Why Do YOU Blog?

25 01 2008

I was doing my weekly blog hop this morning on Google Reader when I came across two things, first, Devonna tagged me for the 7 Things Meme, which I promise I’ll have up soon sweets, I do read your blog even though I can’t comment (damn work) but I will get that list up just as soon as I can, I have to think on it though.

Anyway, the second thing I came across was Stacy’s blog over at Stacy’s Place on Earth about why SHE blogs. It got me thinking about this blog and I thought I’d answer her questions here on my blog because I’m thinking about it right now.

What about you – why do you blog?

I started this blog because Izzy had a blog and it was a journal of sorts and figured if it was online and I could type out my entries, I’d get more journaling done so I started one up and never really looked back…until recently.

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years now and I don’t think I’ll ever stop…it’s a passion of mine.

Do you ever get tired, and just want to give it up?

Lately, I’ve been thinking of closing down my blog but then I’d go back and read some of my older posts and laugh myself silly and I know in my heart of hearts, I won’t ever be able to completely erase these posts, so I really think I’m here to stay, no matter what the hell I said in my post a few weeks ago.

So really, why do YOU blog?

Has Anyone Watched This Little Kid?

17 01 2008

I have two nieces who are in high school and they are into some pretty weird stuff, I tell ya. Like, I know all about their fascination with YouTube, I can even appreciate their addiction to YouTube because, I’m the same way….if there’s something that I wanna see again, something I want to catch (a new YouTube hot shot musician or singer singing something really cool) that I missed or just looking up old stuff, you can find it all on YouTube.

But, there’s a world of difference in what I’m watching on YouTube and what they’re watching on YouTube.

Check it out:

This is what I watch on YouTube:

This guy’s name is Chris Wong and he can get down on the ukulele and I am really digging this song.

Now, this is what my nieces watch every week on YouTube:

This kid’s name is Ryan Higa or whatever and he’s got a bunch of How To video’s and rants on YouTube that are 1) really stupid 2) kinda funny and 3) really stupid. I search YouTube for the latest and greatest youtube singers and tv shows that I’ve missed, my nieces browse through YouTube, trying to find all of these NigaHiga videos.


Ugh, Let’s Just Face It…

24 10 2007

…I’m a horrible blogger.

I haven’t updated in a few days and I really don’t have a good excuse for it because, I’ve started plenty of blogs but I haven’t finished any one of them and they’re sitting in my drafts, unfinished and I’m still…uninspired to finish them.


This bites, on top of all the ash that I’m now seeing on the cars parked outside my house, on top of the smoke that I’m inhaling because of the fires in nearby cities, I just can’t be arsed to finish anything for the blog.

My mind has been on a lot of things lately and I can’t seem to hold onto a thought long enough to write about it so I just haven’t.

But I’ll get better, eventually, you know I will.

Until then, enjoy these videos to my favorite songs of the moment:

There are plenty more songs that I’m listening to right now but those are the ones that have videos on youtube…Happy Hump Day!

Kids, Kids and More Kids.

5 10 2007

So this weekend, my sister Blanche and her husband are heading back to Utah for another wedding…this time on his side of the family. Now two weeks ago, Blanche was in for a wedding on our side of the family and I had all 6 of her kids. Well I had 4 of her kids with the help of her two oldest kids and this weekend, we’ll be doing it all over again. That means that starting tomorrow morning at 7am we’ll be up getting the kids ready for their games and the first game starts at…8 IN THE DAMN MORNING! And that just happens to be Brenna’s game, so after Brenna’s game we have Chaylene’s game and she’s got snack duty, OH JOY! After Chaylene’s game is Cheridan’s game and then Chases game. I have no idea how Chance is going to get to his football game and depending on what time his game is, we’re going to have to make the drive over to his game to support him as well.


I know that I’m going to be hecka tired come Monday morning but goodness, atleast we don’t have to get up and get dressed for Church since it’s Conference weekend and we can just watch Conference in our pajama’s in our living room. You would think that watching Church at home would miss out on the spirit and everything but that’s not the case, the spirit is always so strong that it never ceases to amaze me that I can actually pay attention and get something out of each Conference talk.

I’m totally not looking forward to this weekend on one hand but on the other, I’m totally up for the challenge…so much so that I’m like, BRING IT ON! I just hope to high heaven that I’ll be able to get some reading in, finish Whispering Rock and then start and finish Cam’s book.

There’s a lot going on around the blogosphere…so I’m going to head on around and check things out on my Google Reader since I’m at work and can’t access or comment on anyone’s blog..maybe that’s what I”ll do this weekend…I’ll update my blog and switch my template over to my favorite template, the sexy girl one…it’s a good move with the fall season upon us and all that, so yeah…bring on the darker template, unless I find something else that I totally love.

Alright, you guys have yourselves a great weekend and I’ll see you guys around!


Alright, Alright….

27 07 2007

….I’m updating, yeesh!

It’s so nice to feel the love around the blogosphere when I’m not around. I know that I haven’t been updating as much as I usually do and I keep apologizing about it but I guess because I’m spending so much time hanging out with friends in the summer sun and just living life, blogging has totally taken a back seat and I’m sorry if some of my favorite readers are feeling neglected, so with renewed force, here I am…blogging just for you guys!

I posted some of my favorite Eye Candy Menz that I started yesterday so you guys can enjoy that yummalicious post! =)

I’ve got a lot of things going on for this weekend, my favorite Uncle Party is dancing in a luau tomorrow that we’re dragging our friend RoRo to. It should totally be fun and so you can get a feel of what kind of show we’ll be enjoying tomorrow, here’s a little clip of our favorite Uncle Party Ralph Lauren doing his thang with Mulu’s loud ass mouth laughing like a hyenna in the back….haha.

In that second video, you can totally see Mulu walking up to give him money, haha…Mulu’s on YouTube, haha…she’s the tall skinny Samoan girl with the grey shirt and black long sleeve underneath, haha…that’s my best friend!

Moving on to other news, I’ve been given the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award by my homie gee locc, Izzle my Nizzle and Mailynzzle…=) And dude, I totally have to thank Izzy for changing my URL address because I called her in a panic when Juju was being a jerk and copied and pasted everything that I said about Cool Guy and teased me relentlessly, texting me snippets of my blog, calling me and reciting my blog back to me and then even, BLACKMAILING me, it was all done in good fun and though it was mighty embarrassing for me, I could laugh about it now.

I love Juju, he totally rocks my socks and I really hope that he finds his eternal companion soon, does anyone want to apply for the position, because I’m totally accepting applications on his behalf, haha. Oh yeah and he’s totally a sexy beast! haha….if you go to my myspace, he’s Dirt McGirt, don’t ask me what that means cause I don’t know, he won’t tell me either.

Stop the press, ya’ll, stop the press! Check it out…I’m a…

Yeah, aren’t you just pea green with envy? Huh, huh? You totally should be since according to not one but TWO people, I totally rock socks, I’m just totally fantabulous like that, hehe…and since I’ve been given this award TWICE (not that I’m tooting my own horn or anything like that, haha) I’m going to give this award out my danged self. =)

And the peeps that I totally love and all that good stuff are:

1. My girl, Isabel I Know Her Last Name.

This is my ro’ dawg. Is that how you spell it? I love this girl, I’ve known her for a lot of years now (I can’t seem to remember how many though, just know that I’ve known Izzy since BEFORE Joey, that’s a long time dammit!) and she’s one of my down ass bitches, she may be on the shy side but you can count on her to do just about anything for you…I love that about her, she’s smart, beautiful and the girl is funny…she’s just low key and it’s those low key girls you gotta watch out for, haha…her blog is a must read for mine and I just love being all nosy up in her life…haha.

2. Mailyn.

I’m telling you, Mailyn is hands down one of my most favorite bloggers, EVER! I’m so happy that I found her blog (I forget how I found it, maybe she found me, whatever, I’m so glad I know this girl now) because this girl is as real as real can be. She doesn’t like something? You don’t have to worry about Mailyn not speaking up on her behalf, she’s another ride or die bitch (I mean that in the most greatest of ways, Mailyn, seriously! =)) that I absolutely love and her blog never ceases to pull all of my emotions out, whether it’s outrage on an animal, laughter at her vents and then lust with all of the scrumdiddilyumptious prettyful menz on her page, the girl knows how to find the hotties all over the world and for an eye candy expert, I totally appreciate her art! haha.

3. Mollie.

Mollie is a new to me friend who I’ve had the pleasure of reading for the past few months. I just started reading her blog not too long ago and I totally love it! She’s funny, witty and she works at a frickin’ library, one that got one of those really cool awards for being like the best libraries in America or whatever, I’m totally hating on her because she gets to be surrounded by books all day long and get paid for it too, man and she reads a lot of cool books, I love it and you totally rock, Mollie!

4. B.

The Tabloid Thursday Queen! I’m so glad that she found my blog because I totally love going to her blog to visit and just read all about the celebrities dirt over there. She totally rocks my socks and she is such a pretty lady too, you lucky tramp…she also just got back from Malta, JEALOUS THATS ME!!! =)

5. Daphne.

I can’t forget my little homie gee locc from across the way…=) Daphne is one of the most kind hearted, funny and witty girls I know. She is such a small little thing but man is she so much fun to be around, she says some of the funniest things that have me in stitches laughing, she’s so refreshingly honest and candid and I just totally love this girl, she totally ROCKS!

There you go, there are so many other blogger women that rock my socks but I’ll be here all day if I listed them all…if you didn’t get mentioned, that doesn’t mean that you rock, it just means that I’m a crackhead and need to catch up on my sleep instead of staying up late every night talking on the phone to cute boys that I like to kiss! =)

To end off this post, I don’t mean to be mean or anything but dude…DID YOU GUYS SEE BEYONCE’S FALL? My side STILL hurts from laughing so frickin’ much with my friend, Miah…man that fall should go down in the books as best falls in a live concert, EVER! haha…I love it!

There you go, I’ll try to start updating more often but dude, laugh with me it’s great! =) And have a good weekend ya’ll!!! =)

Have You Ever…

25 06 2007

…wanted something for your friend so bad that you could feel it all the way to your toes?

I have a friend that I’ve become really close to in the past couple of months. We’re not the best of friends but I really care about him and his life choices. I’ve known him my whole life and he’s such a good guy and he loves both me and Brenna dearly. He’s in a relationship right now, but it’s a long distance relationship and really, I don’t think he loves this woman as much as he thinks he does because it’s so easy for him to see himself with other women and so easy for him to talk about dating other women.

No, I don’t like him for myself but I do like him for another one of my friends. A friend of mine who hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to relationships. She just got out of a relationship that has taken a lot out of her and I’m really hoping that she can bounce back from all of this. She’s a really special person and she’s one of those friends that you would do just about anything for because she’s just that great.

She’s perfect for my friend and I think he knows it but he’s holding on to his love for his girlfriend that lives in a different state. Why? I have no idea. It’s not that I don’t like his girlfriend, I don’t know her so I don’t have anything against her but I’m just realistic in that I don’t think his relationship will last if they’re living in different states, he’s much too physical to keep something like that up for very long, so I’m thinking hey, my friend is perfect for you, you like her, what’s the problem?

I think he’s very interested in my friend, he wants to take her out on a date but he’s very wishy washy, I wish he’d make up his mind and just be with her. He’s totally okay with taking her out on a date and just hanging out but I know that should he take her out, there’s going to be a whole more than, “I just want to be her friend” but he’s going to chicken out and not ask her out.

And that’s what I really want for him, too bad he’s so confused about what he wants, my friend deserves more than a confused suitor but man, I wish he’d stop talking about it and just be about it already.

There really isn’t a point to this little rant, I just wanted to rant about it because they’re so perfect for each other and they don’t see it…


Happy Belated Memoral Day!!!

29 05 2007

What did you guys get into yesterday?


My family and I spent the morning talking, about the people that are fighting in the war, about the people who died in wars, people we knew who died fighting for our country and we prayed for those who are fighting now (I prayed for Adam, Izzy) and those who have gotten back from the war and are trying to get used to life back in the states. I’m truly very grateful to my friends and family who serve our country and fight to keep us safe, it’s nice to have a holiday where we remember the fallen soldiers and treasure the soldiers out there, doing all that they can to keep me and my family safe.

Their work and sacrifice is most definitely appreciated.

I spent the day in Compton, California …eating, gossiping and laughing, a lot. I woke up around 9am and then got dressed and waited for Mulu to get to the house and then we stopped by Barnes and Noble so that I can pick up the latest book in the Crazy series, I think it’s called, Crazy Sweet, it’s Travis the stud’s book, I hear it’s not as good as the other books and now I’m all scared to read it, but oh well, it’s part of the series and I will finish out the series, it’s what I do. Anyway, after I called Ames at work to bug her and get the name of the book since I was unsure of which books I had, I bought the book and then we were off.

The food was great Therese, ya’ll should definitely pat yourselves on the back because that barbeque sauce was off the heezie fo’ sheezie good! The ribs were the bomb, even if they did mess me up and make me want to do the dump dance like crazy! But still, I loved it! And that mango drink that you have, the Sunny Delight one, man I need to find that because it was the bomb, where did you get it? Food for Less? I’m gonna have to ditch Ralphs and go there and get one, I love that drink!

And the faiks was the bomb…only Miah can know that much drama and share all with us, I still wanna know what the shady business was but whatever, I loved it! Gotta love Miah and his motor mouth, hehe…

After we left Theresa’s house in Compton, we drove over to our friend Justin from Church’s house for Family Home Evening…dude, Justin’s house is sick with it. He’s got a tri level townhouse and it’s got everything you’d ever want in the house, including the Nintendo Wii, a pool table, a ping pong table, a foozball table, it’s a total bachelor pad, done out in style. You walk in on the bottom floor and that’s his roommate’s domain, then you go upstairs to the second floor and that’s the loft where everything is, the entertainment section of the house. That’s the part of the house that be on and poppin’ like Chris Brown sings about in his song.

It’s like a modern bachelor pad for the rich peeps, it’s got everything you could possibly want to have and it’s just fabulous! It is our official party palace and we will be going back there for sure.

Over there, we shared more laughs, ate some more food and played on Justin’s differnent toys, his computer, his lap top, his Nintendo Wii, the pool table and just errthang, it was a great way to spend a day off from work…and it was Justin who introduced me to my new addiction for listening to music at work…Imeem. You can make playlists, make new friends and share music all over this website and it’s just a fun little site to play around at. Mulu is all about the Bebo, so I’ve checked that site out, which is like New Zealand’s Myspace but it’s just too hot damn confusing so I think I’m just going to stick with myspace, atleast for now. So yeah I had a great time this weekend, what about you guys?

…so now that you know what I did, what did you guys do?

*the picture was cute and my friend Ralph played volleyball yesterday so that’s where that came from*

Playing Hookie…

23 05 2007

…is so much fun!

Where I’ve Been.

7 03 2007

Yesterday, Brenna and I were getting ready to head out to work and school, Brenna was putting her shoes on in the living room and my niece Makenna, who was staying home from school because she was sick the night before, was sitting on the sofa across from her, in order for Makenna to get past, she would have to pass Brenna.

Well, Makenna got sick and didn’t quite make it to the bathroom before she started to throw up…she didn’t get very far at all, because Makenna threw up all over…


It was horrible, Brenna’s new clothes from her birthday this passed weekend had throw up all over it, she had throw up in her head and in her ear and quite grossly, in her mouth as well.

And having the gag reflex that she has, it just got uglier and uglier after that.

In the midst of rushing Brenna into the shower WITH her new clothes on, Brenna was throwing up herself. She wanted that nasty taste and smell off of her but she couldn’t control herself from throwing up.

Long minutes after the incident, I called in sick and told work that I wasn’t coming in to work today and then I told them what happened, they told me to take care of my kids and they’ll see me later.

Well that happened yesterday, last night after I got home from playing volleyball with some friends, I showered and then went to sleep and in the middle of the night, Brenna woke me up complaining that her tummy hurt, she’s trying not to cry and she’s trying not to whine because she knows that I don’t like it when she whines and so because she wasn’t feeling good, I let her stay home from school today.

Which means that I haven’t really had time to blog about anything, I’m totally tired myself but I just wanted you guys to know that I’ll get my thoughts on Prison Break and Syl, I’m watching The Hills right now, up soon…alrighty?

An Interesting Weekend.

21 02 2007

Wow, lots of things to write down before I forget.

Let’s start with Saturday.

I spent the day driving my parents a few towns over to some car dealership that they wanted to buy a car from. We got there about noon, didn’t leave the damn place until damn near 4pm, after that I drove over to my brothers house to drop Brenna off because she wanted to go there. We get there and my brother Pete is watching the All Star Weekend stuff. I watched with him, I watched the Los Angeles team get smashed in the shooting competition thanks to Michael Cooper’s old ass, I also watched Dwayne Wade serve Kobe his skills papers to him in the skills competition. I wasn’t mad since I’m a D Wade fan as well…I love watching him play basketball. I missed the dunking competition because I had to make a Target run with Chelsea, by the time we got home, it was long done and I was only a little miffed. I remember hoping they’d put it up on Youtube, so I have to remind myself to check that out when I get home from work today.

Anyway, something interesting (or annoying if you’re me) happened on our way to the car dealership. My Dad starts asking me all these questions about dating. He asks me if I’m dating or seeing anyone at the moment, I tell him NO unless he counts Mulu. He tells me that he’s got someone for me which then sends my Mom into a tizzy of laughter. I’m looking at her all crazy like and she turns to me and tells me, “You know Sean from Church? Well he asked Dad for his permission to court you, he wants to marry you.”

I’m all confused, not knowing who Sean is. My Dad then goes off on a tangent, telling me how good Sean would be for me, he’s a return missionary, he’s very active in Church, he’s a Priesthood holder and all this junk, my Mom is chiming in with her words of praise for this guy. And I’m still confused over who this guy is.

And guess who he is you guys….remember this post?

Yeah, that’s him.

Oh hell to the no.

Ever since then, my parents have been after me to think about going on a date with him, to think about seeing him.

Oh hell to the no.

He’s what my sister called, “moikolish” I don’t even know if I spelled it right but it’s Samoan for slimy man, you know child molester like guy…ewww, not even cute.

Sunday, I spent the day reading Jennifer Crusie’s Anyone But You. I loved it! I thought Alex and Nina were great together and I was happy as a clam after finishing up that book. I put down Melissa Senate’s The Breakup Club because I couldn’t get into it, so that one will have to wait. I watched the new Brothers and Sisters and fell a little more in love with Kevin. Gosh he cracks me up, I just love him to pieces and I think that Rob Lowe is a hottie on this show. I think he’s great with Kitty but what about Warren? What happened to him? I loved seeing Justin again, that man has got my heart, I swear. Love it!

Oh and I watched the NBA All Star Game, man that was a fantastic win for the West team, who have lost the All Star game to the East Side the past two years, I’m so frickin’ happy that Kobe won the MVP too because he got hella off and I know that Kobe isn’t high on anyone’s list but I don’t acre, I love me some Kobe. I don’t know if it’s because he plays for my all time favorite basketball team or what, but I’m a loyal Kobe fan, I probably just lost some readers there but oh well…Kobe’s the bomb and he was rewarded with the MVP trophy for the All Star Game, D Wade may have shown him up at the skills competition but Kobe got back on top at the All Star Game, I was rootin’ him on! I’m so glad The West won too…that Labron James is frickin’ tight and I thought the East had a better squad with Dwayne Wade, Labron James, Shaq (UGH!)…but oh no, Kobe, T Mac, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Carmelo Anthony and the rest of the West Side Squad put it down on Sunday….I was hella lovin’ it!

Yesterday, I didn’t work, I took my floating holiday and went with my sister to take the kids to the California Science Center which was a lot of fun for the kids, for me it was pretty boring. LOL. I spent the whole of yesterday going from one exibit where this kid and that kid were frickin’ screaming about this and that, I was glad when we finally walked out of the museum and called it a day.

I also watched Nacho Libre and frickin’ loved the stupid movie. I know, I’m weird but there you have it…it was as Ignacio said, “Fantastic!” LMAO.

But yeah, that was MY weekend.

What did you guys into this weekend?