Is It EVER Okay?

16 10 2006

Okay, so I started watching What About Brian last season with Nicole and I watched the season premiere last week as well and Ive got to say that I’m SO irritated with this damn show.

I guess, because I just don’t agree with Brian in this case. And I think I changed my mind about him from last season too, oh well.

Brian is the main character in this show, his best friend is Adam (pictured left) and Adam is engaged to Marjorie (also pictured left)…and Brian is in love with Marjorie. I remember last season, feeling bad for Brian because he was trying to do the right thing, by staying away from Marjorie because of his best friendship with Adam. Adam isn’t the perfect guy, but one thing we do know for sure now (as opposed to last season), is that Adam really does love Marjorie. He proposed to Marjorie last season, not because he wanted to marry her but because he didn’t want to lose her. Yeah, that’s not the best reason to propose to someone, but the way the season ended last season, proved one of things that I doubted about Adam the entire season, which was his love for Marjorie. He loves Marjorie and I don’t really doubt that anymore. I did last season, but I think I was just looking for a reason for it to be okay for Marjorie to be with Brian.

But this time around, I’m pissed to high heaven at Brian.

Last season, because he was trying his damndest to stay away from Marjorie, I felt bad for him and kinda hoped that they would write the show so that Brian could somehow be with Marjorie without ending his friendship with Adam.

I’ve changed my mind.

I don’t think it’s okay for Brian to be in love with Marjorie. Marjorie belongs to Adam, his best friend and he shouldn’t be lusting after his best friend’s woman. It doesn’t matter that Marjorie does have some kind of slutty attraction to Brian (although, seriously? Adam is WAY hotter than Brian, but Brian’s personality is heaps and bounds better than Adam, well last season he was), none of that matters because Marjorie is in a relationship with Brian’s best friend. They both love Adam and for them to even play with the idea of being together, behind Adam’s back totally pisses me off.

But it pisses me off more so because Brian is being so stupid about it all. He loves Marjorie, but he doesn’t want to hurt Adam so he does his best to stay away from her, he loves her so much that he lets Adam have her, now that’s good and honorable and what not, he takes off and then comes back because he saw a sign that he shouldn’t be going to Sacramento but HOME to Los Angeles. And then he comes back, tries his best to get back on Adam’s good side, because Adam has now found out about him and Marjorie’s feelings and he’s livid about them, livid and…hurt. So he now does not consider Brian a friend. But Brian doesn’t let that bother him, he understands that Adam is hurt, but he tries his very hardest to win Adam back as his best friend, never giving up, they come to a truce at Adam and Marjorie’s Engagement Party, only to have the show end with…Marjorie KISSING Brian again. IDIOTS, FRICKIN IDIOTS!

I would never do something like that to Mulu because I wouldn’t want to hurt my best friend and I would be devastated if she did something like that to me. When you’re best friends with someone, you don’t do ANYTHING that could even cause them a little hurt, unless it was for their own good, but when you put your feelings and your wants before that of your best friend, doing it knowing that you’re going to leave your best friend devastated, then it’s not a good thing.

And that’s what has happened here. So my question to you guys, is what is your opinion on this whole thing? Is it EVER okay to love and go after your best friends significant other? If so, why and when’s it okay for you to go after your best friend, if not, why not?