My Boys Are Back…

21 05 2007

…and their cd, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long comes out tomorrow, 5/22.

I’m so stoked!

It’s been five long years since Songs About Jane, so this cd is most definitely a long time coming…Adam and the boys have definitely delivered with their first single off the new album, Makes Me Wonder.

The video was hot, the beat is tight and Adam’s vocals deliver the right amount of hotness to make this song a definite hit on my playlist this summer. I’m so amped because I want to see these guys in concert soon. They are so tight live and Adam sure knows how to captivate an audience with his sexy voice and his on stage charisma.

And can I just say that Adam is looking pretty good these days? I mean seriously…

You can see the new drummer, I forget his name. LOL. I’m not really digging Jesse, Micky and the other dude’s long hair, but since I’m still salty at Jesse, for dissing me at the concert and the others are cool but I love me some Adam, what can I say?

Check him out:

Damn, but I love this guy…even though he’s skinnier than all get out. I just can’t be arsed to give a hot damn. There would be pictures of Ryan up in this post if he was still playing with the band but since he’s not, all you guys get is my main Maroon 5 squeeze, Adam…

Look at this picture:

Hot damn….so for real, who’s going to get the album?

Besides me, of course.


My Boys Are Back…

3 04 2007

…with a brand new album coming out on May 22nd. Their new single entitled Makes Me Wonder is getting some serious play on my ipod and on my stereo. It’s making its way around the radio waves because I’ve heard them playing it on KIIS FM and I’m just tickled pink that they’re coming back with some new ish. I’m so effing excited…

Remember this, Ralph?

Talk about BOMB STATUS that day…hehe. May 9, 2005…my dreams came true when I met Adam Levine and the rest of the Maroon 5 band, including DRUMMER RYAN, who is no longer with the band anymore, *sigh*. But I’m happy as a clam to say that they’re going to be touring again, so Uncle Party, be sure to be ready for another Maroon 5 concert, alrighty? I’m lovin’ it…=)

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video for Maroon 5’s new song, Makes Me Wonder, which I absolutely love….be sure to mark your calendar’s, cause Maroon 5 is back beeyitches! =)

Album: Songs About Jane by Maroon 5.

9 05 2006

One year ago today, I went to see these guys live in concert. It was a memorable day for me and three of my closest friends because not only did we have tickets to the concert in San Diego, but we also had passes to see their Sound Check and listen to them practice before the night’s big event and holy cow it was off the hook. Adam Levine himself is a bit pasty for my tastes and on the really skinny side, BUT all of that ceased to matter once the man opened his mouth and started singing.

I fell in love.

The man has a voice like an angel.

But anyway, back to the CD. I’m listening to this CD and it amazes me how awesome this entire CD is. I freaking love the heck out of the entire CD and that is saying something, because I always have issues with at least three of the songs on ANY CD, even CD’s by my all time favorite country singer, Kenny Chesney. But that’s not the case with this CD, Songs about Jane is angst filled and you could totally tell that Adam had some serious relationship issues and though I feel bad for the fella, I loved how his grief and hurt over past relationships with “Jane” in particular helped him write some of the best songs I’ve heard in a very long time.

Let me back up a second though, for those of you Non Maroon 5 fans out there (if there’s any), let me do a quick intro to the band. The band consists of Adam Levine (lead vocals), Jesse Carmichael (keyboards), Ryan Dusick (drums), Mickey Madden (bass) and James Valentine (guitar). Before they were Maroon 5, the first four bandmates formed a band called Kara’s Flowers where they were a huge college hit with hits like Simple Kind of Lovely (which is a favorite of mine), they left their record label Reprime in ’99 and added guitarist James then renamed their band, Maroon 5. Their claim to fame are songs such as: Harder to Breathe, This Love, She Will Be Loved and Sunday Morning with Adam Levine heading the tabloid headlines linking him to different actresses and songbirds like Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson, Maroon 5 have definitely made a name for themselves in the Pop Music Genre. They have gazillion of fans (myself included) and their songs speak volumes of how great they are as a band.

Songs about Jane is a 12 track album filled with romance gone wrong kind of songs. All of the songs on this CD are I hate you Ex Gifrlfriend type songs so if you’re looking for mushy sweet lyrical intent, you won’t find it on this CD. You will however find some of the most erotic and sensual lyrics that leave you a bit breathless and dumbstruck as to what “Jane” was thinking to dick over someone like Adam Levine over, but for whatever reason….THANK YOU Jane for being the inspiration behind some of my most favorite songs in the whole world like Through with You, Not Coming Home and This Love.

The album is off the hook you guys, if you haven’t gotten it already then you should get your butt to the store and buy it because a downloaded version of this CD is not as good as actually owning the CD, this CD rocks on all kinds of level, kudos to Adam and the boys on this fantabulous CD not get back in the studio and write some more will ya? I need a new Maroon 5 CD…