Back To Reality…

6 04 2006

I spent a long weekend in Utah this past weekend and boy did I have heaps of fun doing absolutely nothing. It was the best thing for me right now, to take a step back from life, from work, chores, apartment hunting and all that and just…..BE SILLY.

Jess and I took Brenna with us to Utah this year and just had ourselves one heck of a time. We went up to visit our friend and my crush, David and although he was busy with work and stuff, he made time for us and it was good fun.

This trip made me realize that I do have a good friend in Trish, even though she doesn’t show it all the time. We stayed up really late into the morning, discussing just how unhappy she is with her life and her choices and after loads of tears and deep discussions, we have decided to try to help each other out to get closer to the women we want to be. Kind of fruity but whatever, I’m more than willing to help Trish become a better person, a more responsible person and just someone she can be proud to be.

So really, wish me luck on that one.

It’s hard for me to get back into the swing of things over here in L.A. because I really want to be in Utah right now, I met some really great people over there, hung out with lots of cool people and just had an absolute blast out there. Everything was just good times and I can’t wait to go out and visit again.


May sound stupid, but I really want to move there.

But anyway, just wanted to let you guys know where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to, but now that I’m back, please believe….Dylan will be back to blogging now!