TV: Yo Momma.

25 04 2006

Yo Momma is a no-holds-barred competition that pits toughest trash-talkers against one another. Each weekday, the best clowners are brought together to battle it out in front of a rowdy, live audience of their peers.

Each episode serves to resolve a territorial rivalry, each side of which is represented by a team of trash-talkers.

Wilmer sends out his co-hosts to organize two groups that represent each side of the rivalry to meet up at separate locations.

Sam and Jason oversee the separate free-form trash-talking in their respective locations.

Two finalists from each group are chosen to go head-to-head to determine who will represent the group in the Final Battle.

Wilmer escorts the winning trash-talker from each group to their opponent’s home for a ‘home invasion’ segment. Wilmer and each finalist go through the other’s home to meet the families, raid their closets, flip through old photo albums and root out any possible ‘ammunition’ for the final battle, ensuring that the battle will be personal.

The two finalists, with their posses in tow, meet up at a battleground in neutral territory for the final bout.

The opponents face off in a round robin of trash-talking, using the ammunition from their home searches to attack their opponent.

Wilmer officiates, using Sam and Jason to help determine an official winner.

Okay, so I hella love to watch my brother and his friends have comedy battles with each other, or “clown fests” as they would call them. A clown fest is kind of like a rap battle, but instead of battling lyrical content, they battle their quick wits and sharp cracks at each others styles, moms and anything else they can find to make fun of. I’ve always loved to listen to my brother and his friends argue with each other because you will always hear the, “Yo Momma so fat, she bleeds Ragu.” Or the “Yo Mama lips so big, she whispers to herself!” and other jokes similar to those that never fail to make me howl with laughter until my sides hurt.

So when I first heard that Wilmer Valderama, best known as Fez on That 70s Show was coming out with his own comedic competition show and it was going to be straight up Yo Momma stuff, you know I was all over that show.

It’s like this, the show comes on every afternoon and then on Fridays I guess, the winners from Mon-Thurs, battle each other and then the top 2 battle each other and whoever wins the big battle, they win bragging rights plus an extra $1000 in CASH MONEY (the way Fez says this is sooo gay) for themselves.

The show is hilarious, some guys are horrible but others like Bruno and D Redd can have you in fits of laughter while they bag on everybody. The show is so stupid, but so addictive that my dumb ass (as well as everyone in my family AND circle of friends) watches this show and talks this show up, I’m totally pimping this show out to those of you guys who love a laugh…and check out Jason, one of the judges, because he’s all kinds of fine….