we tried to hide all the toys but Chase saw them anyway and trying to convince him that these toys weren’t for him that we were just holding them for Santa cracks me up every time I think about it because he totally believed us until Christmas morning.

11. Christmas Program. The Christmas program that our kids put on ALWAYS makes me cry. You can see the work that they put into it and watching the kids recite their parts always makes me all teary eyed because they’re so frickin’ cute and then when they start singing the Christmas songs, I love it!

12. The True Meaning of Christmas. It’s always good to remember the real meaning of Christmas and during this time, I always ponder the gift of life and the blessings I have in my life and it always makes me smile because, I really and truly am blessed.

13. Christmas Cards! I really suck about getting these out but I love getting them, they’re always so cool and I love the Christmas cards that come with a letter from the family, letting us know what they’ve been up to this year and all that, those are always so cool…this year, Im going to try my hardest to get some cards sent out from me and Brenna. Seriously.


Thursday Thirteen: Things That Have…

15 11 2007

….made me smile this week.

I know, I haven’t written up a list in a long while but I’m hoping that will change since I’m on WordPress and can access this whenever I hot dang want to. So anyway, this week I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about thirteen things that have made me smile this week and since it was my birthday there was lots to smile about.

My list:

1. Brenna made me smile because I was reading some notes we wrote back and forth to each other in Church and she was asking me about Nathan and I jokingly told her that he doesn’t like me anymore because he said I’m not pretty. She said most seriously, “you’re pretty to me, Mom and I love you” it was so cute when she said because she gave me a hug and I smiled this week, remembering that.

2. Chase made me smile when he said, “Happy Birthday Aunty Wena, you’re so beautiful to me, I love you.” The seriousness in his voice made me smile, he’s so cute.

3. Seeing my new nephew, Brody and holding him in my arms.

4. Cheridan made me smile when she was cheering for Makenna at her game, she kept screaming, “GO MAKENNY CHESNEY!” instead of saying, “GO MAKENNA!” She’s such a crackhead, I love it.

5. The look of pure joy on Jarred’s face after his team won the League Championship game on Friday.

6. Seeing my entire family under the same roof as we came together to celebrate the new addition in our family.

7. Getting such pretty flowers from my boyfriend in Texas. =)

8. The emails and the texts and the comments that my friends sent me throughout the day of my birthday, thanks guys!

9. The cupcake cake that my best friend dropped off at FHE. She couldn’t make it to FHE but she still made time to drive over and drop off a cake and make sure that they sing happy birthday to me to make me feel special. She rocks.

10. My new phone coming in the mail a day earlier than I expected! YAY ME!

11. Watching Gabriel Macht in Because I Said So, he’s so frickin’ cute, I was cheesin’ it every time he showed up on the screen. =)

12. My best friend lunch. We went to lunch and we gossiped and laughed and lost track of time and it was just great, it made me smile because we haven’t done that in a long time.

13. Coming home to see Ahbrey’s raising her arms for me to pick her up, she’s just the cutest little thing and I love me some her!

I’m blessed, yes…I know this! =) Happy Thursday everyone!

Thursday Thirteen….My Favorite Family Memories.

5 10 2007

In keeping with the Strengthening the Family week theme for this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I thought I’d list some of my most favorite memories that have to do with my family…

1. The time me and Pete fought after Ward Camp and I kicked his tail and then he chased me with the tent poles because he was embarrassed that he got beat up by a girl. I was like 10, he was 8.

2. The day me and Pete watched while my brother’s Henry and Seko fought and because Seko was in a wheelchair, Henry got out a folding chair and sat down on it and then put his dukes up so that he was on the same level as Seko, he looked like such an idiot, it always makes me laugh.

3. I wasn’t there when this happened but it’s one of my favorite stories to hear being retold when the whole family gets together…the day that my sister, Helen called my brother an “asshole” because he was beating up my brother, Seko. Helen is a Molly Mormon and curse words don’t ever come out of her mouth but boy was she boiling mad when she said that and everytime they tell that story, she gets sooo embarrassed, it’s cute. It’s also hilarious because Helen cursing? NEVER THAT.

4. The day that Pete and Chelsea poured cold Pepsi into the Bathroom window while Chloe was taking a shower, her screams lit the air and I remember rolling on the floor laughing so hard…

5. The day that Chase peed on the floor because he was too busy playing Halo on X Box…and come to think of it, I think that was the last time Chase has played his X Box, he’s STILL being punished for that.

6. The day that Cheridan stomped her way into the yard, pretending to be Pork Chop.

7. The day that Pete almost got arrested for practicing his fire knife dance in our front yard…the neighbors called the cops on us and when Blanche came home, she was spitting mad at us. I was a senior in high school and Pete was a sophomore.

8. The day that Brenna tried to teach me the correct way to say Backyard…which was backydard. This is how she taught me, “Say this Mommy, Back?” I’d repeat, “back” and then she’d say, “Yard” and I’d say, “yard” and then she’d say, “Backydard. See?” Hilarious.

9. The day that my Mom sang Lipgloss by Lil Mama. I can still hear her singing it in my head and I’m laughing all over again.

10. My first driving lesson with my sister, Delene…I made her cry. LOL.

11. Singing Church songs around the piano while my sisters Delene or Ingrid played it on Sunday after Sunday dinner.

12. Watching 90210 and Felicity with my older sisters.

13. Our Family Reunion with my Mom’s family this past year, sooo much fun even though my brother lost my favorite cell phone that weekend.

By the looks of this post, you would think that my family is really quite voilent but I can assure you that we’re not, I just think that the fights we got into were the most hilarious of them all…haha.

Thursday Thirteen….

27 09 2007

…why I’m lucky to have the family that I do.

1. Because I’m never alone, even when I want to be….and probably shouldn’t be.
2. Because Brenna loves me even when I’m mean and forget things.
3. Because only I can come home to a kid’s choir, singing Jennifer Love Hewitt’s song, I’m Gonna Love You from that one Hunchback Disney movie, the second one. All kids are singing off tune and really loud, and they’re singing the song, over and over kind of like Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, you know the book that never ends, this choir never ends either. Too cute.
4. Because I have a Chasey boy who tells me I’m beautiful even when I’m toe the hell back and looking like ass warmed over.
5. Because little Makaela is my best friend and I’m hers.
6. Because Meghan and Makenna are always so happy to see me as I am them.
7. Because I have an Uncle Party and an Uncle Happy in my family.
8. Because my brother Pete can beat anyone in a dance off and never fails to impress me with his Stomp the Yard skills.
9. Because Chloe and Chelsea make me laugh when all I want to do is cry.
10. Because I have the Dad that I do.
11. Because of my Sister Dinners.
12. Because our family functions are always loud and chaotic and…perfect.
13. Because I have little Ahbrey in my life.

Thursday Thirteen….Heroes I Want To Do…

13 09 2007

….over and over again.

Alright, so it’s no surprise that I read a lot. I love reading romance novels and it’s one addiction that I have no intention of ever trying to stop or curb or whatever, it’s here to stay dammit…and because I’m boy crazy (always have been), it’s also no surprise that I love me some yummalicious heroes and this week’s Thursday Thirteen is about the heroes that I absolutely love so much I wanna do them over and over again, just because I’m a slutty tramp.


Facts are facts…=)

Anyway, on with the list…

1. Sam Starrett. (Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann)

I love me some Sam Starrett and I don’t care how many women out there hate his ass, I love him enough for everyone out there. Him and his cursing ways….=) Alyssa aint got nothing on my love for this man. Word.

2. Dageus MacKeltar. (The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning.)

What’s not to love about Dageus’ fine ass? I mean, he’s got the long locks (that I didn’t even know that I liked), he’s got that killer accent that melts my panties right off of me and he’s got them weird cat eyes that can scorch my insides and probe m, well you know…LOVE ME SOME DAGEUS and I wanna do him all night long…

3. Ben Lewis. (Heart of Fire by Linda Howard.)

That waterfall scene, remember? Yeah, I wanted to do him IN that waterfall, I’m horrible, I know this…

4. Cam Quinn. (Seaswept by Nora Roberts.)

Because he loves driving fast and is super hot and he looked hella hot in a kitchen apron while the suds from the washing machine flooded the house, hehe….

5. Cal Morrissey. (Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie.)

Because he loved Minn Dobbs just the way she was and didn’t care if she spread, as long as she was spreading for him….hehe.

6. Cosmo Richter. (Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann.)

Because, he’s a sexy beast and he’s got those bluish/greyish eyes and is mysterious…I wanted to do him on the net thingy in Into the Night, when Muldoon was trying to impress Joan, that’s how long I’ve wanted to do this guy…wayyyy before his book.

7. Kevin Tucker. (This Little Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.)

Because he’s Benny the Badger…that’s why and because he’s so hot damn hot, with his quarterback fine self and because he loved Molly, red hair and all.

8. Zarek of Moesia. (Dance of the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon.)

Because even though he was kicked and spit upon, when he met Astrid, I wanted to tame the wild beast in him…stupid broad beat me to it! LOL.

9. Connor MacAllister. (The Wedding by Julie Garwood.)

Because I want to be able to hear him say, “Nay, lass, Connor.” 😉

10. Cian MacKeltar. (Spell of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning.)

Because I want him to use the “voice” on me. And that sexy Scottish brogue? Yeah I’m totally all about it!

11. Luc Martinaeu (See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson.)

Two words….THAT TATTOO!

12. Zack Benedict. (Perfect by Judith McNaught.)

That letter….AWWWWWWW, if that doesn’t scream DO ME, I don’t know what does!

13. Jordan Townsende. (Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught.)

Because he’s the man who started it all…the man I wanted to do from the jump!

Alright, so there’s my Thirteen…where’s yours?