3 03 2007

Today is a very special day for one of my bestest friends. She turns 28 today and I hope that she gets all that she wants and needs this year because no one is more deserving of good things than Isabel!! Please join me in wishing my dear friend a happy birthday…


And just for you sweetie, I’m sending Wentworth over for some hunka hunka good lovin’….check this out, just for you Iz…

That’s all you sweetie, handle it…;) Love you sweets, HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

Eye Candy Friday: Wentworth Miller, yet Again.

9 12 2006

Wentworth Miller

Here’s this week’s (or last weeks’ whatever) Eye Candy…for you, Izzy girl, cause I know you’re gonna love me for this, you too Grace!

There you go….Enjoy!

Until next week or not…LOL.

*all pictures are from wentworthmiller.org*

Eye Candy Friday: Wentworth Miller, Again.

11 08 2006

Wentworth Miller

So, I’m hecka going to NOT use Nick Zano this week, but I’ll keep him for the Eye Candy Friday man of next week, since all of my pictures of him are on my work computer, so this week, is for all of those Prison Break fans out there, I found some cutie pics of Wentworth Miller last week and was going to use them for the week before Prison Break came back on, but I’m gonna use it now, so we can all get back in our Prison Break modes…Izzy and Grace, ya’ll be ready ya hear??? Scofield is coming back ya’ll….

Alright, so it’s hella late and I can’t sleep and my flight leaves in like seven hours, I’ve got to be at the airport in five hours, but because I saw Ame’s little comment, this one is also for you,Ames…

So, ladies enjoy…(jerk, try not to enjoy this too much, kay? LOL).

This man is most definitely yummy for my tummy! Alright, and I’m off…Peace out!

Until next week…enjoy!