Big Brother and My Other Shows.

2 08 2006

Today is going to be a good day of shows, I’m hoping. We have the season finale for The Hills. Will Lauren stay in L.A. with Jason or will she take Lisa up on her offer to travel to Paris? It’s painstakingly obvious that Lauren is going to choose Paris over Jason and in true Jason form, he’s not going to be happy for her, because you know, this IS all about Lauren’s career, but becuase he’s an ass, he’s going to be pissed off and probably write her off while she’s gone and go on her merry way with other beach bunnies until LC gets back and then they’ll be able to pick up where they left off…or maybe not, who knows, I could be completely wrong about Jason, but LC needs a new boy toy, because Jason is so last season and well, though I liked him last season in LB (that’s short for Laguna Beach for those of you who aren’t in the know), when he kissed Jessica in front of LC and then LIED about it, my like for him went POOF and was gone and now that he’s back with LC, I can’t help but want him GONE from the picture so that LC could hook up with someone, hotter and someone NOT him.

We shall see what happens tonight, I actually can’t wait.

The other show that I’m looking forward to watch tonight is actually one of the most popular shows for my age group this summer, So You Think You Can Dance? There are three couples left, we find out who is partnered with who, what they’ll be dancing and then we get to see the learned routines. Although I really like all of the people still in the competition, I think tonight is the end of the road for Ivan (boo hoo) and Natalie (shit).

It appears that Donyelle and Heidi have a bigger fan base than sexy Natalie, I don’t understand it since I thought Natalie would be the favorite, but she’s not. She’s been voted into the bottom two for the last few weeks, so I think this week she’s done.

If things were up to me, this is how I would finish off the show:

Top 2 Men
Travis & Benji
Top 2 Women
Heidi & Natalie

Going Home Tonight:
Donyelle & Ivan

Damn, I can’t wait to see this show, Jazz this post serves as your reminder to watch the show tonight, alrighty?

Now on to why Jazz has to watch my show tonight…last week, I promised Jazz that if I watched her Big Brother show, she had to watch my So You Think You Can Dance show…you see, we both watch a lot of TV and if we don’t have someone to gush with about our shows, we get all kinds of pissed off about it, so Jazz and I made our deal and now we have to keep our end of the bargain.

Now last night, I watched Big Brother with her and Grace on the phone. At first, it was hard to follow because I don’t know what the hell a Head of Household is or what the hell a Power of Veto thing is either.

But with Jazz’s help, by the end of the show I knew who was who and I knew that Janelle was a stupid shit who James is going to rip apart. What a stupid ass, you could totally tell that Will and Boogie were playing her and when they did that little bit at the end, with their little pretend phone calls to each other, I shook my head because Janelle is one stupid shit. Because she went against the team, she destroyed the team and James is gunning to boot her ass out of the house now, he’s starting a revolution ya’ll…Janelle better beware!

So far, I like James, I think Howie is a cutie patootie but dude, KAYSAR IS WHERE ITS AT, I think he’s hot stuff, all hot and unassuming and just an all out stud. I like him…a lot. hehe. I can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow night to see who gets evicted.

And all you Real World watcher people out there, do you guys like Tyler? I do, even though he can be a total ass, but I’m the only person in my hood who still tolerates his ass, so I’m wondering, I mean the whole you can’t come to my marathon thing was the stupidest thing EVER, especially after last week when you were telling John just how much his relationship with him made him want to renew his relationship with his own brother and they had their little moment and shit, then Tyler goes all snobby on everyone and says, they can come because they told me that they wanted to come, I didn’t tell them to come but since they want to come, they can…what the hell kind of shit is that? Retard.