His Name Is Scott.

3 05 2007

He works with me and I have a crush on him.

I’m not talking, I think he’s hot stuff and I want to do him kind of crush but, well, yeah I do think all those things but with Scott, it’s different.

I like him.

He’s this really cool guy, he’s a bit older than me (Ames, you know how we are with those older mens) ..mid 30’s, he’s tall, handsome and well, he’s not dark because he’s a white boy but he’s still very handsome. He’s the exact opposite of me though, he’s very mature and very reserved, whereas I’m very bubbly, happy all the time and free spirited I guess you can say.

It’s kind of wierd though.

Most everyone that I work with thinks he’s stuck up and weird. They say he’s not friendly and not sociable, which I can understand, because he’s seems to be really shy. But what I find very funny is that there are two admins in our department (yes he’s in my department) and one of us admins has a grip of things that we’re responsible for and the other one takes the other grip load of things and takes care of those.

But Scott, well he comes to me for EVERYTHING.

No matter who is in charge of it, who’s area it is, he comes to me.

It pleases me to no end but royally pisses off the other admin. She has told me time and time again that Scott is an asshole and that she doesn’t want to help him anyway (which I know is a lie because we totally checked him out together on his first day here, he came over with the small company that we bought back in September, remember?) and when I told her, “Maybe, he just doesn’t like you.”

She got all pissy with me.


I think he’s a cutie patootie and he did something really sweet for me this morning at a meeting we both had to attend.

He came by my office and asked if I was still going to the meeting and I said, rather rushed, “Yeah, I could kill for a drink but if I take the time to go after I finish this, I’m gonna be late to the meeting.”

He disappeared and when I came into the meeting, he wasn’t in there either. But when he walked into the meeting, he dropped a Pepsi right in front of me and then took the seat right next to me.

I beamed at him and whispered, “THANKS!”

He just winked at me and my day was pretty much set.

He’s a sweetie pie like that and last week, my friend Nicole and I were walking out to our cars. We were just talking and shooting the breeze before heading home when we saw someone coming out of the gym, looking heavenly….and who was it????

..Scott of course, he waved at me and then hopped into his car and took off, I just had to tell Holly so I called her and told her all about hottie Scott, who only I think is hottie but I don’t care.

He’s not married, he’s single now and he’s yummy and he’s my eye candy at work.

So there you go, you nosy girls who wanted to know all about my crush.