Check This Girl Out…

7 02 2008

…one of my greatest joys is finding aspiring singers on You Tube and devouring every video that they put up of them singing some of my favorite singers…I thought I’d share with you guys who still read this blog after my not so frequent posts, what I’ve been doing while online at home.

Checking this girl out: Her name is Erika David and she’s from somewhere in the United States (yes, I can’t be bothered to check for you guys, sorry!)

But here’s some of my favorite songs that she’s sung for your viewing pleasure.

This is the video where she sings Bed by J. Holliday.

Here’s where she sings my jizam, Let’s Wait Awhile by Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty. LOL.

Some Keyshia Cole, I Remember…my jam!

And my frickin’ favorite song right now, Fallin’ Out by Keyshia Cole.

Isn’t she great? I swear, this youngun’ can sing…she’s got a smooth voice that I just admire a whole lot. If you want to check her out, here’s the link to her youtube page: Erika David.