30 09 2006

I’m so pissed right now it’s not even funny.

I want to do that stupid asshat of an old fart of a soccer Dad some serious damage. Let me tell you guys what happened.

Last week at practice, one of the Soccer Dad’s on our team, irritated my sister. He came walking onto the field, where we practice talking on his cell phone in a Kids Zone, where you’re supposed to adhere to certain rules set out by our region. One of those rules is language. You cannot curse, yell or use inappropriate language in a Kids Zone area. Well, this particular Dad came onto the field, talking loudly into his phone about what a fucking joke this contract is, I can’t believe that asshole got that promotion and just using that kind of language, but because our practice was just starting, my sister asked me who he was. Of course, she asked me all this in Samoan, so I answer her in turn. So there we are, getting our little gossip on in Samoan about this guy and as soon as his call was over, he quit talking altogether, so we just left it alone.

Then practice started.

His daughter’s name is Meghan. She’s a little porker too. I like Meghan, I like all the kids on my team, but gosh that Meghan cries for every damn contact that comes her way. So, there we are, scrimmaging against each other and the ball goes out, another girl on the team rushes for the ball to throw in, but it’s not her team throw in, so I told her to give the ball to Meghan to throw in. She got all attitudy and tossed the ball toward Meghan and it hit Meghan in the mouth. Not hard, or anything, just tapped her in the mouth and Meghan starts crying her little fat mouth off. I scolded Michelle and told her to apologize, which she readily did, she even went over to Meghan and gave her a hug. Meghan stops crying and then about fifteen minutes later, I call out for a water break.

While the girls are getting their water, I’m fixing the cones on the field and taking a quick drink of water myself and then some of the girls are walking back to the field, talking and laughing with each other when I hear a deep voice, getting pretty loud behind me. I turn to see what’s going on and the asshat of a Dad, Meghan’s Dad is up in Michelle’s face, telling her that she better watch who she’s throwing the ball at and she better not throw the ball at Meghan like that again or else.

Or else, what?

This fucking prick was up in Michelle’s face like he was going to spank her. Umm, hello??? You’re not the Coach, you don’t talk to my girls like that, you got a problem you talk to me, so I jump up and I bark out, “Excuse me? Don’t take that tone of voice with Michelle.”

He just looked at me and said, “Oh you just stay out of it, this is between me and her, she threw the ball at my daughter, I know,”

This is when my sister comes in and she’s all, “If you’ve got a problem with one of the girls you come to us, you dont’ talk to the girls like that.”

So he starts getting loud or whatever and my sister, fearless woman that she is starts getting loud back. He ends the argument by telling us to talk to Meghan, that Meghan will tell us what happened, this is when I told him I didn’t need to ask anyone anything since I was standing right there when it happened. It wasn’t intentional, she already apologized for it and I took care of it, Michelle was completely contrite, so there was no reason that he had to come in and put his two cents in, stupid bastard prick.

A few of the other Dad’s that were there, all sat up a little straighter in their chairs, but none of them said anything and then it was just me and Blanche and that asshat of a Dad going at it, but Blanche told me to leave it be. But man I was fuming.

So anyway, that was last week, I thought it had all blown over, but aparently not, because Meghan’s Mom came up to me at the game today and told me that she didn’t appreciate the story that Meghan and the Dad came home with.

What the fuck?

This is how it is. You don’t like something that goes on at practice, then you address your concerns to ME, the COACH or my ASSISTANT COACH, Blanche. You don’t go up to a 7 year old girl that is NOT your daughter and try to tell her how to behave, or even yell at her for any reason. You have NO right to yell at someone else’s kid and do not come at me for defending a poor 7 year old girl who was probably shitting bricks in her pants because some old ass man was yelling at her, when her parents weren’t there. You don’t want your daughter to get hit with a soccer ball, TAKE HER THE HELL OUT OF THE SPORT THEN! Soccer is damn contact sport, how do you expect to be any good in the sport if you’re afraid of getting hurt by an errant soccer ball?

Get real.

Gosh it pissed me off so bad that I’m probably sure that steam was coming out of my ears with the effort it took to keep my sharp retort in check. I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from going off on this stupid ass who wasn’t even there to see what happened, and yet she just knew everything that happened, well screw you and your stupid husband. You dont know shit.

And if you don’t like the way I coach the team, then you should’ve volunteered to coach your damn self, but since you didn’t, shut you stupid mouth and get out of my face.

Our team Mom, who was there and listened to both me and Blanche vent about what happened, told the stupid ass Mom, what happened and that the only things me and Blanche told her stupid fuck of a husband was that if he had any concerns with the way Meghan was being treated at practice that he approach them, that he couldn’t approach the girls the way he did at practice and well, she must have felt stupid or something because she shut up and just gave us a fake smile and then walked away.

I just looked at Blanche, who was across the way from me and if there wasn’t all these people around me, I would have flipped her off. Stupid punks.

Some of the Fathers that were there, came and asked me if everything was okay. I told them what she said and Katelyn’s dad (who is a cutie) told me that he’d be glad to go and have a talk with the stupid Dad and straighten him out for me.

I almost let him too.

Freakin’ A, the nerve of these damn people.