Has Anyone Watched This Little Kid?

17 01 2008

I have two nieces who are in high school and they are into some pretty weird stuff, I tell ya. Like, I know all about their fascination with YouTube, I can even appreciate their addiction to YouTube because, I’m the same way….if there’s something that I wanna see again, something I want to catch (a new YouTube hot shot musician or singer singing something really cool) that I missed or just looking up old stuff, you can find it all on YouTube.

But, there’s a world of difference in what I’m watching on YouTube and what they’re watching on YouTube.

Check it out:

This is what I watch on YouTube:

This guy’s name is Chris Wong and he can get down on the ukulele and I am really digging this song.

Now, this is what my nieces watch every week on YouTube:

This kid’s name is Ryan Higa or whatever and he’s got a bunch of How To video’s and rants on YouTube that are 1) really stupid 2) kinda funny and 3) really stupid. I search YouTube for the latest and greatest youtube singers and tv shows that I’ve missed, my nieces browse through YouTube, trying to find all of these NigaHiga videos.




2 responses

21 01 2008

Okay, I found that one stupid and funny. I don’t think I could afford a Youtube obsession – I already watch way too much TV!


5 03 2008

I likey the ukulele sng…Noyce 🙂

The Emo stuff…bleh lol


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