I’m the New Owner….

9 11 2007

….of a Blackberry Curve.

I just caved and bought my new phone right now. I’m all kinds of excited to get it too because, let’s be real now..it’s a BLACKBERRY CURVE! I’ve wanted one for the longest time and I’m finally getting one.


In other news, I found out the other day that October Road is coming back on November 26th. How excited am I? I mean, one of my fav shows is coming back and it looks likt there’s going to be lots of drama cookin’ in the small town. We see that Nick is sticking around and then all sorts of other crap will be going down…here, check out the trailer that I saw and then we’ll all get our *GASP* on.

The trailer:

Well, you’re gonna have to wait until you catch the trailer on TV or something because I can’t find it..sorry. LOL.

Anyway, it’s FOOL AROUND FRIDAY at my office so I’m bout to go downstairs and wait for lunch to arrive and Blanche better be right about this new place being good because if it’s not, she’s paying for lunch on Monday and I’m going to order the most expensive thing on the menu, DANGIT!

This weekend I’ve got soccer games, temple lights set up (which I’m not even sure if I’m going or not), BBQ and my brother’s house for, OH SNAP! I forgot to tell ya’ll…



..and he’s the cutest thing EVER because duh, he’s from our family! haha, just kidding. He weighed in at 9 pounds, 9 ounces…he’s a big boy but oh so cute! His big sisters, Maleah and Makaela are over the moon about the new addition to the family. The kids haven’t seen their new cousin yet so Henry (the proud Daddy) is having a bbq at his house tomorrow for the kids…kind of like an unveiling of the new baby, I can’t wait! Henry is just beaming with joy right now, he’s so happy and it’s so contagious and cute! I can’t wait to see my new nephew again! =)

Tonight is my nephew’s last football game for the year (well unless they make it to the play offs) and they’re playing my old high school…so the family is all going out to support Jarred at the game so it should be fun. My friend Cassie from Church is having a Guitar Hero party at her house but I think I’m going to skip it and hang with the family tonight…my other friend, Levi is going to the party so he’ll tell me how it went, I’m sure.

HAPPY FRIDAY TO YA’LL…what are your plans for the weekend?


I Want A New Phone!

6 10 2007

So, it’s been a few months since my brother Pete lost my beloved, SLVR and I’m finally eligible for an upgrade. Now, a couple of months ago, I wanted a Blackjack but thats the phone that Nathan has and to be honest, I’m totally over that phone. Since I didn’t want a Blackjack anymore, I’ve been looking around for other phones and I’m not a fan of the RAZR, I’m not a fan of the CRAZR or whatever you call it…but after searching and searching through the AT&T website, I’ve narrowed down the two phones that I want.

It’s between:

The Curve..

Here are the features for the Curve:


AT&T Exclusive! The BlackBerry Curve is the smallest, lightest BlackBerry ever with a QWERTY keyboard. It features a liquid silver finish with clean lines, curved edges, and easy-to-use trackball navigation. The sleek design balances both personal and work needs with the perfect blend of performance and usability. The Curve is the first BlackBerry to support AT&T Mobile Music, an enhanced media player, and stereo Bluetooth® headset capabilities. Snap crisp photos on the 2 MP camera with 5x zoom and flash. Need more storage? It has a microSD™ expandable memory slot to store music, videos and more. The Curve comes with BlackBerry’s first email spellchecker, TeleNav Maps, and the AT&T Mall to shop for ringtones and downloads. Go global, the Curve has everything you ever needed or wanted in a BlackBerry.

Included Features

BlackBerry email, messaging, and organizer in one sleek design
The smallest, lightest full QWERTY BlackBerry available
Easy-to-use intuitive trackball navigation
Automatic wireless delivery of enterprise or personal email
BlackBerry Enterprise Server® & BlackBerry Internet Service® email
Large adjustable brightness light sensing screen
2.0 Megapixel camera with flash and 5x digital zoom
Bluetooth® Wireless 2.0 with stereo headset support
AT&T Mobile Music – streaming music, music ID and more
Mobile Instant Messaging – Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL® Instant Messenger, & Windows Live(TM) Messenger (available via download)
Enhanced media player for music, videos, and photos
MicroSD(TM) expansion card slot – add up to 2 GB memory
PIM integration for contacts, tasks, and calendar
New! BlackBerry email spell checker
Integrated speakerphone, conference calling, and voice dialing
Extended battery life – 4 hrs talk time; 17 days of standby
Push to Talk – “Walkie-Talkie” style communication
Global voice and data roaming in over 130 countries
AT&T Mall – Shop for ringtones, games, and graphics
Telenav® Maps and Telenav® GPS navigator support
Fast HTML browser to surf the web
Liquid silver finish with a sleek curved design
BlackBerry Instant Messaging
Text and Picture Messaging


The Palm Treo 680

The features for the Treo:


The Palm® Treo™ 680 is all you need all in one. This feature rich device includes multiple e-mail options, Bluetooth®, and Pocket Tunes(TM) capabilities. Going mobile is a breeze with one touch dialing, a high resolution 2.2″ color touch screen, and enhanced Palm OS interface. Create and edit MS Office® docs on the go and listen to streaming audio. Synchronize with your PC or take photos on the 2x zoom camera with video capture. With both a full QWERTY keyboard and color touchscreen, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Included Features

Email, internet, messaging, and organizer all in one
Extensive mobile email and attachment options
Create and edit MS Word/Excel files; review MS Powerpoint and PDF docs
Quad-band world phone for international coverage
Bluetooth® wireless connectivity
Easy to use Palm OS organizer with enhanced phone interface
Pocket Tunes music player with streaming audio
Camera with 2x digital zoom and video capture
Multimedia Messaging – Send text, photos & video clips
Mobile Instant Messaging – Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL® Instant Messenger, & Windows Live (TM) Messenger (available via download)
Address book, calendar, memos and task list
Large brightly lit 2.2″ color touch screen
HTML mobile internet browser
Speakerphone and conference calling
Full backlit QWERTY keyboard
Customizable quick access keys

What I like about the Curve is that it’s got lots of features and I’m a features junkie, there’s a LOT of features in this one and I’m pretty sure that I can do without most of the features, which is why the Treo is looking pretty good to me. I’m liking the Treo because the Treo has iTunes capabilities and that is what I really like…haha.

So if the choice was up to you guys, which phone would you get?

Dear Cingular,

31 08 2006

I would sincerely appreciate it if you’d get Customer Service people who don’t act as if all callers are lying to you and that everything coming out of the customer’s mouth is hogwash, because I assure you, I was sorely tempted to walk away from my contract with you guys yesterday. I spent lots of money on my spiffy SLVR a few months ago, something I don’t always do but I so liked the little phone, it was cute and it had ITunes on it, so I spent the $200 to buy it and this is the thanks that I get? You see, this is what happened…

Yesterday I got an email from my sister Grace, all the way in Australia telling me that she tried calling me but that her call wouldn’t go through.

Immediately, I turned my phone on and checked it and sure enough, it says that my service was interrupted. How odd, since I just paid my phone bill the week before (I came equipped with a confirmation number for my payment too, thank you very much) and even then, don’t you guys normally wait like a month or so before they interrupt service? Especially if I’ve paid my bill EVERY MONTH for the past like ten years (I’ve had this phone since the year after I graduated from high school), well there was that little incident with my sister from a few months ago, but that was taken care of, but whatever…so I tried calling Grace, no such luck, so I try calling somewhere local, since Grace is in Australia, I try calling home with no luck, I can’t get through because the recording says my line has been temporarily interrupted, please contact Cingular to pay my bill, again, WHAT THE HELL???

So I called you guys up and wanted to know what was going on. After explaining my situation or problem to the first person that helped me, she was really nice, I’ll give you guys that, she had me turn my phone off, wait a few minutes then it should work itself out, she said that it was probably a glitch in my phone or something (Umm, yeah a glitch in my phone that tells me that my service is interrupted, umm okay), so with her still on the line, I wait a few minutes then turn my phone back on, thinking the problem is solved, but find out that it isn’t. She transfers me over to second person, whom I wanted to strangle.

This new guy asks me what my problem is, I tell him, he asks me if I’m sure that there’s a problem with my service because according to the computer that he’s looking at, which has all of my account information, he says that everything looks fine. No glitches, no suspension, no nothing.

Why, pray tell, would I be on the phone talking to your stupid ass, if everything was fine with my phone?


I can’t call or recieve any calls, it says that my service was interrupted, I don’t give a hot damn what it says on your computer, my phone is not working, can you help me fix it?

“But are you sure, ma’am?” he says. “I mean, I’m looking at your account right now and plain as can be, it says, account active. I just don’t understand why this is happening to you.”

By this time, I’m trying really hard not to lose my temper, I don’t like confrontation, I don’t like to be mean to the customer service people because I know how many pissed off customers that they deal with on a daily basis, but HOT DAMN WOULD YOU STOP ASKING ME IF I’M SURE, I’M SURE THAT MY DAMN PHONE DOESN’T WORK, I’M SURE THAT THERE’S A RECORDING ON MY DAMN PHONE TELLING ME THAT MY SERVICE IS INTERRUPTED, WHAT I’M NOT SURE ABOUT IS WHY THE HELL YOU KEEP ASKING ME IF I’M SURE, YES I AM AND I STILL CAN’T MAKE OR RECEIVE ANY CALLS…you dumb stupid prick!

So after a frustrating fifteen minutes telling him that I am indeed sure that all of this is really happening, he has me turn my phone off, take my battery out and take my SIM card out and blow on it and then turn it back on….”It should work fine as can be ma’am, you probably just didn’t clean out your battery or something, those things can get lint in it and then jack up the whole phone.”

Oh so now it’s my fault because I didnt check the lint in my damn phone?

So I ask him, “I don’t see how the lint in my phone would suspend my account, are you sure that’s whats wrong with my phone?”

He makes all these, I KNOW IT ALL noises and I turn my phone back on, he tries to call me, and STILL no service.

“Did you make sure to shake your phone and blow hard into it?”

OMGosh by now I want to strangle him, he says all this nonsense about what I didn’t do to my phone and I get fed up, I ask to speak to his manager, he pretends he doesn’t hear me, so I ask again, firmly. He’s like, “Well is there anything else I can do for you today ma’am?”

You haven’t done a good damn thing for me yet, let me speak to your damn manager. He thanks me for calling him and then transfers me to….the IT people.

I’m so damn frustrated because no one appears to know what I’m talking about or know what’s wrong with my phone, I talk to two other people, a total of 4 people in one day, for a total of 65 minutes and yet, NO ONE will transfer me to a manager and no one knows what’s wrong with my phone, which they were all quick to tell me. I got a lot of, “Ma’am, I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with your phone.”

It was enough to drive me insane. The last person I talked to, said she was going to have file a report on this, open up a claim and whatever else, saying that they would have check into this and when I asked her what I would do for a phone until then, she says, “You’re just going to have to sit tight, ma’am.”

What the flip?

I was more than a little pissed off that I didn’t have a phone last night or this morning, when I came to work this morning, my phone STILL wasn’t working, so I called again, went through the same thing twice and then finally, someone came to my rescue and in less then twenty minutes, my phone was back on and everything seemed to be okay.

What did I get for my patience (for just wishing them harm and not really telling them?), they’re not going to charge me or take away any of the minutes I use for the next three days, so that means, my hotline is open guys….LOL.

So Cingular, I started out very pissed off at you guys but since I’m a God fearing woman, I have forgiven you, but PLEASE, don’t let it happen again.


Quick Gush.

25 04 2006

I got my phone last night and I’m hecka loving it right now. It’s so cool and has so many neat features. I haven’t uploaded any songs onto my Itunes on the phone but oh gosh I’m looking forward to doing just that today after work.

Dude, it’s like a mini phone/ipod/what’s those things called like an electronic day planner? I swear it’s like the tiniest little laptop in all the world, it’s THAT neat. I’m hecka loving it, I played with it all last night, getting acquainted with my new phone, oh gosh this phone is all kinds of the bomb!

Ya’ll should totally get one, because like McDonald’s badabababa….I’m LOVING IT! LOL.

Alright, I’ll be back with more blogness.