Missed, Grey’s and The Office.

27 01 2007

…so I’ll watch those tonight and get my reviews up for those at a later time, sorry guys…I was out last night and couldn’t be arsed to rush home to watch the shows, haha…dangit.

But, did I miss anything good? I’m not opposed to spoilers, tell me all…I’ll still watch it and shout with joy! haha.


One of those Random Posts.

12 01 2007

Alright, so there’s a few things I wanted to blog about today and I’m lumping it all into this one blog, so just deal with it.

Beck’s Coming to L.A.

In honor of my favorite soccer player (well one of them anyway) coming to my hometown and playing for my hometown soccer team, I changed my template back to my Becks template (deal with it, Drake, haha) because that’s right….DAVID BECKHAM IS COMING TO L.A. He’s packing up his stuff in Spain and moving to Los Angeles, WOO HOO! Can I BE any more happier at the bit of news? His contract with Real Madrid ends in June or July, one of those and he turned down signing with them for another 2 years and opted to come play for the MLS for $250 million…I will never miss a Galaxy Game again. HAHAHAHAHA, YAY! Maybe with the addition of Beckham to the line up, the Galaxy will finally get their shit together and be about soccer again, because they suck ass right now! Let’s hope Becks brings all his tricks because this L.A. team needs it!

Last night’s Friday Night Lights.

Alright, so I just started watching this show but I’ve caught up with all of the episodes and I’ve got to say that I’m hooked on this show. I love me some Matt Saracen and though I was pissed off that Jason is actually going to go through with the law suit against the school district and Coach Taylor, I can’t hate him. I don’t know how I feel about Riggins and his whole, “If you give me a second chance, things will be so different” thing with Tyra. It was weird to see Tyra in the vulnerable state that she was in last night. She’s usually so rough and tough (remember when she slapped the shit out of Riggins when she found out that he slept with Lyla? haha, I was rollin’!) I really don’t give a rats behind about Smash, he’s just so effing stupid. I’m laughing at him now because next week, his season is over..and it’s nobody’s fault but his own. Stupid boy. Lost the girl, now he’s lost the game. And he blames his Mom, shows just how stupid he really is!

Grey’s Anatomy is new tonight!

Finally, we’ll be getting new Grey’s episodes tonight, so it’s a good day for me. I hope that the writers have been working extra hard on some good juicy bits for the show because I haven’t been too impressed with the show lately, let’s hope things have turned around for the better on this show. Don’t let me down writers or you’ll be getting a letter from me. =)

The Office is new tonight too!

Ames, remember tonight is a new office, so you gotta watch it with me so we can get our gush on tomorrow, woo hoo! I thought it was really sweet of Dwight (in his offhand retarded way) to be there for Pam last week and I can’t help but think, this is what you get Pam for not saying anything to Jim. TELL HIM SOMETHING because we know that he loves YOU and not Karen. I mean, him not wanting Karen to move into the same apartment building as him should’ve tipped HIM off if not you, but in true writer form, you guys have to suffer for a bit more before you guys can be together and please, please tell me that you guys are NOT going to follow the same pattern that the British Office took because I heard the Jim and Pam of that show never got together that the British Pam got back with her fiance and if that happens here, I’m gonna be mightily pissed! Ooh, I can’t wait to see what Michael gets himself into this week, especially with Jan. I love this show!

The JT and Kate Hudson Rumor for Karen.

Okay so I heard on the radio this morning that the rumors about Kate Hudson and Justin Timberlake are as followed: Kate Hudson was seen sneaking into JT’s hotel suite on I think it was New Year’s and was seen coming out hours later, both reps for both celebrities have denied that anything happened between the two celebs but that’s to be expected, hot damn my JT is a straight up P.I.M.P. haha. I love it!

Hmm, I can’t think of anything else but I’ll be back if I do…peace out!


5 01 2007

Okay all of you TVaholics out there…here’s the scoop on our favorite shows.

Grey’s Anatomy isn’t coming back from hiatus until January 11th. One Tree Hill doesn’t come back on until January 17th which is two weeks. Gah. That’s too long dammit. Prison Break as we all know comes back on January 22nd. My new show, Friday Night Lights comes back on this Wednesday with new shows. Brothers and Sisters comes back with new shows starting on Sunday, January 7th. Hmm, what else? Oh, my new favorite comedy on Thursday nights, The Office starts up again on Thursday, January 4th.

I’m not so sure about some of these but word on the web is..these are the dates. So mark them up guys, our shows are coming back soon. I thought everything was going to be coming back this week. Dammit to hell and back.

EDITED TO ADD: Holy goodness, you O.C. fans out there, check THIS out…the show’s been cancelled? What? I was just starting to get into it again. Poor Seth Cohen!


Guess What I Heard?

5 10 2006

The Gods have heard my prayers, because….

From Yahoo:

McSteamy Fogs Up “Grey’s Anatomy”
Friday September 29 11:32 PM ET

By Natalie Finn

Grey’s Anatomy is getting a new McCharacter.

Well, not new exactly, but a familiar pretty face is about to become a permanent third-season fixture.

Eric Dane is set to join the cast of the hit ABC drama, reprising his role as plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Sloan, Dr. McDreamy’s ex-best friend whom Meredith, Izzie and their fellow female interns cleverly dubbed “McSteamy.” Ooh, tension.

The fresh meat got his nickname when the ladies spied him stitching up his own face after Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. Derek Shepherd spied him flirting with Meredith and let him have it.

(Mark is a bad boy, having carried on an affair with Derek’s wife, Addison, prompting the Shepherds’ cross-country move to Seattle from New York. And Addison didn’t seem too unhappy when he showed up in her neonatal unit last season, if you catch our drift.)

Dane most recently played Multiple Man in X-Men: The Last Stand and before that had a recurring stint as Phoebe’s boyfriend Jason on Charmed. The actor is married to Rebecca Gayheart, who’s currently tracking down scoops as an intrepid reporter on Fox’s Vanished.

Meanwhile, after walloping CSI with last week’s season premiere, Grey’s Anatomy slipped to second place Thursday–barely. The most emotionally-embattled group of doctors this side of ER attracted 23.5 million viewers to CSI’s 23.8 million.


Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode One.

22 09 2006

Anyone overjoyed at the first episode of the season?

I can’t really say that I was, though I enjoyed it, I think I was expecting some great and explosive season premiere that I was a little bit let down.

But whatever, I’m over it…Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Sheppard more than made up for my lack of excitement while finally watching the show with his little speech at the end of the episode when he was finally allowed to leave the Quarantine Locker Room with George and go home.

My favorite part of the whole episode was all of the scenes with McDreamy in it. He’s not hiding behind his feelings anymore, he’s not hiding behind his marriage to Addison (aka the wrong choice), he knows what he wants and he’s tired of hiding from it. That’s what I’m talking about, we’re on our road now…back to Mer/Der Highway….YAY.

Now on to my thoughts on EVERYTHING that happened last night.

Bailey/Omar- This was a very emotional story, or so it was for Omar and was it just me or was Bailey kind of hoping to save this man, and keep him all for herself? I can see her wanting to be there for him as a Doctor, but her attachment to him and his case looked kinda personal to me…The way she wanted to run right in there and catch whatever it was that he had, not thinking about the baby she just had last season or her health made me raise my eyebrows, it was cool to see Bailey not acting like the Nazi, but I can’t be having this emotional Bailey ALL season long, come on now, I want the Nazi back dammit!

The Chief/Adele- How many of you guys think that The Chief isn’t going to choose his wife? I think he’s just as dumb as McDreamy was last season. He chose wrong too, which is why he’s so attached to the hospital because as long as he has the hospital to hide out at, he doesn’t have time to roam the halls of his own home and spend time with the woman he chose, because he was in love with Meredith’s Mom and he knows he didn’t choose love…And now she knows, the poor woman, all devoted to a man who doesn’t even return the same kind of love she needs and deserves.

Callie/George- Okay does anyone else like this couple? This couple makes me laugh when I see it. Remember when George, tiny ol’ George had Callie “crushed” against the wall in last season’s season finale? Did anyone laugh at that? I totally did and when I saw them again last night, I laughed myself silly again. They’re just not suited for each other, they don’t look good together, the casting director needs to find someone more suited to being with George. That she loves him and he’s so unsure of it and such a wimp to NOT say anything is getting old and it’s only like the third episode that we see all this and it already bothers me…please find George a new woman.

Although, I did think that Callie was cool to come and cook for the shivah (is that how you spell it? Any Jews out there that can help me out, feel free to! ), although what the hell was she making? What the hell kind of gravy was that and what was she putting it on? I didn’t see no rice and no meat, do Doctor’s not eat meat? There should’ve been some meat to go with her damn gravy or whatever the hell she was making. I think she’s a cool person but she’s not good for George. I think George knows it.

Izzie- Yeah, I don’t feel anything or have any thoughts on her since I’m still pissed to high heaven for the heart she STOLE for Denny, she deserves what she gets from here on out, but do you guys think she’ll be let back into the program? What do you guys think she’ll do now that she’s out of the program? I don’t know what she’ll do but maybe she should go back to being an underwear model…LOL.

Meredith/McVet- This guy needs to just leave. On the Grey’s Anatomy Insider blog, someone said, “Meredith can be sweet and all – but between the hysterics, and obvious parallel, over Doc being put to sleep and then, you know, the sex with Derek at the prom, it’s obvious where this doctor’s heart lies. Stevie Wonder has 20/20 vision compared to you, Finn. Find a girl that appreciates you.” I completely agree.

George/McDreamy- When they’re stowed away in the locker room and they’re eating everyone’s food in their lockers and McDreamy is being all cutesy and what not, I liked seeing him hang out with George, even if he was forced to do it. I liked seeing George freak out over the plague and seeing McDreamy all calm as can be. I enjoyed their talks and I enjoyed seeing Derek realize what he was finally going to say to Meredith once he saw her. I just enjoy him, big stupid head and all.

Meredith/Derek- *sigh* Finally…the words have been spoken. The feelings are out in the open, Derek’s speech was a long time coming and I thought it was extremely sweet. The, “You have a choice to make, the last time it was me and I chose wrong” Awwww, how can you NOT help but sigh, finally we’re on our way….to a happier Meredith and a sexier McDreamy.

So, what did you guys think? Was it all that you hoped for or were you a little let down? Any thoughts?

Today’s the Day…

21 09 2006

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

Our favorite Doctors and Interns of Seattle Grace are BACK! TODAY! Aren’t you excited? No? That’s okay because I’m excited enough for ten people!

It’s been a long road for everyone at Seattle Grace, so many things happened last season, We meet and hate Addison, Meredith pleads with Derek to PICK HER, CHOOSE HER, LOVE HER, Derek doesn’t show up to meet Meredith at Joe’s, Izzy and Alex have sex, Meredith sleeps with with every guy in an attempt to get over Derek, Christina moves in with Burke, The Chief has a heart attack, Bailey has a baby, Christina finally gives up her apartment, George tells Meredith he loves her and then Meredith sleeps with him (EWW) and then we get to know Addison and stop hating her, Meredith gets a dog to stop sleeping with men to get over Derek, Mark comes to Seattle to win Addison back, Derek punches him for talking to Meredith and the interns nickname him McSteamy and I get wet just watching him on TV, Doc is adopted by both Meredith and Derek, he gets sick, in comes McVet who starts pursuing Meredith and then finally….Derek and Meredith reunite at Prom, and Meredith loses her panties.

Oh joy.

Tonight, we’re having a Grey’s Anatomy dinner with friends, so that we can all watch it together, how exciting is that? I can’t wait, especially since the group of friends that I’ll be watching it with are just as excited as I am for the season premiere and are the funniest people I’ve EVER met, so tonight should be nothing but good times…

So many things happened last season and so many things are going to happen this season, oh I can’t effing wait for it all to begin already, because I’m READY for some McDreamy action baby….What storylines are you most looking forward to watching this season on Grey’s Anatomy?

A Great Night of Season Finales…

16 05 2006

…I don’t know how the other nights will hold up against two fantabulous season finales, both of my other shows season finale blew OTH’s out of the water, although since I’m STILL pissed off at One Tree Hill, maybe the episode WAS indeed a good one, but who knows…

Anyway, so last night was first the season finale of Prison Break, in which we see the gang finally break out. They are now officially OUT of Prison and on the run. Talk about non stop action, I LOVE IT.

What is troubling me about last night’s episode of Prison Break is Dr. Sarah Tancretti. What happened to her? Please tell me that they didn’t just kill her off and that what really happened with her is that she’s just so doped up that they think she’s dead. Becuase if they killed off the girl that is supposed to be Michael’s love interest in the show, I’m going to be royally pissed. Everyone needs love and an escaped convict is no different. LOL. There was such great chemistry between Scofield and Sarah that I’m having trouble believing that the writers at Prison Break would do the unthinkable and kill off the one person who helped Michael and his gang of miscreants escape. Please say it aint true, guys…do I really need to write a letter to the writers of Prison Break as well? Because I totally will if they did what I hope they didn’t do but am too shocked because it appeared that they DID it.


On a lighter note (for the moment), it was frickin’ hilarious to see Haywire take off with that poor little girl’s bike and then put the football helmet on in hopes to cover his face…like the football helmet wouldn’t draw attention to his looney ass. LOL…okay back to the sour notes of last night’s episode of PB…if Tweener and Haywire make good an escape after they done got kicked out of the escape plans, I’m going to be so pissed off and really get to writing that letter because it looked like they got away and how Tweener got away was beyond me because they’re looking for escaped prisoners and they didn’t think to check the big ol’ trailer with the horses before letting them pass, to make sure that nobody snuck in? I find that highly doubtful.

I was glad to see that they were indeed going to start kicking people off of their escape plans, most especially Tea Bag, because that man seriously gives me the creeps and I was seriously doubting how effective their plan to get rid of Tea Bag when he attached himself to Michael the way he did…gosh that about killed me but boy was I glad when Abruzzi cut his hand off, LMAO…too funny, I loved how Sucre was outraged and showed that he cared about being labeled a killer or whatever, becuase it showed that love was really motivating to commit all kinds of crime just to get back to his girl…loved that, look at me trying to find love in all aspects of this show. LOL.

Oh gosh, I so thought that they were going to get on that plane..but it ended perfectly because now we’ll be pondering throughout the entire summer about how the heck they’re going to get away and since SOMEONE has to get caught, I wonder who it will be and how they’re going to get out of the pickle they’re all in right now. Talk about the show is heating up…the gang’s definitely in the hot seat right now, we’ll see who has what it takes to make it and who will fall off the wagon and get caught…and I seriously can’t wait!

Until next season, my fellow Prison Break fans….

Next up in the season finale line up is the one finale I was most looking forward to watching, why??? Because I wanted to see if anything would come of the whole Meredith/Derek love thing, they’ve dragged it on all season long and it was finally great to see them reunite, even though I don’t agree with the way they came together…it’s weird that from the very beginning I’ve been rooting for Derek and Meredith to get together because to ME, they belong together. Derek isn’t complete without Meredith and the same goes with Meredith. They’re the peanut butter to the others jelly, they’re the bread to the others butter, it’s Derek’s salt to Meredith’s pepper.

Like Gavin Degraw sang in his song, They Belong Together.

No one will ever be more perfect for Derek as Meredith, no matter how much I like Addison now. Addison deserves to be with someone who loves her back just as passionately as she loves them. But that person is not Derek. Not anymore, I guess…this is what confuses me about myself, because had this been in real life, I would be all for Addison, but since it’s all fake anyway, I can’t help but root for the “mistress” even if she didn’t know she was a mistress and their affair ended when she found out about the wife.

We’ve waited all season long to see if Derek was ever going to own up to his true feelings for Meredith and even though I was royally pissed off at him for insinuating that Meredith was a “whore”, all that madness evaporated last night, because he finally….finally, fessed up to his love for Meredith. Addison said in Sunday’s episode that everyone knows that Derek loves Meredith, except Derek and Meredith.

It was GREAT to see Derek finally talk about his feelings OUT LOUD and not just through his longing gazes he shoots at Meredith at every turn. Oh gosh, talk about orgasmic! The MerDreamy team is back, woo hoo!

I wonder who she’ll choose to be with come next season? It’s going to drive me batty but I cannot freaking wait!

Moving on to the other fantabulous parts of last night’s show. …

Izzy/Denny– I’m actually really glad that Denny died, now that sounds mean but I can’t help but think that it’s exactly what Izzy deserves for stealing the heart the way she did. I felt all kinds of bad when Dr. Hahn was telling Alex about her patient who’s got 4 kids and a wife and is a good man, I hate that Izzy took things into her own hands because she was too selfish to stand by and wait her turn. So because she wanted to be with Denny, she stole something that didn’t belong to them and said to hell with everyone else, this is something Im going to do….and she did it. The thing that really made me mad is that she dragged everyone into it as well, that girl is nothing but drama drama drama…boo hoo for you, stupid broad.

Alex– I LOVED his analogy about football when he was getting grilled by the Chief. I loved how he was so adamant about not being apart of the whole thing and yet he stuck by his “team”…I just love this man to pieces, even when he’s the biggest ass in the world. And how sweet was his little talk with Izzy at the end? I loved it, although I’m so furious with Izzy that I don’t want him to be with her or even WANT to be with her…

Christina/Burke– Words can’t explain how disappointed I was with Christina in this episode, but I think in her defense, when she was talking to the Chief, it was good to see some kind of emotion from her, because we knew then that she did in fact care about Burke and hated that she did because it made her vulnerable…but I hated that she wasn’t there for Burke when he needed her the most, she flippin’ ran…but I can get over that one. Christina better make it up to Burke next season because she got on my flippin’ nerves!

Bailey– Love her…was rootin’ her on when she was telling her “suck ups” what was what..now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout, Bailey…earn your name, “Nazi!” Love this woman!

The Chief- I felt so bad for his niece because she’s only 17 and when she was telling him while they were dancing at her “prom”, that everyone deserves to be loved and how she’s been loved, I got a little teary eyed…poor girl. It’s funny how secrets you thought only you knew come back to creep up on you and you find out the very person you didn’t want to know that secret, knew all along and still stayed…it spoke volumes of the Chief’s wife to have stayed with him, knowing what she did about him. That takes a butt load of love to do because I don’t think I could have done it had it happened to me. It was good to see the Chief be put in his place and to realize how much he really is loved, even though he never made up for cheating on his wife…

The ending? OMGosh I totally loved the ending, because between Izzy quitting and Meredith’s choice, there’s plenty to look forward to for next season…my favorite part of last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was how solid their “family” is…you mess with one, you mess with them all, they’re a unit, a family and nothing and no one can come between that, they’ve got your back even when they shouldn’t and you’re never alone…because nobody wants to be alone.

Can’t wait until the fall…so much to look forward too, WOO HOO!