Eye Candy Friday: Alessandro Del Piero.

7 07 2006

Alessandro Del Piero

This guy got hella off in the game against Germany, he’s also done quite well throughout the whole World Cup, so how can I not spotlight his fine ass on today’s Eye Candy Friday? Alessandro Del Piero is one hot mother effer, that’s for sure…lots of luck against France on Sunday, in the FINAL game of the World Cup ’06… And now the pictures…

Damn.Until next week…

The Italians Won! The Italians Won!

5 07 2006

The frickin’ Italians won, YAY!

What’s the saying Holly used to say all the time? Crying all night in a bucket, the frickin’ Italians won! My entire family was rootin’ Germany on, because I’ve got A LOT of German in me, but not me. Me and my BIL were rootin’ on the Italians, we wanted them to win, him because they (Italy) were the underdog in the game, just about EVERYONE thought Germany was going to win, so he likes to root against everyone else, but me? I wanted Italy to win because they’ve got all the hotties on that damn team, check it out… there’s so many hot guys on this team that to see them all in action together, is like a woman’s wet dream.

And they’re good.

They didn’t win by luck yesterday, they really wanted to win, which gave for great friggin’ football action. That last goal by my fav Italian, Alessandro Del Piero (whom I was looking for the entire damn game!) was just friggin’ fantastic! I frickin’ loved it!

To show you just how hot these guys are, here’s pics of my favorite Italian Stallions….sorry Grace, I know you were mad at them for beating your Socceroo’s, but gosh even you have to admit, these guys are HOTTIES…

Check it out.

Alberto Gilardino

Francesco Totti

Fabio Cannavarro

Luca Toni

…and my most favorite Italian…

Alessandro Del Piero

And some random pictures of them…

On the pitch…

The Entire Italian Team, woo hoo!

I swear, I watched this game BOTH times it came on TV and then afterward, because my nephews came home and I couldn’t go out since there was no one to watch them until my sister came home, we put in The Italian Job on and watched that. I swear, I love this movie more and more every time I watched it…and GRACE, as many times as I’ve seen this movie, it always failed to register in my brain that the robbery at the end when they’re stealing the gold back from Steve was filmed on Highland…in Hollywood, where I took you when you were out here, so now you can tell your friends that you were THERE, because you totally were. It was taped near The Hooters where you, well you know…LOL.

Alright, I’m off to be important here at work since I’m probably the only person in America that is at work right now, well me and Holly of course…love you Holly, hope this makes you feel better…aint the Italians HOT?

I know…until tomorrow….

Eye Candy Friday: David Beckham, Again.

23 06 2006

David Beckham.

Yeah, yeah yeah…he’s already been an Eye Candy Friday guy, but I don’t care, this guy is the hottest guy in the World Cup right now and I can’t get enough of him…so because I have internet stalked this guy since the beginning of his career, I’ve accumulated a BUNCH of pictures of him, so here they are, be happy…hehe.

*sigh* Holy hot damn, I’m proud of myself….Enjoy.

Until next week…

Eye Candy Friday: Tim Cahill.

16 06 2006

Tim Cahill.

I’m highlighting Australia’s Tim Cahill because this past week he saved Australia’s ass in the Round One Game against Japan. You see, the entire game Australia was trailing 1-0. Up until the last ten minutes of the game, Japan was up ahead of Australia, nothing Australia did got past the Japanese defense….until Tim Cahill subbed in.

He subbed in the second half and then at the 10 minute mark, he scored a goal, tying up the score and then a few minutes later, booted in another goal putting them up by one. So with the score 2-1, we’re still unsure of who’s gonna win the game because Japan is still trying with all they can to score again, until Australia scores once more with only 2 and a half minutes left, securing their win just before the game ends…it was a great game to watch. Because the Australian fans were devastated into the second half until Tim Cahill scored and changed the tone of the game, great stuff and big ups to Tim Cahill for his phenomenal goals!

So a big Good Luck to Grace’s Team, Australia and Good Luck to Tim Cahill! Now on with the pictures…

The Entire Australia Team, minus Harry Kewell…where’s Harry Kewell at?

Until next week…

Eye Candy Friday: James Beattie.

9 06 2006

James Beattie

Okay in keeping with the World Cup theme, even though this guy isn’t even playing in the WC, I have decided to highlight a hottie from England who plays football for Everton, his name is James Beattie and he’s hot stuff and he’s really good at football (soccer, whatever rocks your socks!). I’m uber excited because they’ll be showing the first game of the WC today and I just can’t flippin’ wait to watch it!

On with the pictures…

In Action…

Damn, he’s fine.

Eye Candy Friday: Michael Owen.

2 06 2006

Michael Owen.

With the World Cup coming up in a few weeks, I wanted to pay close attention to all of the hotties that play Soccer, or Football as it’s known everywhere else in the world. So, I’m telling you now, if you guys get an overload of Soccer Players, it’s because I’m drooling over these guys while I watch the games…LOVE THIS GAME!

So to start things off, here’s one of my favorite soccer players who is a definite looker, Michael Owen who used to play for my favorite EPL team, Liverpool who moved to Real Madrid to play with Becks for a season and is now back in England playing for Newcastle United.

Now for the pics.

*sigh* I miss seeing him dressed in RED on the soccer field….

All Dressed Up.

I would post more pictures but since Blogger was being so stupid this morning, I’ve run out of time…but if I have time later, I’ll add more great Mic flicks, alright?