4 02 2008

I am now the proud owner of a:


I CANNOT EFFING BELIEVE IT and I’m SO EFFING EXCITED!!! I have it in my pretty little hands and I now know exactly how Golum must have felt in Lord of the Rings because I scared myself with just how fast I ran downstairs to the mailroom to pick this bad boy up.

It’s seriously a reader’s wet dream, I LOVE IT!

Its charging right now but I’m already getting all of my ebooks ready to upload to my reader because HOT DAMN I OWN AN EBOOK READER NOW, WOO FLIPPIN’ HOO!

BE excited with me dammit! haha.


Wow, I Know This Kid’s Family.

19 12 2007

Imagine my surprise when my BIL came home the other day with a newspaper with an article on the front page that read:

Death in a Seaside Paradise.

If you click on the link, it’ll take you to the article that we read as a family on December 16, 2007. Wow. Not only do I know the area in which all of this stuff took place from when I used to live out in Oceanside, I also know one of the kids families. I mean, his older brother is married to my old Bishop’s daughter who also happens to be a friend of my sisters. His Dad and my Dad used to be buddies. They were in our stake when we were younger and then they moved to Hawaii and the Dad got into some trouble with frauds that caused a scandal at the Polynesian Culture Center and he did some prison time for that. It seems that the family just can’t seem to stay out of the national news.

A gang in La Jolla? Are you serious? Are you effing kidding me? What’s really going on here? I don’t think they’re as billy bad ass as they want everyone to think they are if it took 4 of them to beat up ONE guy and then for them to go on myspace and brag about getting banned from a bar because they “murdered” someone and then laugh about it. That’s not “hard”, that’s stupid and childish and I hope these kids get what they deserved…even if I do remember liking their parents and thinking his older brother was hot stuff!

What is this world coming to?

Some Songs…

19 11 2007

…that I think ya’ll should add to your iTunes collection because I’m rockin’ the heck out of them. After watching the American Music Awards last night and watching people bomb songs that I used to love and then seeing Alicia Keys rock the heck out of her song, No One with all the reggae peeps, I was hecka lovin’ it.

And who saw The Jonas Brothers performance when home dude fell on stage? I was dying…it was so hilarious but poor dude, even his brothers looked like they wanted to laugh out loud while they were singing. Oh dude, it was the highlight of the whole AMA’s. haha.

Anyway, watching the AMA’s, it got me thinking about the songs that I absolutely love right now and want all of ya’ll to get and love right along with me.

1. Like You’ll Never See Me Again by Alicia Keys.
2. Down by Chris Brown feat. Kanye West.
3. With You by Chris Brown.
4. You by Chris Brown.
5. Take You Down by Chris Brown.
6. No One by Alicia Keys.
7. SOS by Jonas Brothers. (Yeah I said Jonas Brothers, what do you expect? My daughter loves these guys and the song is catchy and cute.)
8. Always on My Mind by Daville feat. Sean Paul.
9. Hold Up by Chris Brown.
10. I Wanna Be by Chris Brown.

Yeah, I’m hella loving Chris Brown right now…you should love him too because he rocks my socks!

I’m the New Owner….

9 11 2007

….of a Blackberry Curve.

I just caved and bought my new phone right now. I’m all kinds of excited to get it too because, let’s be real’s a BLACKBERRY CURVE! I’ve wanted one for the longest time and I’m finally getting one.


In other news, I found out the other day that October Road is coming back on November 26th. How excited am I? I mean, one of my fav shows is coming back and it looks likt there’s going to be lots of drama cookin’ in the small town. We see that Nick is sticking around and then all sorts of other crap will be going down…here, check out the trailer that I saw and then we’ll all get our *GASP* on.

The trailer:

Well, you’re gonna have to wait until you catch the trailer on TV or something because I can’t find it..sorry. LOL.

Anyway, it’s FOOL AROUND FRIDAY at my office so I’m bout to go downstairs and wait for lunch to arrive and Blanche better be right about this new place being good because if it’s not, she’s paying for lunch on Monday and I’m going to order the most expensive thing on the menu, DANGIT!

This weekend I’ve got soccer games, temple lights set up (which I’m not even sure if I’m going or not), BBQ and my brother’s house for, OH SNAP! I forgot to tell ya’ll…



..and he’s the cutest thing EVER because duh, he’s from our family! haha, just kidding. He weighed in at 9 pounds, 9 ounces…he’s a big boy but oh so cute! His big sisters, Maleah and Makaela are over the moon about the new addition to the family. The kids haven’t seen their new cousin yet so Henry (the proud Daddy) is having a bbq at his house tomorrow for the kids…kind of like an unveiling of the new baby, I can’t wait! Henry is just beaming with joy right now, he’s so happy and it’s so contagious and cute! I can’t wait to see my new nephew again! =)

Tonight is my nephew’s last football game for the year (well unless they make it to the play offs) and they’re playing my old high school…so the family is all going out to support Jarred at the game so it should be fun. My friend Cassie from Church is having a Guitar Hero party at her house but I think I’m going to skip it and hang with the family tonight…my other friend, Levi is going to the party so he’ll tell me how it went, I’m sure.

HAPPY FRIDAY TO YA’LL…what are your plans for the weekend?

For You One Tree Hillers Out There…

24 05 2007

…check it out.

Now isn’t that just fantabulous news? I mean, yeah we’ve got to wait until January but it’s coming back ya’ll…let’s be happy with that, eh? And I can’t wait to see them all back in their 20’s starting out on life and where life will take them…hehe.



2 05 2007

MM proposed to one of my bestest friends Holly, so make sure you guys go on over to her blog and congratulate her on BEING ENGAGED!! And make sure you go on over to MM’s blog and congratulate him on the bestest decision of his life!!! =)

Love you Holly and CONGRATS BABYCAKES!!!

In other news today is a special day for one of my favorite celebrities…today is DAVID BECKHAMS’s 32nd birthday, so I want to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well…HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SEXY BECKS YOU!! =)

A nice little picture for you….

For You One Tree Hill Fans Out There..

19 04 2007

We have two weeks before our show comes back with all new episodes and we finally get to find out what happens the night of prom and with…Peyton and Dirty Derek!

Ooh, I cannot effing wait!

I get the newsletter every week and in these newsletter, they have all sorts of spoilers so I’m totally going to post these spoilers here, check it out:

We’re hearing a lot of juicy bits of goodness that will certainly come to fruition after May 2nd. According to TV Guide’s Ausiello, Lucas will indeed learn the identity of Keith’s killer. But like usual, his timing will be very bad. Just as the big news hits, he’ll find his mother in the arms of said murderer. We’ll learn more about Evil Derek, including why he’s so darn obsessed with Peyton and finally, Haley will ask Lucas to make the “ultimate sacrifice” for Nathan and his basketball career. Now when we read “ultimate sacrifice,” we think the worst. Let’s hope that drama queen Ausiello is just exaggerating.

What?? What?? What??? haha.

I already knew that it was only a matter of time before Lucas found out that Dan was Keith’s killer. That was a given so that’s not much of a spoiler and it’s also not a big shock that when he finds out it’ll be at the wrong time or that he’s gonna find his Mom in the arms of said killer because duh, they’ve been working that angle (Karen and Dan) for awhile now… but what I’m most looking forward to watching when OTH comes back is why Evil Derek is so obsessed with Peyton because seriously, why Peyton? What is so special about Peyton that you would risk jail time and possibly want to hurt the person you’re so obsessed with? Did she steal YOUR drugs when she was into that stuff, did she beat you out for the manager position of TRIC? WHAT COULD IT BE?

Anyone have any clues? Huh, huh?

And what sort of sacrifice will Lucas have to make for Nathan? And if we think about it, why would Lucas have to sacrifice anything for Nathan? Does Lucas owe him anything? I don’t think so, not considering the prick Nathan was to Lucas before they became actual brothers. Not that I don’t love Nathan or anything because I do, I just want to know what Lucas has to do so Nathan can the career in basketball that Lucas no longer can have.

Alright, these were the spoilers from yesterday, below are the spoilers from 3/21/07, check it out:

Things are going to get really hot before the season wraps up in May! As we mentioned before, there’s going to be a road trip that will be the basis for the next OTH musical compilation CD. And word on the street is that said road trip will actually be a chase.

Rachel will convince a broken-hearted Mouth to hit the high road with her (we just knew that girl wouldn’t get on the plane!)… so the rest of the gang takes off after them. During their travels, Brooke will tell Haley the truth about the calculus test, and Lucas and Peyton will take their relationship to the next level. So obviously, Peyton will survive the second attack launched by Evil/Psycho (yet, slightly hot) Derek. But unfortunately, Nathan will continue to struggle with his past and the mistakes he made way back when.

And perhaps the biggest news of the season so far — we’re hearing that Mouth is the one who has been stalking Dan! Who knew the little guy had it in him? As it turns out, Mouth knows the truth about the murder and it’s only a matter of time before it goes public! Mark Schwahn has decided to pen a few of the final eps of the season, so you know it’s gonna be good!

That’s loads of spoilers right there, I LOVE IT!

A new CD, which is great for all those people that actually buy those things and then well, great music will be filling up the next few episodes right? WOO HOO!

Moving right along, Rachel’s back, huh? And she’s taking Mouth with her…but whats the big deal about Mouth taking off? Why is everyone so hell bent about bringing him back? Is he like dropping out of school or something? Hmm, I guess we’ll just have to watch and find out, huh? To see how acurate these spoilers are. I know that Peyton will survive this latest trauma thing with Derek and I know that she’ll get rid of him for good but I really want Peyton to be the one to off him, I don’t want Lucas to come and save her, I want her to do it herself. I want her to use everything that her real brother taught her and stand up for herself, so she doesn’t regress back to her freaked out state that she was in before.

Her and Lucas need to hurry up and take their relationship to the next level any damn way, it’s been long enough already sheesh.

What else could Nathan struggle with that he hasn’t struggled with already? Sheesh, he’s only a senior in high school, give the poor guy a break already, gosh!

I KNEW that Mouth was the person who knew about Dan killing Keith but what I want to know is why hasn’t he said anything? WHY HASN’T HE TOLD LUCAS??? Especially with LUCAS’ MOM getting all chummy with the damn killer of her ex lover. What the freak already?

Damn but I can’t wait…I’ll talk One Tree Hill again next week, but until then here’s a little something to tide you over until next week’s clip….

A sneak peek, I found on YouTube:

What are you guys most looking forward to watching on May 2nd?

Until next week….