All New One Tree Hill Tonight!

15 01 2008


I cannot wait for One Tree Hill tonight. There’s so much to look forward to with K Fed guest starring and then finding out what kind of drama we can get into with Peyton and Lucas. I can’t wait to see the changes in Nathan, the coming together of Peyton’s new record label and seeing her trying to either sign K Fed or whatever…it’ll also be good to see what Brooke decides to do with her business back home.

And I heard in a comment someone left here that this is One Tree Hill’s last season? Is this true? Oh goodness, I hope not because this is my absolute favorite show.  Does anyone know if this is true or not? I’m gonna research it but I wanted to know if someone knew before I did all the research, cause I’m lazy right now.



Thursday Thirteen…Shows that I Can’t Get…

27 12 2007


…enough of.

I’m a TV addict. I watch entirely too much TV and to be honest, I don’t give a dang because I just love my shows. There are quite a few shows that I watch either, religiously or watch when I can but love anyway.

Here’s my list of shows that I’m watching this season:

1. The Hills. So technically, this show is done but dude, I loved me some The Hills. I loved watching Lauren go through the many different obstacles her life threw at her from her trying to prove herself at work so that she could get another shot at Paris to her feud with Heidi and Spencer and then with her budding whatever it was with Brody. I just love Lauren, she totally rocks and I heart Brody Jenner a lot…they’re so much fun and they look like they lead such glamorous lives, it’s cute.

2. One Tree Hill. Last season of One Tree Hill was my favorite season thus far but with the new season looming before us, I can only hope that this break from the OTH gang will bring with them a fantastically written 5th season, I’m so hoping for this since it’s been so long since I’ve seen the crew back together again…

3. American Idol. This is a show that I can’t wait for, it’s coming back next month with a whole new pack of Pop Star wannabe’s, I seriously hope for some new eye candy just like Chris Richardson from last he was hot stuff!

4. Brothers and Sisters. This is the show that I love to watch on Sunday nights. It’s actually the only show that I watch every Sunday but I just love the Walkers, seriously…how can you not love the Walkers?

5. Clash of the Choirs. Okay so this show finished last week but man, this show was really good…did you guys watch any of it? It was about 5 choirs competing to win money for their home towns and I was rootin’ on Team Lachey because I just heart Nick. I’m so glad that his choir won because after they did the Flight of the Bumblebee, they totally deserved that win.

6. Gossip Girl. Okay this is my big winner of the fall season for best new show. It’s like The O.C. only on the East Coast, I love the characters and I always wonder if Carrie Underwood is watching the show since she’s been linked with Chace Crawford, who plays Nate on the show…this is such a cute drama, I’m so glad that Grace pimped it to me, I lubs it a lot!

7. Pushing Daisies. I started watching this show because Izzy said that she loved it, I have since come to love Ned, Chuck and even Olive. This show is funny, cute and just addicting. I love everything about this show and seriously, Ned is a stud! =)

8. Ace of Cakes. I heart baking shows. I love to bake so the food network is one of those channels that gets a lot of attention from me because as much as I love to bake, I love watching people bake too and this show makes some of the most awesome looking cakes I’ve ever seen and watching how these cakes came to be makes for some great TV and I heart Geoff, he’s so cute!

9. October Road. Gosh but I love this show. I love Nick and I love Sam and though Hannah gets on my nerves because she’s with frickin’ Big Cat, I still like her. It’s not this big ol’ to do show that pulls out all of the stops, it’s one of those shows that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is just great entertainment with a great cast, I seriously heart this show and can’t get enough of it.

10. The Tudors. Last season, I was all about this show and Charles Brandon. Next month, this show comes back and I cannot wait to watch the new season, I hope there’s more Charles Brandon (because he’s a total fox) and I just want to see where the writers are going to take this bunch of should definitely be interesting.

11. Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood. Have you guys watched that episode with David Beckham in it? That show was frickin’ hilarious and has turned me on to this show, who knew Snoop Dogg and his family was so frickin’ hilarious…trust me, they are. Frickin’ Snoop got David frickin’ Beckham to lie to his wife, oh man it was great!

12. General Hospital. I’ve watched this show for freaking ever and I cannot get enough, speaking of, it comes on in about 15 minutes and I can’t wait to see what’s going to be on and poppin’ today in Port Charles, JASON AND LIZ are together ya’ll…YAY! Finally. But seriously, I want to see more Patrick, show me some more Patrick Drake please.

13. The Office. How can you not love the Office? Jim and Pam are finally together and the world didn’t end, goodness, that’s good TV, too bad it’s not on anymore…*sigh* I miss The Office, LOVE IT!

What shows can you not get enough of?

October Road Is Back Ya’ll!

23 11 2007

So yesterday, I made sure that everything was cleaned up and everyone was shut up so that I could watch my long awaited show, October Road’s special sneak peek episode where we’re thrown back into things back on The Ridge, or Knight’s Ridge, my favorite hero of last season, Nick Garrett’s home town.

Last season on October Road, we were left when Ikey and Owen’s world was blown the heck up by Big Cat who spilled that Ikey was sleeping with Owen’s wife, Allison. Owen freaks the heck out and leaves town (running to his brother in NYC), all the while being pissed to heck off at Nick because he knew and didn’t say anything to him. I really enjoyed last night’s show, seeing Eddie and Nick bonding again after all these years was great to see. I’ve been waiting to see when they would get back to being anything that resembled..friends and last night, I was granted my wish.

It was great sh*t, I loved it.

To see Owen the way he was last night brought back how much of a dweeb I thought he was last season…then with the 25 hot dogs thing, yeah…not cute Owen, go back home to your family and when he finally did go home, I was glad…I wonder what’s in the works for him and Allison…will they get back together, will they work past their problems or are they dunzo? I’m not sure, but I look forward to finding out.

Ikey is still a dork, but atleast he’s an contrite dork and I’m glad to see that he isn’t going to take a job from Big Cat because then he’d be dumber than the box of rocks in the back of his truck. I can’t wait to see the fall out between him and Owen again, to see if they can work to get things back to normal or if they’ll remain non friends now. I wonder how Nick and Eddie will be around Ikey now as well.

And then Physical Phil…hmm, wow…goodness, he’s a strange cat.

The whole Hannah’s having dreams about Nick shows just how much she’s digging him again and I can understand why she’s being so stupid about it but atleast she didn’t hide from what she was feeling for him. She knows she loves Nick, she just doesn’t trust him and that’s where Nick is going to have to prove to her that he’s back…for good.

I’m still really liking the whole Eddie/Janet love thing, goodness it’s so cute. I was so glad that Eddie didn’t do anything with Nick’s friend’s girlfriend, who turned out to not be his buddy’s girlfriend anyway, woo hoo Eddie…and when he called Janet from the club, OMGOSH so cute! Eddie is shaping up to be a really good guy, one that I’m totally digging but HOLY WOW, IS HE SAMS FATHER?

I mean, with the timeline that Nick has for Sam’s conception and everything, Sam was conceived around the time that Nick left, so he had to have been conceived before Nick left or not too long after Nick left, which means if Sam is Eddie’s son…Eddie aint got no hot damn leg to stand on with his hatred of Nick Garrett because, he’s a dirty dog his damn self.

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Bring on the drama! =) Which also brings Hannah’s retarded claim of not being able to go through the hurt that Nick brought to her door when he left again seem so…stupid, since she was a dirty whorebag.

But all of this could be nothing since we don’t know what Eddie and Hannah need to tell Nick but DUDE, IS EDDIE SAM’S DAD????

Gosh, I’m dying to know and nothing on God’s green Earth is going to make me miss Monday’s all new episode. I’ve been waiting for this show to come back for like ever and man, it started off with a bang!


Is it Monday yet? Yeesh. Nick was just as adorable last night as he was last season and as Jake on One Tree Hill. It’s so good to have Brian back on the small screen, I heart this boy seriously. I wonder what he’s going to be doing now that he’s back in Knight’s Ridge, is he going to continue teaching or not teaching or whatever he was doing at the University and how cute was the Dad and the brother, do they keep Nick’s room the way it was or put it back to the way Nick knew it??? Too cute! And what happened with The Commander’s girlfriend? I wonder if he’s still seeing her.

Can’t wait to find out, until Monday…=)

One Year Ago…

21 11 2007

…today, Tiffany was getting was getting ready to have a baby who would come into the world the day before Thanksgiving and her name would eventually become Ahbrey.

Tomorrow, Ahbrey will be turning a year old. I can’t believe how fast time has flown since Ahbrey was born. Memories of Ahbrey as a newborn were flying through my head as I was coming to work this morning. Ahbrey came over this morning and she has grown up since then. She’s walking and she’s talking nonsense (talking a lot of crap that don’t make a lick of sense) and she is just the cutest thing ever. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have such an adorable baby in my family and more importantly, in my life.

I seriously love that little girl.

No that’s not Ahbrey, that baby to the left is my new nephew, Brody. Isn’t he a cutie patootie? Excuse the Redskins stuff, for as long as I can remember my brother Henry has been the biggest Washington Redskins fan…loyal as can be, no matter how good or how sucky they are…Henry has been a Redskins fan. So yeah, I just had to share the picture with you guys, my dear readers. I’m kinda excited for tomorrow to get here already because my Mom’s cooking and that woman can cook, I hope they make some chop suey even though it’s not a usual Thanksgiving dish but shoot, we’re Samoan…bring on the chop suey, I haven’t had my Dad’s chop suey in a cool minute so everyone please cross your fingers for me.

I’ll add some pictures of Ahbrey later because I have to put them in my photobucket account and I can’t access that site from my work computer so ya’ll are just going to have to wait. Ahbrey’s party is this coming Saturday and we’re finally going to have some Banana Cake from Torrance Bakery with fresh strawberries a custard filling and whipped topping, that cake is the frickin’ bomb I swear…the only thing that would make that cake even better is if Duff from Ace of Cakes made the cake…oh wait, not Duff since I’m a big Geoff fan, I LOVE GEOFF…do you guys watch that show? It’s so the bomb, I love the cakes that Geoff makes, he’s my fave…though that Gum Ball Machine cake that Duff made was frickin’ off the chains, I loved it…I think my favorite cake they made on that ship cake that he made with the Titanic sinking and the plane crashing into the ship, that cake was so awesome…well check out my favorites from Ace of Cakes.

Oh goodness, I totally love this show and I’m going to watch some shows on Food Network On Demand because I hecka love this stuff…and I HEART GEOFF! Love, love love him! Alright, I gotta go and I guess this show was one of those rambling posts that I do from time to time…enjoy!

What are you guys up to today?

Gossip Girl: Week of 11/14/07.

15 11 2007

Dude, did anyone watch Gossip Girl last night? This is the only show that I’m absolutely addicted to. This is the only show that I’ve got to be sitting in front of the TV show all week. No longer is that show Grey’s Anatomy or Prison Break or anything like that…this season, so far my only show that I’m watching right now is Gossip Girl.

I’m totally addicted to it and it’s getting so good.

It’s a great gossip filled show of high school kids who’s lives are broadcast on this anonymous blogger’s blogs.

Last night’s episode was off the chains good. Serena and Dan are still as cute as can be without being nauseating. Vanessa needs to quit trailing after Dan and his girlfriend and go out and find herself a man or some other friends because seriously, she looks all kinds of pathetic being all sad everytime Dan wants to hang out with Serena. GET YOUR OWN LIFE, Dan’s got himself a woman! =) But then, whatev…I wonder if she’s on the show for good or if she’s just a plug in until they fill her with another character.

Anyway, the whole Blair and Nate thing is so in dire need of ENDING…for good. I’m over that storyline and as bad as I feel for Blair because she’s in love with someone who is in love with her best friend…she’s got something good with Chuck (I know, shock of all shocks!) and I was so excited for her last night when Chuck admitted to her that he likes her and is all digusted about it. Then how he goes out of his way to make her feel better after his being right about Nate not wanting to be with her, only feels like he has to for his family…and while we’re on the subject of Nate’s family, HOLY WOW can his Dad be any more of a weenie man? Seriously, having your son whore around to save your drug addicted, no spine having slimey a word makes me loathe you and your stupid, crap for brains wife too…oh gosh, is that how rich people really are? Holy cow, I want to smack Nate’s Dad every time he comes on screen because he makes my stomach turn, stupid jerk!

As for Nate, himself…I’m glad that he didn’t go through with it. I’m glad that he was with Jenny last night and I’m glad that he did the right thing. He’s got a good heart and he can’t help who he loves any more than Blair could help loving him….or I can help loving, well never mind…anyway, the show was really good. I want more Blair and Chuck, more Serena and Dan and maybe…MAYBE, some more Nate and Jenny…for now. (the for now was for Nate and Jenny) I can’t help but think that Nate and Serena are not done with each other. I have a feeling that they’re going to get closer and closer and Serena is going to start feeling those feelings for Nate again.

And Blair is going to flip a b word. Man, it’s going to be off the hook and I can’t wait to watch it all go down.

OH! I’m not feeling Rufus and the Mom. I wish Jenny wouldn’t have brought her back because Rufus needs to somehow end up with Lily even though it means that there can’t be anymore Dan and Serena, still…I really like Rufus, with Lily. I guess they can’t be together right now but I hope eventually they’ll end up together.

And where the heck is Serena’s little brother? Ever since he checked out of the rehab center, he sure is missing in action…is that little fool cutting himself again? Somebody better watch out for him. He might be up to no good, now that he’s out of rehab…all rich kids go back to being bad once they’re free! Check out Lindsay Lohan and all them other starlets…okay, okay Im kidding, I don’t know all rich kids, as a matter of fact, I don’t know ANY rich kids so let me quit it.

Anyway, next week’s show looks totally promising and I can’t wait to see what goes down. Why would Blair be all pissed off at Serena since all she’s trying to do is be her friend and advise her against hooking up with Nate’s best friend…since it’s more than evident that Blair loves her some Nate but whatev, Blair’s theatrics makes for great TV so toot dat thang Blair…can’t wait!

Until next week….

The Fall TV Season.

17 10 2007

With the Fall TV Season in full swing, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in myself for not having taken full advantage of all the new episodes of my favorite TV Shows. I haven’t watched one episode of Grey’s Anatomy since it came back so I don’t know what the hell is going on with Meredith and Derek (although truth be told, I just don’t give a damn about these two anymore which surprises the hell out of me since I was such a huge Mer/Der supporter last season), George and Izzy oh and Callie, not to mention Burke (or whatever happened to Burke) and Christina. Can someone fill me in on this since I can’t be arsed to watch the shows on ABC.COM

I haven’t been faithful in watching Prison Break either, shocking huh? Last season, I was all about it and now that I found that they did the unthinkable with Sara’s character, I really don’t want to watch it anymore…the shame!

But there are a few shows that I AM watching this seasons, aside from my favorite guilty pleasure, The Hills. This season, I’m watching: America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl (which has fast become my favorite show so far this season) and the one show that I’m dying to watch again is Brothers and Sisters. I haven’t yet but I plan to fix that soon.

Are there any new shows that you’re watching and enjoying? I have watched Pushing Daisies and think that show is cute but I’m more into ANTM then PD, and since they come on at the same time (and I still don’t have TiVo) I watch ANTM since that’s the show that me and Mulu can discuss while we watch TV in two different houses across town from each other, LOL. I’ve also watched bits and pieces of Addison’s show Private Practice and while I think it’s a pretty good show, I’m more into the new CW hit, Gossip Girl and that has become the show that I look forward to watch every week and discuss with my sister girly girl, Grace of old Confessions of a Shoeaholic fame. =)

I missed Men in Trees and ooh, I still watch CSI on Thursday nights since that’s the show that my sisters love to watch, so we all watch that together and last week’s show was hecka good. The whole exorcism stuff had my eyes popping out of my eye sockets and my jaw glued to the floor. I was completely shocked and I’m curious to see what’s going to be happening this week on CSI since it looks like Grisson proposes to frickin’…SARAH! What the bleeding heck is that all about? Ick…but then I heard that Sarah’s leaving the show (no sweat off my back really since I don’t give a damn about her character) so I guess she doesn’t marry Grissom…now Izzy and I have been talking in emails and we’ve discussed this particular topic in the emails…do you guys think that Sarah is going to say YES or say NO…I think she’s going to say yes and then bust a Runaway Burke or Bride or whatever, LOL. But Izzy doesn’t see that happening, I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow night.

There are some shows that I want to check out, like How I Met Your Mother, since I have a friend from Church who said she came on the show a few times, I haven’t seen anything about her on the show and I’m still laughing from when Mulu asked her a couple of weeks ago when she was talking about her experience at The Emmy’s, if she was really on the show and when our friend said, yes she was, Mulu asked her, “So, is your character like on vacation or something cause I’ve never seen you on there.” I could’ve died…no shame, I’m telling you. LOL. I want to check it out because I was watching clips of the show and Neil Patrick Harris (of Dougie Howser fame) is one funny guy on the show and he’s got a hilarious blog set up for his character as well. haha…so yeah, will definitely have to check that out sometime.

Another show I want to check out is Carpoolers, it premiered last week but I didn’t have time to watch it but I heard when Jerry O’Connell came on Ryan Seacrest’s Early Morning show last week to do promotion for the show and I was very intrigued to see just what this show has to offer my funny bone, so I’m going to check that out sometime soon as well…cross your fingers for me please.

What is everyone watching these days? Anything I’m missing in the shows that I used to love and just can’t be arsed to watch anymore and any shows that I’m missing out on?

The Hills: Season Three…

21 09 2007

…so I’ve been habitually watching The Hills every Monday night since the second episode of the season because I’m totally addicted to this show and have been since I watched the first episode of the first season.

It’s just one of those shows that I can’t get enough of. I love Lauren and always have since she was on Laguna Beach and getting dicked around by stupid ass Stephen and feuding with slutty tramp Kristin.

Now Lauren’s in her third season of The Hills and the drama from last season is still running wild all over the Hollywood Hills.

This season, Lauren has a new roommate, Audrina and Heidi moved in with Spencer. Lauren and Heidi are no longer friends and this season documents their whole feud, through trips to the bar, restaurants and just when you think things can’t get any worst for Lauren…her evil ex, Jason Wahler comes back into the picture after being out of commission and in jail and rehab.

Things are heating up in the Hollywood Hills and its making for some great television. I love all of the drama that is surrounding Lauren and Heidi and I can’t wait to see more…but my favorite scene of all is when Spence broke up with Brody because Brody showed no loyalty to Spencer because he’s hanging out with Spencer’s enemy. I so effing loved it when Brody gets off the phone with Spence and is all irritated and says, “Bitch” while he looks at his phone all bewildered….me and my sister were laughing so hard at that part.

I lub it!

Audrina’s boyfriend is a total tool. I mean, why would you want to call the guy who wore combat boots to a beach party your boyfriend? Seriously…he’s an immature jerk who doesn’t deserve someone like Audrina but he must be doing something right because Audrina is still sprung on his ass but hey, toot that thang Audrina…whatever rocks your socks!

As far as Lauren goes…she’s not really up to much besides getting her life back in order and I applaud her for that. Regardless of what’s going on with her and Heidi and her lack of a lovelife, Lauren is living things up and tworking things out. Things are starting to look up for her at work, she’s actually doing big thangs and I still think she’s pretty awesome! I love that she can hook up with whoever she wants to hook up with and I just love that she’s doing her thang…handle your scandal, Lauren..don’t let sneaky, coniving little bitches get you down, you’re so much better than that!

Heidi and Spencer just need to jump off a cliff and get lost at the bottom of the ocean…cause I really don’t care about them.

I love that Jason is back on the show but I’m hating that he’s back with a new girlfriend/fiance. I’m so bummed that things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to with Lauren and Jason but that just opens things up for Lauren and Brody…let’s see how that turns out. I’ve got my fingers crossed for that since things with Jason didn’t turn out well…sheesh.

Gosh I love this crap, don’t you?