Reflection Time.

31 12 2005

At the end of every year, everyone and their baby mama takes time to reflect on the past year as a whole. They make resolutions for the new year and let go of the bad things of the year before. I mentioned before that I had ten things I want to work on next year, they are in NO way resolutions (can’t set myself up for failure here, no thanks!) but things that I’m goign to work on to better myself.

Here’s a breakdown of what I want done…

1. Pay more attention to my daughter.

My daughter is 6 years old, she’ll be turning 7 in March (oh my gosh I cannot believe this!) She is pretty independant for the most part, but she goes through phases where she’s really needy. I try not to baby her, which is why I can be a real brute when she cries for no reason. I have to do better by her, I don’t always have time to listen to what is bothering her, I’ll be doing laundry or making dinner and then there are times when I just dont’ want to hear it, *sigh* Gosh I sound like such a horrible mother, but I WANT to be better so I’m going to work on that one. She’s my baby, she needs me, note to self: BE THERE DAMMIT!

2. Be a better friend to my friends.

I don’t call my friends as often as I should, just to check up on them, to see how their lives are, listen to their problems or whatever and I need to change that. I want to be more available for my friends too. I am always too tired after work to call and talk on the phone with whoever calls, but that is one thing that I’m going to work on next year, note to self: QUIT BEING A SNOB, CALL YOUR DAMN FRIENDS!

3. Be more available to the idea of dating.

Dating scares the bejeezus out of me. The whole rejection crap, the getting dolled up to impress a guy that I might not even like by the end of the night thing just makes my eyes roll into the back of my head and makes me want to slit my throat and jump off a cliff, that and the fact that I think I’m allergic to commitments. Come hell or high water, I’m going to conquer that damn fear and jump into the dating pool next year. Cross your fingers that I don’t drown.

4. Save money.

Saving and me just don’t go together. I have this serious aversion to keeping money locked away for a rainy day, especially when I see cute new boots that will go great with my collection that I started, not to mention that to die for purse that I’ve been eyeing all week at the mall, and who can forget about the endless supply of books at Barnes and Nobles? They’re all just begging to be read, and you can’t read them unless you buy them, right? Wrong. This is why one day when you most need the money, you’re going to have it, Dylan. The trip to visit Grace in Australia is never going to come to pass because you keep buying things that are pretty. Stop it, be a grown up and save some damn money. Okay, I’m going to try really hard for this one…really I am.

5. Do more silly things.

One of the funnest things I have done this year is kidnap Hookie. I absolutely love hording this over my friend, Eric’s head. He’s got this adopted frog that me and my friends have kidnapped, mind you Eric lives in Sacramento, I live in L.A. My cohort who shall remain nameless sent Hookie to me this morning and my other cohort who lives in another city sent the Kidnap notice, it’s flippin’ hilarious and I can’t remember having this much fun doing something worthwhile. It’s the total best and I want more of this kind of fun in the future, so I’m going to take time to enjoy the silly things in 2006. HECK YES!

These are a few very small things that I can change in the year 2006, will I completely change them and make them a part of my schedule, who knows, stay tuned to find out. I have so many other things that I want to work on, but these are the main ones. I’ll see what’s what next year…until then wish me luck!

Eye Candy Friday: Wentworth Miller.

30 12 2005

One of my addictions is TV Shows. More often than not on a week night, you can find me lusting after one of my favorite tv show leading characters. As a matter of fact, my friends Grace and Syl lust after this week’s eye candy just as much as I do, in fact we’re all so far gone that it’s a wonder we’re all still friends, because if I ever saw Syl or Grace posing next to all of this hunk of burning love, I’d bust a Tonya Harding on their asses…that’s how bad my lust for this man is.

Today’s Eye Candy Friday man is none other than the best looking man at Foxworth Prison on FOX’s Prison Break.

He’s the smoothly sensual stud that totally rocks my socks. He’s the second guy that I wouldn’t think twice about cheating on a significant other with, and after you see him, you’ll understand why. The guy is smokin’ hot. There isn’t anyone on Prison Break that can make me melt with his swoonworthy half grins, his serious facade and his quiet demeanor. He’s quite frankly the hottest man on tv right now and boy do I miss him on Monday nights, I cannot flippin’ wait until March when my favorite show this season comes back on the air.

So without further adeu, here’s the eye candy man of this week, 12/30. Wentworth Miller.

Happy Friday to me!

ABC’s About Me.

29 12 2005

Stole this from sweet angel’s blog.

A is for age: 25
B is for booze of choice: Hooches. (well when I drank it was that)
C is for career: Admin Assistant
D is for your dad’s name: Joseph
E is for essential items to bring to a party: Lip Gloss.
F is for favorite song at the moment: Hmmm, Here By Me by 3 Doors Down.
G is for favorite game: Scattogories (ME TOO SYL)
H is for hometown: Torrance.
I is for instruments you play: I want to learn the guitar.
J is for jam or jelly you like: Strawberry.
K is for kids: 1, Brenna.
L is for living arrangements: 4 bedroom house.
M is for mom’s name: Lillian
N is for name of your crush: David Beckham, Wentworth Miller.
O is for overnight hospital stays: One (when I had Brenna)
P is for phobias: Spiders.
Q is for quotes you like:
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: My ex, 10 months.
S is for sexual preference: Men.
T is for time you wake up: workdays ~ 7:12am weekends: when my eyes open.
U is for underwear: Whatever I feel like, GOSH!
V is for vegetable you love: Tomatoes, Corn, Broccolli, most of them.
W is for weekend plans: New Year’s Eve Plans and then Sleep.
X is for x-rays you’ve had: Just my teeth.
Y is for yummy food you make: Chicken Divan. YUMMY.
Z is for zodiac sign: Scorpio

Movie: The 40 Year Old Virgin.

28 12 2005

Okay, I bought this DVD last week because when Jess and I saw it in the movie theaters, I wasn’t thrilled AT ALL to see it, didn’t want to waste my money on a movie that I thought was going to be so stupid. Boy was I singing a different tune when I came out of the theaters after sitting through that entire movie. The movie was flat out hysterical. I don’t think I laughed that much in the theaters, EVER. It was that funny to me. So dorky yet so out of your seat, screech at the top of your lungs hysterical. (okay so I may be hyping it up a bit here, but gosh I really enjoyed this movie)

It’s about a 40 year old man named Andy who works in an Electronics store and just happens to be a virgin. He makes friends with three of the goofiest, funniest and just cool guys. Regular funny men, David, Jay and Cal. They conjure up a really funny friendship, solely based on getting Andy laid. It’s the most hysterical comedy that I’ve seen this entire year (aside from Napoleon Dynamite of course). It’s so funny to see these characters interact with each other and its just tons of laugh, the mischief these four guys get into while trying to get Andy laid. I left the theater with cramps in my sides from laughing so hard and when I watched it this weekend (cause I just HAD to own it) I was laughing uproariously all over again.

One of my favorite moments in this movie was when Cal and Andy are sitting in Andy’s living room, playing video games while Andy is on the phone with Trish, his crush. Here’s a bit of the conversation Andy’s friends had…

Cal: You’re gay now?
David: No, I’m not gay I’m just celibate.
Cal: I think? I mean, that sounds ga- I just want you to know this is like the first conversation of like three conversations that leads to you being gay. Like… there’s this and then in a year it’s like, “Oh you know, I kinda wanna, ya know, get back out there but I think I like guys” and then there’s the big, “Oh I’m I’m a g-gay guy now”.
David: You’re gay for saying that.
Cal: I’m gay for saying that?
David: You know how I know you’re gay?
Cal: How? How do you know I’m gay?
David: Because you macramed yourself a pair of jean shorts.
Cal: You know how I know you’re gay? You just told me you’re not sleeping with women any more.
David: You know how I know that you’re gay?
Cal: How? Cuz you’re gay? and you can tell who other gay people are.
David: You know how I know you’re gay?
Cal: How?
David: You like Coldplay.

The whole You know how I know YOU’RE gay thing just had me rollin’ for days. I couldn’t help but blog about one of the funniest movies I have seen in a very long time. I just HAD to gush about it, so now that you’ve read why I think it’s so funny, get it, watch it and love it, just like me.

Eye Candy Friday: David Beckham.

23 12 2005

I’ve decided that every Friday, I’m going to have an Eye Candy Friday. I could write about my resolutions, but I’m not going to…I changed my mind, I want something light and cute to look at so that I can forget the fact that I still have two people to shop for today, so before I brave the aisles of the store with all the other last minute shoppers like myself, I’m going to look at something pretty before I do so.

And today’s something pretty is going to be my favorite pretty boy, David Robert Joseph Beckham. The man that should I ever get married, my husband will have to be okay with the fact that if I was ever given the option, I would totally cheat on him, with David. Please believe this…there are three men that I would totally cheat on my spouse with, David Beckham is one of them. You’ll have to wait til next friday to find out the second one…*snicker*

There’s just something about this man that I can’t help but love. When you hear him talk, he’s got a high pitch voice, but even that doesn’t seem to bother me because seriously, if I could come home to this every night, you wouldn’t see me complaining. I mean, how can you complain when this is the last thing you see before you go to sleep:

I mean, gosh I would kill to wake up to THAT every morning, no literally I would. I’m not kidding. LOL. To be able to wake up this this:

Look at this, even the back of his head is sexy, dammit I hope Posh realizes her good fortune…


I do feel better now, so much better in fact that I think I’m ready to battle those aisles!


-Dee Money

The Perfect Man.

22 12 2005

This weekend I watched The Perfect Man with Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear and I thought it was super cute. It wasn’t the best movie in the world but it was cute for what it was supposed to be, a chick flick.

After watching that, the best friend and I discussed our “perfect man” and we have decided that he simply doesn’t exist. And then a list we made up years ago came up and I dug in my wallet where I stashed it all those years ago, and flushed it out, here’s what our list looked like.

1.) He’s gotta be palagi. We really have it bad for white boys!
2.) Square Face.
3.) Tall. *my best friend is 5’10″*
4.) Has to have a car.
5.) Has to have a job.
6.) Independant but needy.
7.) Athletic.
8.) Dominant.
9.) Broad Shoulders & Nice Back.
10.) Good sense of humor.
11.) Intelligent.
12.) RM, or returned missionary for all you non members out there (Jess)
13.) Bad boy w/Good heart.
14.) Has to know proper English, says “Video” and not “Bideo”.
15.) Can’t end all of his sentences with, “You know what I’m saying,”
16.) Gotta live within five miles of us.
17.) Deep voice.
18.) No chest hair.
19.) Smell good.
20.) Size DOES matter. (Jess)
21.) Must be older than us.
22.) Must not have longer hair than us.

Oh gosh, we must sound like a bunch of the shallowest girls on the planet, most of it was really meant to make us laugh and make light of our singlehood, but after reviewing the list, we came up with a newer, more profound list. Here’s what it looks like.

1.) Must have a good sense of humor.
2.) Must be taller than Mulu.
3.) Must have a job.
4.) Must be independant but needy.
5.) Must be dominant, no wuss’s allowed.
6.) Must be able to hold an intelligent conversation for more than 10 minutes. (In other words, he better be intelligent)
7.) Must know what he wants out of life and not afraid to go after it.

And then…the it would be nice if he had…

1.) Broad shoulders.
2.) A square face.
3.) A strong chin.
4.) Nice back.

And WE must think he’s handsome. Doesn’t matter if no one else does, but as long as we do, then it’s all that matters. After looking at our second list, it’s not that different from the first list and I guess it’s safe to say that we’ll forever be shallow, we just can’t seem to help it. So I guess we should add one in that says, “Must be okay with me being shallow.” Because I can’t seem to pitch that annoying habit. Oh well.

While talking about this subject, we came to the conclusion that we’re asking for too much from guys and so I have decided to pitch the whole idea of a Perfect Man list and go with the flow, so this ladies and gents and whoever else is reading this, is my new and improved list.

1.) Must love me for me.

*sigh* Who am I kidding?

I’m lying again.

Alright, this is it….my last final word on this before I close up shop for the day…

I give up!

Office Crushes.

21 12 2005

Everyone has them.

I have had a few of them (okay a LOT of them, who counts anyway?). And now I’m going to tell you about some of them.

Crush #1: Tapered Guy.

Tapered guy was my first office crush. When I first started working at my job, I noticed a lot of things right off the bat. I worked with every single person over 50. I never saw anyone aside from me and the Contracts Assistant who is a few years older than me here under the age of 30. Until I saw Tapered Guy. I happened upon him by surprise, because I would walk the long way to my office when I first started working here. I knew one way around and that was the route I took every time I came to work. Until I wised up and started walking around, familiarizing myself with my surroundings. When I was brave enough to start walking the newer and faster route to my office, that’s when I spotted him. He looked so young, dapper and utterly charming in his shirt and tie. He looked like he would be tall if he were to stand up straight, and I was a sucker for tall guys. His hair was a bit long, not as clean cut as I would have liked it, but his hair wasn’t overly long where he had to put it in a ponytail which I detest in a man, but his hair gently grazed his collar and gosh that was uber sexy to me. He had a pair of those come hither sexy eyes that were usually paired with a set of trendy glasses, gosh he looked like a nerd but what a sexy nerd he looked like. I walked by his office nearly everyday just to get my hottie guy fix. And every day he was there to give me a sweet smile and a quick, “Good morning,” *sigh* This is what office crushes were made of.

And then he stood up.

I try very hard not to be particular of what guys wear, but some things are just beyond my control because this gorgeous man sitting, was not so gorgeous to me standing up. He wears tapered pants. And when I say tapered, I mean REALLY tapered….his pant legs gathered at the bottom and practically hugged his ankle, so much so that they threatened to cut off the blood circulation in his ankles, when he stood with his legs together his pants had that balloon effect thing going, where he looks like he stepped into a hot air balloon and decided to keep them on as pants. It’s not cute. I tried so very hard to look past the pants, but every time after, I would smile at him and in my head, tight tapered pants floated before my eyes, haunting me with images of Screech from Saved by the Bell and it got so bad that I stopped walking past his office and began taking the long way to my office, it’s horrible. He’s gotten a lot better in the pants department now, but I know him now, we’ve talked more and the image is ruined for me, he will now and forever be Tapered Guy to me.

Sometimes it happens like that, but as crushes go, when one crush vanishes away, another one is just waiting to begin.

Enter Crush #2: The Husband.

The sexiest thing a man can possess for me is an accent.

British, Australian, Scottish whatever, accents turn me on. And when you put an accent on an absolutely gorgeous tall, dark and handsome man, I’m going to crush on your ass. And that’s how it was with “The Husband”. He’s a thirty something year old man from London, England. He’s working with us doing some engineering work and he just looks smart. He’s breathtakingly gorgeous in a slick suit but the man is to die for in a pair of jeans and an England Rugby Tee Shirt. Gosh, the man is just in your face sexy and he is the absolute stud of the office. If you were to look up Stud, you’d find Peter’s picture as the definition, this guy is so smoothe and suave and he knows what he’s talking about. I’m talking David Beckham gorgeous with the brain of Albert Einstein and the deep British accented voice of… someone with a deeper voice than Becks (mind blanked there). You can tell by the looks of him that he’s a no nonsense type of guy and he probably has a matching gorgeous wife, because *sigh* he IS married.

And what cracks me up about my infatuation with “The Husband” is that what I detested in “Tapered Guy” I actually really dig in “The Husband.” You see, “The Husband” wears tapered pants. But his tapered pants go well with his suit, they’re not super tight at the bottom, making him ankles look like their screaming for oxygen. And his pants are fitted, not baggy which is a big difference. But yesterday, Peter’s fitted, tapered pants showed me the evidence I needed to move from “crushing” to full fledged, “infatuated”…this is how it happened.

I walked into the break room to get a cup of hot chocolate because it was really cold in my office, while I’m inside the break room, I come across my friend, Sharon who is taking the new lady in her department around on a tour of the building. She comes in with the new lady who is an older lady, in her late 40’s or so. And this is how you know Peter is a stud. Peter walks in and greets both Sharon and I by name. We both say hi, and then I stop talking. Because seriously this guy is super uber hot and his beauty always takes my breath away….and my voice. LOL. Well anyway, so Peter sits down at the table and waits for us to finish getting our hot chocolate and then he notices the older lady, and you guys her face was flippin’ priceless. She looked like a love struck teen age girl who was just presented with her teen idol. Her mouth was ajar and everything.

Peter immediately stands up and brushes his hands on his pants and holds his hand out for the older lady to grab and shake. She is completely transfixed by Peter and she doesn’t see his hand is extended. He gives Sharon and I a concerned look and we both just shrug our shoulder, I’ve got a huge grin on my face and he blushes because he knows what’s up. The old lady has a crush. He must get it all the time, so he excuses himself, grabs his coffee and leaves. The lady follows him and goes to the restroom, and as soon as they both leave, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is:

“Dude, he’s got a big dick!”

Sharon starts busting up because she said, “I know, he’s got a big schlong!”

Hehe, we saw Peter’s downstairs. It was awesome. And now I freaking love the man.

The thing about office crushes though is, they can never be kept secrets. Sooner of later, someone in the office is going to catch you oogling your office crush and they’re going to find out you’re secretly in love with him. They’re going to hold it over your head and blackmail you into doing whatever they want, to keep their mouths shut. Such is the case with…

Crush #3: The College Intern.

Every once in a while there will come along, an intern. Someone who is still in college who is looking for some office experience and will come and intern with your company. We’ve got a new intern in our office, who has been working with us every friday for the past four months. I didn’t notice him until about his fourth week working with us. He’s in project control and so I don’t ever see him around, but his office is on my new route to my office, so I see him A LOT when I first come into the office. He goes to college in La Jolla and works here in Los Angeles once a week. When I first saw him, I immediately ran to my office and called my office co hort, Sharon to ask her who he is because she works in Security and she would have had to make him a badge. She didn’t know who I was talking about so she came up to see for herself, she’s smitten as well. The boy looks like a damn man. He’s got nice broad shoulders, blazing blue eyes that remind me of hot summer days at the beach, with a beautiful blazing blue sky above and sand beneath your toes. He’s tall and well mannered and has a voice that belongs on nighttime radio, seducing you over the airwaves with love songs. Boy do I look forward to Fridays now.

And I’ll admit it, of course I got all dressed up the past two fridays, hoping to engage him in some witty office banter and show him that I do know how to dress up when the mood strikes. So there I was, rocking my new outfit that I bought just so he could see, wore it to the company Christmas Potluck, hoping to get his attention. We’ve had some pretty cool conversations, I was feeling his flirty vibes, I just knew it was only a matter of time before we were hitting the sheets. I don’t want a relationship with him or anything, I mean he’s in college for crying out loud, how serious could a relationship be in college, right? Which would make him uber younger than me, but I was okay with it….just one night was all I wanted, right?

The fucker didn’t show up.

He was no where to be found and we find out later that he had that day off because he had some class stuff he had to do in San Diego. No biggie, I thought. I have next week to dazzle him with my gorgeous locks and drop dead outfit. So the next friday, there I am, rocking another to die for outfit…

The good for nothing assmunch is not in the office today.

*sigh* I have since given up, and of course I don’t tell anyone that I got all dressed up to wow the intern, how dorky would I be then, eh? (and if you guys tell anyone I will hunt you down and kick your dog!) I tell everyone that I have dinner plans after work and won’t have time to run home to change, so I’m going straight from the office (I’m SO the best liar!) and so yesterday me and my cohort are walking downstairs and we pass his office which is empty, which doesn’t surprise us since it’s only Tuesday. My co hort walks up to his supervisor’s office door and says hi, she’s a really nice woman, her name is Shari and she literally cracks me up (and I secretly lust after her husband when he comes by the office, think Ryan from All My Children, HOLY ORGASM he’s a stud!), Sharon (the cohort) asks her where Nick’s been. She’s like, “Oh I don’t know, I haven’t heard from him so I don’t think he’s coming back, I think his internship is done. If you ask me, I think the only reason he took the internship here is to be closer to his girlfriend, she goes to USC.” My crush for the guy is now completely crushed. Sharon not comfortable with the wink she got from Shari, enlightens her with a quick, “Oh I don’t like him, Dylan does.” I turn beet red. Shari tells me that she’ll keep it our little secret and I just rolled my eyes and walked away.

It’s time to leave and I’m walking down to the parking lot when I hear male footsteps above me, before I could look back, Tapered Guy smiles down at me and says, “So I hear you like the intern!” I stopped walking and just looked up at him, I can’t be any more embarrassed because it’s impossible. He informs me that, “Yes, everyone knows and yes, you’re blushing.” I inform him that he’s on crack if he thinks that I like a little boy. (oh sue me, so I lied, like THAT’s a surprise) And then he tells me that Nick is 19 but he then tells me that he secretly thinks it’s really Sharon who has the crush, I laughingly shrug my shoulders and walk away from my very first office crush. It’s funny how your office crushes evolve from crush to acquaintance to friend. I would say that Tapered Guy is one of my office friends now, and even though he makes me laugh uproariously sometimes, I still think he’s a dork for wearing tapered pants, even if they’re not that bad anymore.

The office crush has been around since the beginning of the business world, sometimes it’s harmless, sometimes it can be pretty harsh, but what fun would office crushes be if they didn’t embarrass you from time to time? And plus, now that I’ve been ousted for one of my silly little crushes, it makes planning my revenge all the more sweeter.

I’m thinking post its all over her office and desk is too nice for the likes of her. How about a picture of her first thing in the morning (NOT a pretty sight), sent to everyone in our network?


A New Year’s Resolution.

20 12 2005

For the last four or five years, I have made resolusions that I want to work on. I have been trying to stop cursing, it’s horrible the way I am with curse words. It’s a habit that I haven’t been able to conquer, because for me, cursing is so much fun. But my daughter and nephew are starting to copy my language and I need to quit saying things, they shouldn’t be saying. But instead of calling them resolutions, I’m going to say things, I want to work on, not necessarily quit doing, but work on come 2006. I have 10 things I want to work on, so over the next 10 days, I’ll list one thing and blog about it. I’m cracking up already, thinking of my reasons why I want to do such and such. So stayed tuned for that one, but in the meanwhile, I’ll start with…

1. Be a nicer person.

There’s this lady at work who no one likes. She’s the one lady that never returns emails or phone calls, is always late with whatever paperwork others need in order to process whatever it is they need to process and she’s got this rep here at work, she’s the “I think I’m better than everyone because I’m well off and you’ll never get to my level because you’re a pee on” I swear, everything out of that woman’s mouth is, “Henry and I had dinner last night at this 4 Star restaurant and to eat there you have to have big money because everything on the menu cost 50 bucks and more” or “I just bought an Ommish quilt that set me back 3000 dollars but it’s a one of a kind quilt and you won’t find the likes of it anywhere,” The shit can get really annoying. But, I can’t be mean to her because she seriously takes care of me. She’s got a daughter my age, but her daughter (who makes 6 figures mind you, UGH!) lives on the east coast and so she doesn’t see her that much. This lady takes care of me here at work, she ALWAYS answers my emails, she ALWAYS returns my phone calls, she always stops by my office to chit chat and she brings me lunch when I’m sick, she even calls me every Tuesday when she’s at the Farmers Market to ask me if I want some fresh Strawberries. How can I NOT be nice to her right?


This lady is a wine connowhatever, she loves her some wine. She loves to talk wine and who does she talk about wine too? ME. I don’t drink, I have no use for wine knowledge, I DON’T CARE how to tell if a wine bottle is ready to be opened or when the best time to drink a bottle of Chardawhatever you call that wine. I DON’T CARE, because I don’t drink. But does that stop her from overwhelming me with wine trivia? I don’t care how many wine tastings you’ve been to in Napa Valley, and I really don’t want to see the pictures of your wine cellar. Why would something like this appeal to me, a NON DRINKER? It doesn’t.

This lady can talk my ear off about her daughter. She loves to gush with me about what her daughter bought her last. The last thing she told me was that her daughter bought her a bottle of Dom Periwhatever the hell P Diddy buys in bulk. The very expensive bottle. Cost like a grand or whatever, WHO THE FLIP CARES! She kept bragging about it like I was going to be envious cause she got to drink it and I didn’t. I think maybe she missed the part when I told her I don’t drink.

Well anyway, this is what I’m talking about. This lady is nothing but good to me, she brought me a chicken curry plate just today from the farmers market because she knows that I love it. Wasn’t that thoughtful of her? She bought me a Christmas present (not just a card, but an actual gift) and she always lets me know when she buys a new movie so that I could add to my collection, she makes copies of movies for me and she always invites me to go to lunch (NO ONE not even my sister invites me to lunch anymore, how sad is that?) with her and how do I remember her?

I remember that she always drags me into her office to show me crap that I could care less about. I remember that she lied about this 4 star restaurant in Gardena, the restaurant is actually a hole in the wall restaurant in COMPTON, not Gardena. I remember that she didn’t pay all of the money from the last pool we had here at work for the World Series. I remember all of the bad things that everyone else remembers. I shouldn’t because this lady is a really nice lady to ME. I shouldn’t judge her or begrudge her, her little idiosyncracies. They’re all apart of what makes her, HER. I’m sure there are things about me that she doesn’t really care for that I keep telling her about (like let’s see, I like to talk about Prison Break to her and I know she doesn’t watch the show, but I keep right on talking about it like it’s the best thing to talk about with her). I feel bad because my friend can’t stand her, because it was her that won the last World Series pool and she didn’t get all of the money, but I’m taking a stand. I’m not going to hold anything against this poor lady who is nothing but nice to me.

I’m going to be nice to her, even if it kills me.

100 Things About Me.

15 12 2005

100 Things About Me.

1. I’m addicted to Prison Break and Gray’s Anatomy.
2. I think that David Beckham is the hottest celebrity with the girliest voice.
3. I like to people watch while I’m pretending to be cool at Starbucks.
4. I love to read books that have a lot of steamy sex scenes and hot heroes.
5. I love to write happy endings, everyone should have one.
6. I love listening to music people love to hate.
7. I think 50 Cent is fugly.
8. I wake up every morning at 7:12am, hating life.
9. I wish I could wake up when my eyes open.
10. I have a thing for broad shoulders.
11. I start salivating outside Starbucks if it’s been too long since I had a Mocha Frap.
12. I think I love Ryan Seacrest.
13. I only like USC because I think Matt Leinart is hot.
14. I think Omarion is gay.
15. I love pink.
16. I like to dance when no one’s looking.
17. I like to think I can sing better than I really can.
18. I think that Michael Scofield should hurry up and add me on friggin’ myspace, dammit.
19. I voted for President Bush.
20. I’m not disappointed that I did.
21. I cry during Hallmark commercials and music videos on CMT.
22. I’m happy that my friend Holly has found a guy better than her rat bastard ex husband.
23. I’m glad that Jessica is my best friend.
24. I like meeting people I’ve met online.
25. My family thinks I’m weird because I like meeting people I’ve met online.
26. I hate that I’m still single but am really not looking for a man, dumb huh?
27. I didn’t know that the lead singer for The Killers is Mormon.
28. Now I do.
29. I am Mormon.
30. I don’t live in Utah.
31. I think I’m a virgin again.
32. I have made more true friends online then I have in my real life.
33. Two of my best friends live too far away from me to visit.
34. I wish that I could visit them.
35. My car got stolen and I never replaced it.
36. I hate men with long hair.
37. I hate men younger than me.
38. Sometimes I think I’m going to be the old lady in church who never got married.
39. I don’t want to be that lady.
40. I have a thing for guys named Nick.
41. I have a crush on a guy that lives in England.
42. I have a lot of crushes.
43. I think Dan Carter should move to L.A.
44. I think he should marry me.
45. I don’t have a favorite movie, even though I tell people I do.
46. I’m a habitual liar, but I’m not a bitch.
47. I have never had a phone bill under $100.
48. My phone bill makes me want to cry.
49. I think Brad should have stayed with Jen.
50. I wish I was Angelina.
51. I lied because I saw Brad’s ding dong and I’m not impressed.
52. I watch too much TV.
53. I don’t care.
54. I HATE the song Wake Me Up When September Ends.
55. I’m addicted to American Idol.
56. I love accents.
57. I wish I had a cool accent.
58. I like Banana Ice Cream with yellow cake and strawberries from Cold Stone Creamery.
59. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in the last three months.
60. I hate having “talks” with my brother in law.
61. I don’t return calls when I say I’m going to.
62. I don’t think anyone at my work is remotely cute.
63. I want to marry Wentworth Miller.
64. I already did in my dreams.
65. People think I’m very selfless.
66. They’re wrong.
67. I love sister breakfasts/lunches/dinners.
68. I need a new Becks calendar to hang in my office.
69. I haven’t traveled enough.
70. I want to be married by the time I turn 30.
71. That’s probably not going to happen.
72. I think everyone should be bad once in their life.
73. I want to meet Napoleon Dynamte.
74. I want a liger for my pet.
75. I like to write stories but show no one.
76. I love Kenny Chesney’s music.
77. I think Kenny should have won Entertainer of the Year.
78. Spiders scare me.
79. I hate going to Sunday School.
80. I hide from my Bishop at my church.
81. I used to play soccer in elementary.
82. I wasn’t that good.
83. I have a back up plan but don’t really want to marry my back up plan.
84. Next year I will have 9 more years to find a husband before I marry my back up plan.
85. I don’t have a window in my office but my friend does and I’m jealous.
86. I have a real crush on someone who I’m scared to tell.
87. I love Versace Red Jeans.
88. I’m a Scorpio.
89. I like to laugh at celebrities.
90. I’m jealous of the life the celebrities live.
91. I hate looking at other women’s engagement rings.
92. I love the friendship ring that my best friend got for me.
93. It’s fake.
94. I’m writing my own happy ending.
95. I hope it comes true.
96. I’m an avid reader.
97. I haven’t finished a book in the last two months.
98. I steal candy from my co workers candy dish all the time and she complains that people keep stealing her candy.
99. I never told her it was me.
100. I don’t watch Alias anymore, I miss Vaughn.

Can You BE Any More Annoying?

13 12 2005

When you grow up with a certain group of people, do they ever stop seeing you as the child you were or for the woman you grew up to be?

I have been going to the same church since I was a little girl. I do it more so because my parents are still there and everything is familiar, not to mention I don’t have the heart to take my daughter out of this ward where she has friends and loves it. But gosh, what irritates me the most about going to church and really, if I’m being honest if I didn’t have my daughter, I probably wouldn’t be attending church anyway, but I do because I want to raise my daughter up the way I was raised. Just not as sheltered.

Anyway, back to what irritates me about church.

I’m not a very spiritual person, but I can be at times. I’m 25 years old, if I want to sit and chit chat in the halls with my friends about old times or about life in general, I have that right because I’m a damn adult. QUIT SCOLDING ME TO GO TO FREAKING CLASS, if I wanted to go to class I’d be in there right now, so since I’m not. I don’t want to go. There’s this pesky little man with big ears who shall remain nameless who every Sunday bugs me to go to class and every Sunday I just ignore him and continue on with my business. Well this past Sunday I was talking to the Elders from the ward that meets after mine with Jess and he comes over and tells us to go to class and like always Jess and I just ignored him adn continued on with our conversation with the Elders because it was their last Sunday with us since they’re getting transferred and they had Christmas cards for us, well the stupid big ear pest came back and said if I didn’t go to class he was going to tell my dad. I laughed. I thought that was the most stupidest thing he could have ever said, because what the heck is my Dad going to do? Spank me at church? I’m a grown ass woman, don’t tell me what to do.

So once again, I roll my eyes and continue on with the conversation, but about ten minutes later, the stupid jerk comes back….with my DAD! I was slack jawed because I couldn’t believe how stupid it was. My dad sees me and Jess talking to the Elders and he laughs. He asks me why I’m not in class and I told him all attitudy that I can’t believe I got ratted out by the damn big eared man and my dad called me over for a quick word.

LOL, when I walked over to my dad the stupid man looked pleased with himself and I swear I wanted to slap that stupid smirk right off his ugly ass face. But then I got the last laugh because my dad hands me a twenty and says to me, “If you’re not going to go to class can you and Jess run to Taco Bell and get me something to eat, I’m hungry.”

I swear my Dad rocks!